Widnie writes:

It is said that a person does not experience unconditional love until he or she has a child, however, I can say that I have already experienced this type of love, and I am proud to say that I am thankful for my mother.

As a single parent, my mother has gone above and beyond to make sure her children have the best she could provide. She worked double shifts as a certified nursing assistant in order to raise us in a nice and safe neighborhood. We went from a two-bedroom apartment to a five-bedroom house a year after she split with my father.

My mother is the true definition of a strong woman and has set a strong example for my sister and me. With her in my life, I understand that I don’t NEED a man to achieve the goals that I want. She bought a house on her own and gave three children an above average lifestyle. I hear many women who say they don’t feel complete without a man. Seeing my mother achieve so much on her own reassures me that a man is a bonus, not a requirement. This is why I am a no nonsense type of girl when it comes to the guys I choose to date.

Without my mother’s love and support, I know I would not be in college today. Days when I feel like the workload is too much, she reminds me of the payout in the end. Without my mother I would probably be lost as a person. This is why I thank God every day, because he has blessed me with such a priceless gift.

We argue like any other mother and daughter, but I wouldn’t trade her for any riches or a million bottles of Shea Moisture shampoo. She is my mother, my sister, the love of my life, and most importantly, she is my best friend.

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