My name is LaJoy and I am so grateful and appreciative for my husband. Back in 2009, I was an immature-minded female, disrespecting my family and running around chasing men. That eventually led me to living in my car, swiping my credit card to the max to stay in a hotel for a day out of the week, and having no food to eat. I was so concentrated on men that my life deteriorated. I had nowhere to go and no one to turn too.

I eventually turned to someone that I had known since the age of 12 who always promised me if I needed him, he’d be there. I called him, and explained my situation. He opened his door with no hesitation and asked for nothing in return, but for me to gain my self-respect and dignity back.
My mother paid for my one-way ticket, I had no more money to my name, and told me that this was my opportunity to get myself together and to not come back until I did. I flew to Florida and there he was waiting for me. He opened my eyes and explained men are not everything in life. He financially supported me, never made a “move,” and made sure I had everything I needed (food, clothes, etc). As time progressed he introduced me to jobs as well as school.

As time went on I began bringing in my own money, understanding what self worth was, and understood how important it was to have God as the apple of my eye, NOT a man. We eventually became best friends and then proceeded to a relationship. With time we became a power couple. It’s amazing!!

God always has a plan, and now in 2011 we have a beautiful baby boy who just turned one. We’ve been married for almost a year, and I begin my education to become a paramedic in January 2012. My Husband has done so much for me and I can honestly say without him, I don’t know where I’d be nor would I know the treasures that women have and deserve!

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