Hair is very fragile, and needs to be treated with care. Hair should be maintained with low-tension styles as often as possible. Cut back on tight ponytails and puffs for a while, and opt for low-manipulation styles such as twist outs and braid outs. To create the infamous natural hair puff, I use a Goody elastic headband, but stretch it out before using it. I pull on it just enough to loosen the elastic, and then wrap it twice around my neck (if you have trouble breathing with the band resting around your neck, it’s too tight!) and push it gently over my hair.

Another way that I protect my edges in updo styles is to pin them back instead of pulling them into the elastic, like this:

How do you protect your edges?

CN Says:
I don’t wear many buns anymore, but when I do, I am mindful not to pull my hair too tight (I pull my hair through twice, not thrice, tee hee) and I often use my hands to smooth (instead of a brush). Tying my wet and buttered up edges down with a scarf overnight, smooths them out with little effort. I’m also careful, when wearing a plastic baggy or bonnet with elastic, not to let it ride up onto my hair line.