Hola Chicas,

The best part of this time of year is the being thankful part. So today we kick off the incredibly appropriate 15 Days of Giving Thanks where you can enter each day for a chance at more than $10,000 in fabulous natural hair stuff AND be entered to win the grand prize of $1,200 in curly hair products and a Huetiful Hair Steamer. Sweet.

Each day during the program, right here on the blog, you’ll hear from a curly about what she’s thankful for and today, it’s on me.


I’ve got so much to be thankful for that I just… I can’t. We’d be here all day. So here’s a quick run down–

-Boogie Nicole! (that’s what I call her when she’s in trouble)
-That I have time to hang out with her… teach her, read to her, love on her!
-Hubby and his love, support, wit and companionship
-My mother and her truisms and impeccable story telling abilities
-My father and his unconditional love
-My sister for being friggin’ awesome
-All of my crazy, crazy family!
-My many, many… countless blessings
-My amazing and HILARIOUS intern Jon Jon
-Friends and cyber curlfriends
-CurlyNikki.com and what it’s become (this ish cra)
-The ability to provide a positive platform for people to educate and inspire one another
-The opportunity for me to educate and inspire others
-My readers
-Readers who comment
-Readers who make me laugh
-Readers who I make laugh
-Online shopping
-Cheddar Biscuits!!!
-Spell check
-My MacBook Air
-Apple Care and its comprehensiveness
-Amazing and predictably good hair days
-Space heaters that I aim directly at my feet
-Heating pads that I place directly on my feet
-Orange Soda
-Clean sheets
‘Watch the Throne’ (and every other Kanye CD)
-Red Now and Laters
-Fried Oysters
-A new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta
-My car, which takes me to Ihop so I can eat pancakes
-My car speakers ’cause they blast ‘4‘ for me to sing along with LOUDLY and poorly
-Free wifi at the airport
-That black bean salsa recipe (Thanks Val!)
-Whoever invented Diaper Genies
-Homemade tacos
-Katt William’s momma, cause she made a funny little man

About the Contest

Readers are encouraged to take part in our natural giveaway of various curly hair products from our 15 sponsors: Hair Rules, Hairfinity, EDEN BodyWorks, Bee Mine, Cibu, TwistedSista, CARA B Naturally, Amika, Uncle Funky’s Daughter, TIGI, Optimum Care, Shea Moisture, Marc Anthony, Essentious, Karen’s Body Beautiful and Huetiful!
How to Enter The Giveaway
15 Days of Giving Thanks Giveaway participants must register here to win. The giveaway begins November 7, 2011, at 12:00 a.m. CST and ends November 21, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. CST. Only online entries will be accepted. No purchase is necessary to enter or win!