Hair Themed Halloween Costumes
Hair Themed Halloween Costumes
by Kenny of Skinny-Kenny

Halloween is upon us everyone. I wanted to know if anyone was going to wear a Halloween costume which will feature natural hair? Maybe someone will dress as Diana Ross or Erykah Badu… or go for something historical like Nefertiti. I honestly can’t think of too many costumes which feature a woman’s natural hair @[email protected] Maybe you guys have thought of something clever that I haven’t!?

As for me, this year I think I am going to be Forest Whitaker’s Left eye!

CN Says:

I’ve got nothing. *kanye shrug*

But I’m definitely taking suggestions for Boog so we can pass out candy. If you recall last year, I had good intentions but ate all the candy a week before the big day… no one got to see the Angry Little Lady Bug but y’all. Not this year though… I’m not going candy shopping until Sunday 😉 Live and learn.

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