by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

As I get further along in my hair journey, there seems to be a growing amount of do’s and don’ts in caring for my hair, as I get closer and closer to being natural. This week has been no different and I have to say that I’m feeling some sort of satisfaction when making these discoveries. After all – it shows I’m growing in brain power as well as kinks and curls right?

So, this month I made a pact with myself that I would back away from the tape-measure and stop consistently checking the length of my new growth. On a post a few weeks ago, one of you lovely ladies left me with some food for thought. The advice I was given was about setting a date for bringing my transition to an end and doing the big chop, and how this can cause one to feel discouraged if you haven’t reached the desired length at the intended time.

With both of these in mind, I began looking at this journey differently. Gradually, when I stopped worrying about length checking, I seemed to have less ‘bad hair days’ which I often convince myself I am having simply as a result of frustration. My hair no longer feels like I have to be conscious of it 24/7 and here are some reasons why I think this may be:

Made me less conscious of the two textures: One thing that is always at the top of a transitioner’s list is the difference in the two textures. When I was length-checking excessively, I was constantly highlighting the fact that I needed to blend the two textures.
Concentrating on length can overshadow health of hair: If your only focus is achieving length, then you are more than likely to ignore the overall health of your hair, such as neglecting to trim split ends in order to retain length. This will of course become a threat to your hair in the long run.

Slower growth rates can be discouraging: There are times that our hair will grow faster from one month to the next. If you are constantly checking your length and find that it has slowed down, you may question the products and techniques you have been using on your hair. This may cause you to change a perfectly good regime, trying to fix something that was not broken.

Ultimately, I guess by constantly checking the length of my hair, I am unnecessarily putting pressure on myself. Allowing myself to just go with the flow (on list of do’s this week) and re-motivate myself to keep moving forward!

How often are you length-checking?