My life is filled with more than a few things to give thanks for.

I am newly divorced – it was officially a year this past September 13.

Even though a year may seem like a long time to some and enough time to get over it, I still feel newly divorced when I compare the past one year to the lifetime my marriage should have lasted. Alas, I’ve gotten through the past year and over some bumps along the way.

The biggest bump/hill/mountain was becoming a single mother. I have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter who was 10 months old when her father and I separated. Immediately upon our separation, her father and I began a shared custody schedule – morally right for her sake. Still nursing at the time, I suffered and literally leaked through a premature weaning, which was quite taxing, both emotionally and physically. My baby and I made it through, though!

In time, our custody schedule became a written, legal document. I never dreamed I’d see the inside of Family Court for myself. There were lots of emotions throughout the ordeal, however, I remain thankful.

One of the things I am most grateful for is the abundantly civil relationship my daughter’s father, my ex-husband and I have been able to recover and maintain. Having that begets a peace that spills into so many other facets of both my own and my daughter’s life, and I have no concerns about how much my daughter loves and enjoys her time with her father.

Having that peace when it comes to my daughter feels pretty much divine. The fragility of the bond between a mother and child is sensitive because of how deep the love runs and I am truly thankful.


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