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by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

The day I jumped on the transitioning bus, I knew I had to buckle up tight. You see, it might not seem like a big deal at first, but those of us who have been there or are indeed still there, realise that it’s not all sunny skies, fluffy puppies and candy floss. So like any journey you have been on, you prepared yourself right?

From day one, I convinced myself that I would definitely take the route of a long-term transitioner to reach my destination. There is more than one reason for this. First of all, you see those cheeks up there? Yup…those babies successfully adopted us the nickname ‘Hamster Cheeks’ when I was at school. I’m ashamed to admit that it clearly left me with some sort of complex as I’m fearful of doing the Big Chop in case it makes them stand out even more. You can laugh at how pathetic that is- I know I am. The second reason is; I wanted to grow my hair to a point where I would have enough length to do more than a handful of hairstyles with, as I get bored easily. I set myself a goal of one year.

Today, I am 6 ½ months into transitioning and I have surprised myself about how I feel now. Over the last few days I have been fighting the urge to just cut out those relaxed ends. The more I see my natural hair coming through, the more I want to just chop, chop chop! Now, I reached for the scissors midweek and cut about an inch of hair off. I was so excited- a little too excited now that I look back on it. My s.o however, didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as I did and promptly reminded me why I was waiting for that 1 year mark, not wanting me to have regrets later on. I put the scissors to the back of the cupboard, and told myself ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

I knew from the research and preparation I did beforehand, that people often have a problem managing the two different textures in their hair physically, but I guess my difficulty with the two textures comes mentally. As much as I want to be free from those scraggly ends though, I’m not quite ready to lose any length! So for now, the journey goes on…..

Have you changed/did you change from a Long-term to Short-term transitioner during your hair journey?