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15 Days of Giving Thanks- La’Tekqua

By January 27th, 20215 Comments
15 Days of Giving Thanks- La'Tekqua

La’Tekqua writes:

I have a lot to be thankful for this year and it seems appropriate to list that which is the most important to me.

My baby brother went to jail last year and, after having graduated from high school by the skin of his teeth, he is headed to boot camp for the United States Army of America on October 3rd.

I have a sister who lost my nephew, Jenesis, almost three months after he was born — but as always, God is good and all the time he is good. God blessed her a couple months ago with my niece, Joi.

My baby sister is successfully putting herself through college and working two, sometimes three jobs at one point, to make ends meet and she is doing it all on her own. I admire her tenacity and strength, especially for being so young of an age. She’s only 20 years old.

I’m thankful for Mr. Right who has stood by me since we met in 2005 and this year I have decided to take on going back to school, law school that is, and he has supported me in my preparations to do so unconditionally.

Most importantly, I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy. Nothing is promised to anyone — not even my next breath. God has given me a wonderful family, great friends, and simple blessings like all five of my senses.

Life is short and that is probably the most important thing I learned this year. Live in the present.

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  • Ms. KeepingItReal says:

    Thanks for the comments! @BrooklynShoeBabe–that's wonderful to hear!

  • BrooklynShoeBabe says:

    Wonderful! God is good all the time.

    I am thankful that my husband found a new job that he loves and invigorates him. I am thankful that my 4-year-old's transition into school has been pretty flawless. I am thankful that my 6-year-old had an incredible growth of maturity over the summer and took to getting for school like a super champ!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love your post. Yes, God is Blessing us when we are able to hear, see, walk, smell, and talk. It feels good to know somebody love us that is GOD!!

  • Ms. KeepingItReal says:

    Hey BreaheFashion3c! Thank you so much for the support and blessings! Yes, God is all-knowing, forgiving and loving! God bless you too!

  • BreatheFashion3c says:

    God is a loving God! Bless you and your family La'Tekqua, and good luck in law school! We need more young, black lawyers! Right On!

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