*takes deep breath, knocks back another shot, talks fast as hell* it wasn’t my fault. What had happened was… they made me do it. Amel Larreiux uses it, Corinne and Chicoro both use Vaseline and Folake of StylePantry all but held me down… she even mailed me a jar! So I tried it and it wasn’t my fault. But now, I like it. *ducks* Don’t hit me!

For reals, y’all know me by now, and for those that don’t, know that I keep it mad real, even in the face of the natural hair police and judgey judges. I disclosed my grease usage to several people last week and surprisingly, most recommended, while clutching their pearls, that I keep it to myself. Really?! I hate controversy as much as the next diva, but I take my job here seriously. I also strive to be super authentic… so when I experiment with a product as ‘sinful’ as Dax, with all of its lanolin and petroleum greasiness, and get great results, I just have to share… no matter the backlash.

I was surprised, relieved even, at how many of y’all came out the woodwork confessing your guilt of being greasy too! Funny stuff… us coming out the closet and all. So let’s bust it wide open, shall we?

For the past year or so, I’ve been re-examining some of the natural hair no-nos. I re-introduced silicones, started washing a bit less often, using ‘suspect’ products (ones without all natural ingredients like Lacio Lacio), dry detangling and leaving in light protein conditioners. Living on the edge! I’ve revisited protective styles out of convenience and a few weeks ago realized that more than anything, my new routine most closely resembles my childhood one. My hair thrived back then in the twists and braids and ultrasheen. All this to say, my mind was already open and Momma may have been on to something.

Enter Folake.

… the gorgeous fashion blogger, with her luscious hair. She shared photos with me from her wedding and hair straightening adventures and when asked about her faves, she’s all, “Dax, Green Dax”. Shocked, I proceeded to pack up Boogie and hit every store in the city of State College, Pennsylvania. After checking the 5th store, I remembered, duh, I’m in Happy Valley. Ain’t no Black folk here. This was a Wednesday I think… and my parents were driving up on Thursday so I begged Mom to stop by the beauty supply in STL before hitting the highway. Score!

I had been looking for the perfect dry twist-out product- one that would provide hold, protection and reversion prevention- and for some reason, I felt deep in my heart, that this was it. I used it as she walked in the door on my freshly washed and twisted hair. Took them down and re-twisted with Dax for the pumpkin patch–

It’s been in heavy rotation for going on three weeks with amazing results.

Damn, I talk/write too much… that’s what happens when you feel like you’re pleading your case! Bottom line is this, I only use it on hair that has already been moisturized, I avoid my scalp and I’m light handed during the application.

The deets–

1. Dax works amazingly well. If used sparingly, on already moisturized hair, it’ll be the best sealant you’ve ever used, provide ridiculous shine and a medium firm hold, all without greasiness. I also find that it doesn’t weigh me down… at least not in a bad way. It’s heavier than other products, which prevents shrinkage. Best twist-outs of my life.

2. Yes, this product has mineral oil, lanolin and petroleum jelly. Yikes. BUT, so far, and I haven’t been using it long, it’s the best sealant I’ve come across. My hair stays moisturized for like 4 days… which is unheard of. I’ve been moisturizing and sealing Gia’s hair with all natural products and oils… virgin hair, and it’s dry as a bone after 2 days. Mine was the same. The oils, while great on day one, disappear rather quickly…

3. It provides awesome slip when dry twisting and I notice I encounter less tangles and snagging. I really feel like it creates a protective barrier around each strand. I’m curious to see how I’ll feel in 6 months.

4. I’ve washed it out, using Elucence, with no issues, even having reapplied it three times prior to the wash. Obviously, I won’t be cowashing, but, I had reintroduced regular pooing months ago. I find that my hair attracts lint more… so I may return to bi-weekly washing.

5. I don’t use it on my scalp. Although it’s been shown to be beneficial in length and moisture retention, mineral oil may clog pores, so I avoid the roots. But I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind! Every time I’m standing in the bathroom, grease in hand (haha, it’s not what you think), applying it to my length, the smell makes me think of my childhood… which makes me think of my mom massaging my scalp and smoothing on that ultrasheen. I’ve resisted the urge… so far šŸ™‚

There you have it. My Monday morning confession. I’ll keep you dolls posted with the good and the bad.

Here are some articles on mineral oil and the like… as I always say- – be your own guru, do your own research, draw your own conclusions and do you booboo!
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Now who’s ready for a Blue Majic, Dax, and Soul Glo giveaway?!?!?!?

Have you used grease since going natural? Why or why not? If so, what’s your experience been ?