by Kenny of Skinny-Kenny

Today I thought back on my hair journey, which was not out of choice as I previously mentioned.
I love my hair now and wouldn’t cut it for anybody or anything. But I think the reason I didn’t grow it out before, is because of the interim phase. When I say interim phase I mean that period of hair growth that we all must undergo. Obviously I didn’t just wake up with a fully grown dread fro. It took many months (6 to be exact) before my hair became what it was. There were times of doubt to be sure, I tried several times to find either a barber or a set of hair clippers. As Black men, we tend to go for the shaved cut by default. And when my friends in America saw pictures of me with longer hair they cracked jokes, “Haven’t had time to go to the barber yet buckwheat?”. I think this interim phase might be the reason most men don’t bother to grow their hair either. But the end result has inspired a few of my male peers. Upon seeing my hair in person when I returned to America, several of my male friends told me they are going to start growing out their hair as well. And most if not all of them have told me how silly it looks and how much they want to cut it. Hang in there the best is yet to come.

Anyone currently in the interim phase?