Remember when Gia brought all the Boyz to the yard?

Well, in the comment section, a few of y’all inquired about my hat.

*blushes* what, this old thing?

Early spring 2011, during one of those dangerous ‘I’m bored so let’s go spend money’ trips to the mall, I wandered into Aldo. Just beginning to toy with the idea of rocking twists to get me through the summer, I decided that tams would be my salvation. The solution to that ‘scalpy’ look I was so desperately trying to avoid. I had seen a few around… Claire’s, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe all carried them but they looked and felt, well, cheap.

So here I am in Aldo and they have two… one in black and one in gray. They’re perfectly chunky with lots of character and, AND only 10 bucks a piece. Score! I bought both and at the time, I didn’t realize that the adorable chunky and warm threading also made it completely inappropriate for the summer. So, sadly, I shelved them, managed NOT to lose them in the move to PA and broke ’em out this fall.

I searched the Aldo site and while they no longer carry my exact hat, this one is pretty darn close. It’s only 15 dollars and it comes in gray, midnight black and taupe.
I also found a super cute purple one that looks very similar at Target last week, so you may want to check there as well… it was like 17 bucks.

When I wear tams, I always rock a protective satin bonnet underneath. This one, to be exact.

Happy hat hunting!


Found a cute hat for winter? Dish!