I’m sure you all have had some side eye inducing moments in regard to your hair. Maybe someone said something outlandish like “girl gon’ some where with that fro”, as they brushed aside their permed hair, maybe you were playing Basketball and Don Imus called you “a nappy headed hoe”. Or perhaps someone did a 180, and just stopped talking to you when you went natural. So if you got a good one, whether it’s funny, or enraging, feel free to share it.
One of my own.

I was at a very nice restaurant for my mother’s birthday. I got up to go to the bathroom and an older white woman stopped me and told me how much she loved my hair. She told me how much I looked like “little Richard”, and asked if I was a singer. The conversation was going well and I was about to go about my way. And then she said, “Ohh and we are ready to order now, I’ll have the lamb and she’ll have the salmon.” *SIDE EYE* You are going to have some STFU… go some where with that mess. My hair doesn’t make me a server for you.

Dish on your *side eye* moments!