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Curly Nikki

Look of the Week- Plaid Blazer + Leopard Print Shirt

By January 27th, 202123 Comments

This is another “soccer mom” outfit. Took the photos below at my son’s soccer game last week. I am definitely quite the soccer mom because I really get into it and I scream. A lot.

In the above pic, my 13 year old was down for a couple of minutes, and I was trying to figure out if I should disregard the ref and run to his rescue, or wait it out.

He has been playing for 8 years straight, so it’s obviously not new, but each fall is different and you never know how serious it is. Luckily he was fine, he scored a goal, the team won. The end! Haha

Hope you are having a lovely week!

PS- Loris Shoes is offering my readers 20% off all non-sale items on the site. Just type in STYLEPANTRY. So awesome!

Look of the Week- Plaid Blazer + Leopard Print Shirt

Look of the Week- Plaid Blazer + Leopard Print ShirtLook of the Week- Plaid Blazer + Leopard Print Shirt

Shirt/Blazer – H&M, Necklace/Bead Bracelets c/o Peace Images, Earrings- LindaLu Designs, Slippers – Steve Madden


about StylePantry–
Every Wednesday, I’m going to open my closets to Curly Nikki community and invite you all in. This is my story as a working mother of 3, fashionably chasing my kids around. It’s one thing for us to point at the runways, drool over the lookbooks, and pick off the shelves of our favorite boutiques, but more importantly, we as fashion-minded people need to share our styles more. So please, leave your comments and share your thoughts, and by all means submit your fashion/style questions or “where to shop” for certain pieces to @stylepantry on Twitter or on Facebook. You can also find me on Tumblr!


  • animal print pants says:

    You look amazing 🙂 the jeans look perfect on you!

  • BenniiBlast says:

    I love the jeans, and of course that beautiful head of hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    im not into fashion so i dont care about her outfit but i love her hair…how can i achieve that style.

  • Levone says:

    Love the look! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm a soccer mom too (2 boys 13 & 8). Guess I need to step up my game day style lol! You are stunningly beautiful, chic, and your hair is to die for. Keep inspiring us!

  • Anonymous says:

    Style Pantry, you are one beautiful mama. I wish I was daring enough to wear some of your outfits but I'm stepping out of my comfort box.

  • Anonymous says:

    But what is the problem? If it's her hair, a wig, or weave, who cares? The lady just said it's not a wig and only here to talk about fashion. Why are are you insisting?

    Please, move on. Style Pantry, you are fab. You look great, you are classy, your hair looks wonderful on you, keep up the good work. That's it.

  • L-Boogie says:

    I just have to say you are so beautiful. Your skin color is so rich and gorgeous. Plus, your hair is lovely as well.

  • style pantry says:

    Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments. I really appreciate it. I'm just hair to share my closet and gist about fashion and style.

    Anonymous, since you asked, my hair isn't a wig. Hope that settles it. x

  • Anonymous says:

    You and your hair are gorgeous! I mean your just really pretty 🙂

  • Ash B. says:

    Wow! 2 of my favorite sites all at once, what?!?! lol. Love the outfit & always LOVE her hair! P.S. my mom has a blazer w/that same pattern/color…next time I'm at her house I'm going in mom's closet ASAP to see what I can recreate! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Sooooo… are we ever going to know if her hair is real or not? This question has been asked a-many of times with no answer from HER or Niki. If it's not real, I want that wig! I'm going to Barbados next year & I need a wig in my life!! Give me the deets!! If it is real, YES LORD!! Either way, it's fly. I just want the deets on where to purchase if it isn't – no shade being thrown AT TALL!

  • Anonymous says:

    You look great! Loving those loafers.. they are on my radar.

  • ChrLvsBks says:

    Love the mixture of prints! I plan to step outside my box and try mixing them. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with CN followers! I for one appreciate it!

  • Kenya says:

    She looks SUPER AWESOME!!! Her hair is to die for and love the look. Never would have thought to put that together, but it looks great!

  • WineGrrl says:

    None of the soccer moms I've encountered are as chic as this one! I love the afro!

  • WineGrrl says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • dvaaunaturel says:

    Great style. A fly, fabulous looking soccer mom. Love it. Checked out the blog too. A Black Rachel Zoe is what instantly came to mind. Effortless style and very well accessorized.

  • TiAnna Mae says:

    I am so loving the definition and bigness of her hair!!! I would have to work VERY hard to pull this one together. This is good enough for a date with the hubsters.

  • Tiki_Green says:

    I'm such a huge fan of her blog and of course Curlynikki

  • ashley says:

    Inspired, I need to go shopping lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    FIERCE… I just LOVE her style! I feel like I have to work really hard to be this stylish daily!!! 🙂

  • LifenotesEncouragement says:

    i dont dress this nicely for my daughter's soccer games – but i think based on this post, i just might. Looking good and love the hair!

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