by Antoinette of A Curl’s BFF

If you’re a curly who needs a little lift to get the bounce and body you desire or if it’s just too cold to walk out of the house with wet hair a diffuser is what you need.

What is a Diffuser? A diffuser is an attachment for your hairdryer uniquely designed to enhance curl definition and body by distributing heat evenly throughout your hair. Diffusers also help prevent heat damage.

Is a Diffuser Right for Me? I recommend diffusers be used on hair that is not extremely coiled. Those that may benefit from diffusing are types that lack body and looser curls. Hair that has tighter curls may appear to be matted down by the diffuser which is the exact opposite of what we are looking for.

How to Diffuse – After wetting your hair and applying your favorite leave-in conditioner let your hair air-dry 50-60%. This will allow your natural curl pattern to form. If you normally have to scrunch and manipulate your curls to create a pattern begin using your diffuser earlier. The diffuser’s bowl-like shape and prongs aid in the formation of a spiral curl pattern creating tighter curls. The tightness of the curl depends on how close you hold the diffuser to your scalp.
Flip your head upside down. Begin diffusing at a medium-low heat, starting at the crown of your head to prevent that dreaded flat top from happening. Keep the diffuser there until your hair is dry. For even more body, massage your scalp and roots using the prongs of the diffuser. This will have a sort of teasing affect on the hair. Occasionally, check your curl pattern to ensure your curls are not too tight or too loose. Adjust the diffuser accordingly. Keep in mind, diffusing can take some practice. There are still days when I don’t do it right so be patient and give yourself a chance to really master the technique.

Shanti‘s hair after her first try at diffusing

my best diffusing day

Below is a video for how I diffuse. I usually bend my head over completely to achieve more body on top but it was difficult to stay in the camera frame. You’ll get the idea though.

Do any of you diffuse? What’s your process?