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Tweak Success Stories- Natural Hair

By January 27th, 202117 Comments
Tweak Success Stories- Natural Hair

By Andrea Dawn

For me, one of the most fun and challenging things about having natural hair is mastering the art of tweaking. We all know what that involves: introducing new products and/or techniques to our regimen to meet the ever-changing needs of our hair. If the tweak also manages to simplify our regimen, that’s an added bonus.

I call it the “art” of tweaking because, like art, tweaking is a process. It takes time, patience, a willingness to experiment and sometimes the ability to think outside the box.

I’m excited to share a new tweak that I added to my hair regimen that’s yielded amazing results. Ever since I big chopped a year ago, I’ve been lightly spritzing my hair with water every day to keep it moisturized. The water definitely kept my hair moisturized, but it also caused my already tightly-coiled hair to shrink significantly. I read an article which suggested that, particularly for tightly-coiled hair, spritzing the hair daily with a leave in conditioner instead of water would add moisture and reduce shrinkage.

I was skeptical at first, but thought I would give it a try. I decided on Infusium 23 Moisturologie Leave-In Treatment as my leave-in of choice. It comes in a spray bottle and has a liquid consistency, which makes it ideal for spritzing. I’m happy to say that, for my hair type, the results have been incredible. My hair is perfectly moisturized and I’m noticing way less shrinkage. I’ve been doing this for about a month, and so far I haven’t had any problems with product build-up.

I know this isn’t exactly a revolutionary discovery, but it’s new to my regimen. I’m happy because this one simple step has made a big difference in the feel and look of my hair. Now I’m on a quest to find my next great tweak.

As a community we can inspire and encourage each other by sharing our “tweak success stories.” Maybe it’s a tweak that you implemented a long time ago, or one that you recently discovered. We can all benefit from hearing each other’s success stories, keeping in mind, of course, that no two heads of hair are the same. What works for one person may not work for another.

What tweak or tweaks have you made to your natural hair regimen that produced stellar results?


  • Anonymous says:

    I was spritzing with water, then adding a little leave-in, then oil to remoisturize & rebraid my hair at night. I now mix the water & leave-in in my spray bottler. I use about a TB of Knot Today in an 8-oz bottle and fill with water and it works well for my 4/b-c hair. Knot Today doesn't list water in the ingredients so I need to add water to it or put it on top of wet hair in order for it to work as a moisturizer on my hair.

  • Ebony says:

    My most recent tweak was adding Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque to my routine once a week and Jojoba oil. I find that my hair is much softer, more manageable, and more moisturized with these two products. For so long I was focused on just getting the hair look that I wanted that I didn't think about its health and what was good for it. These tweaks have been healthful additions and I like the benefits a lot!

  • Anonymous says:

    Over the past month I stopped twisting my hair. Too much time, too much hair breakage and with my 4c hair the definition only lasted one day. I'm doing wash and go's now. Saving time, less hair in the sink and I discovered that twist outs cannot compete with the beautiful curl pattern I get from my wash and go's.

  • Anonymous says:

    As many ACV rinses as I've done over the years my hair should have zero shrinkage by now. Instead it still shrinks practically into my scalp, lol…

    My most recent tweak (which I did over the summer) is one that I guess the rest of the Internet is catching up to now: Using mineral oil-based pomade to reduce shrinkage in humid weather. It works like nothing else I've ever tried and my hair isn't any the worse for wear.

    Another tweak is more of a mental one: I refuse to spend tons of time on my hair, so I am learning to like the 'fros that, a few years back, I'd have considered too messy or uneven. I no longer wear "twistouts with frizz"; I wear "fros with definition." This way I can continue to grow my hair out without needing to feel like I have to do a lot of extra in order to look good. And ironically, these chunky 'fros have gotten a LOT of compliments!

  • Eboni says:

    Great article! I just recently started using Giovanni (Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture) Conditioner for my two strand twists. Using this has given some GREAT definition for my type 4 hair (if that helps); mainly because this product is water based!

    Last week I "tweaked" my regimine by 1)Doing a hot oil treatment before cowashing, 2)Mixing my hair oils with the Giovanni conditioner, and 3)I trimmed my hair for the 1st time since going natural and it looks so much better. I think I'll trim my hair at least 2x per year from now on, lol.

    As much as the PJ in me wants to try other products, this combo is what works!

  • MsAfriKanaChiC says:

    Wearing hats on my lazy days. When I don't feel like taking down my twists, I spritz them with Oyin's juices and berries follow up with the honey dew moisturizer and seal with argan oil. Then plop my hat on. Does wonders for my hair and it's a stylish option.

  • Anonymous says:

    My new tweak is African Gold Super Rich Formula Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner. A small nickel sized application once a day on dry hair leaves my hair so shiny and moisturized. Smells very coconuty.

  • NancyM says:

    I'm transitioning (9 months post). I've done 2 tweaks lately:

    -Henna gloss only. I don't do full-strength henna, only henna gloss (adding conditioner/oils to the henna mixture). I still get the same color and strengthening, but none of the dryness. I use CurlyNikki's recipe on this site.

    -Cornrow braid outs. I find that I get much more defined and consistent braid outs if I cornrow my hair versus individual braids.

  • mangomadness says:

    A tweak I've recently made is trimming 1/4 inch every 3 months instead of 1/2 inch every 6 months.

    This change has led to a reduction in split ends, ssks and tangling near the ends of my hair. It also gives my hair a healthier apperance.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ anon 2:57 what do you put in your Ayurvedic blend. I use "a lot" of henna and would welcome a new improved henna.

  • Anonymous says:

    My most recent tweaks:

    1) At night, after creating 8-10 loose twists, I put my hair into two ponytails- one on each side. Keeps my hair stretched and looks cute!

    2) For the past several months, I have trimmed (a quarter of an inch) my hair in a very methodical fashion every 3 months. I have noticed amazing length retention, a healthier/fuller lok to my hair and NO SSK!! Not one! Yay!

    3) I replaced occasional ACV rinse with Shikakai rinses. Hair feels awesomely bouncy and clean afterwards.

    4) Replaced my henna with an Ayurvedic blend (which includes henna and lost of other natural goodies).

  • Anonymous says:

    @ anon. 1:55 Your very welcome! I will plop a little bit first then put the oil on.

  • Anonymous says:

    @anonymous 1:36

    Thanks for sharing that new moisturizing tip. Should the oil go on fully wet hair or should the hair be plopped first?

  • Anonymous says:

    I deal with shrinkage and all the rest as well. but for me I learned early on to add a cond. and also a oil( T-Tree for the itches) to your filter or spring, or rosewater water spritz. I have done that for a while with great results!

    But I found that just spraying with water was fine too…sometimes if i run out of product or whatever I just use plain water. I don't worry about "shrinkage" because my hair is usually in a protective style like cornrows or twist. I tend to do this during the Fall/Winter months and I'll wear wigs for protection from the elements.

    So my tweak has been to wear my hair out during the Spring/Summer months and use protective styles during Fall/Winter and MORE HENNAING. Has yeilded healthier stronger longer hair for me.

    However, I just heard of another moisturing method that I'm about to implement especially because the colder months are coming. That will be after washing and conditioning I'll put my oil on right after that as apposed to putting my leaving in on first then oiling.

  • Pecancurls says:

    I too have shrinkage and fairy knot issues. I think I will try the ACV rinse and spritzing with leave in instead of water as I usually do.

  • Anonymous says:

    Shrinkage has been an issue for me too, since I big chopped back in January. I read in an article somewhere that one possible cause for this is your hair's pH being off. A reccommended solution was doing an apple cider vinegar rinse (about 1 tablespoon of ACV per cup of cold water). I did it about 3 weeks ago and I have noticed dramatically less shrinkage. I've also started sleeping with my hair in loose, but high ponytails and that helps to keep my hair stretched and less matted overnight.

    For the rinse, I co-washed my hair. Rinsed with cool water. Poured the ACV rinse over my head. Massaged my scalp for like 30 seconds and then rinsed with cold water. I proceeded with my usual t-shirt drying, coconut oil sealing and went on my merry way. I spritz my hair every morning with water, apply a moisturizer and re-seal. Despite re-introducing water daily, my coils haven't tightened back up. I've also noticed fewer fairy knots.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post because we need to encourage each other and stay positive. My tweak success, i stopped re-twisting my hair every night- too time consuming. Instead i use mini ouchless bands and put my hair into 6-8 mini puffs and cover with satin bonnet. In the morning I remove the twists, fluff and lightly moisturize. The twists have great definition. I can do this for a few nights with great results.

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