The words airport, airplanes,and TSA can stir feelings of uneasiness, stress and downright discontent to the average doll. With uber invasive X-ray machines and extensive patdowns just short of cavity checks, it’s a wonder most of us don’t need a shot of vodka or a Valium before boarding a plane! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s very likely that many of you will be traveling by air. I’ve had my fair share of long lines and have seen my fair share of angry/disgruntled passengers at the airport. With that said, I have learned to follow 3 very easy and very basic rules. I’ve managed to maintain my sexy in spite of long lines and touchy feely TSA people. Here are 3 rules that help me “Fly Fabulous” every time. Hopefully, they’ll help you too!

1. Pack light. I know that this may be easier said than done for most, but it is possible. Most airlines allow you to take two bags on the plane. One of the two bags is your purse. Instead of bringing a purse, opt for a larger bag that can fit your wallet, keys, cell phone, lady products, book, meds, laptop, a fruit roll-up….you catch my drift, right? Make sure that you designate a specific and easily accessible part of your bag for your passport/ID and boarding passes as you will need to take them out at a moment’s notice. As for your carry on suitcase, opt for lighter fabrics. Pack a pair of jeans, but explore other options such as cotton leggings, shorts and yoga pants. When packing shoes, opt for a pair of sandals to free up some room for the rest of your high heels 😉 . If you’re going somewhere cooler, opt for boots that you can stuff socks, undies (in a baggie of course), and other small items inside. To alleviate the issue of having to pack travel sizes of hair products (side eye) for big hair, opt for hairstyles that you don’t have to fuss with, like twists or braids. If you need to bring some hair products, pack 2 or 3 travel sizes of needed products. That way, they won’t confiscate your $11 bottle of hair salvation :-(. Also keep in mind that carrying on both of your bags will exempt you from waiting in line to claim your stuff. It will also keep you from having to worry about your stuff getting lost during the flight over! Hurray for less stress!

2. Dress like a sexy tourist. Look, they’re going to do whatever they have to do to make sure that you don’t have anything strapped to you or lodged in you. Somehow, this involves taking off your belt, shoes, and hat. Make things easier on yourself by wearing pants that don’t need a belt, sporting flip flops, sandals, or shoes that will slip on and off of your feet, and for heaven’s sake don’t decide to deep treat or henna your hair on the day you have to board a plane. They are going to make you take off your hat and everybody is going to see what’s brewing under there. Tres embarrassing! Lol! Though you have the right to remain fashionable, remember that you’ll be doing a lot of walking, standing and bending. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.

3. Have a sense of humor. Flying the friendly skies can be a very emotionally draining experience if you allow it to be. If they have you stand in the X-Ray machine, give them a little “Shatterproof Shimmy”. If you forgo the X-Ray for the pat down, ask for a full name and a drink during the frisk search 😉 . Show up early so that you’re not pissed when the lines aren’t moving as fast as they should. In the event that your flight is delayed a bit, bring a book or something to do so that you’re not bored to crankiness! During my last airport adventure, I discovered a shoe shine stand. I even got to shine some poor, unsuspecting customer’s shoe! SEEEEEE?

Airport visits are only as fun as you make ‘em! If you follow my 3 simple rules, you’re bound to have fun before your summer vacation even officially begins! Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

What tips do you have for fabulous travel?