5 Questions with Eric Roberson (& a Giveaway!)
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5 Questions with Eric Roberson (& a Giveaway!)
Grammy award nominated singer-songwriter Eric Roberson, aka Erro, is On the Couch with his manly perspective. He’s also giving away concert tickets! Woot woot!

CN: Long or short? Natural or relaxed?
Erro: It matters not. I think hair should compliment or frame, which is why the only thing I’m not a fan of is hair that covers the face. Outside of that, I don’t care if it’s braided, cornrowed, twisted up, curly, straight or shaved off, whatever. I do really like short hair though. A woman who would wear her hair shorter than mine… I think it’s a beautiful look because it showcases her face.

Is there a natural hair revolution occurring?
Definitely. When I tour, I look out into the audience and a very large percentage of the women I see are natural and it’s a beautiful thing. I think it’s infiltrating corporate America as well.
Women are finding real creative things to do with their hair… instead of perming it or just pulling it back. I think it’s beautiful… woman connecting with their heritage but also looking at their hair as just a compliment to their overall fashion and beauty.
I also think that there’s a correlation between eating correctly and having natural hair. The two seem to coincide. I think just in wanting to be healthy- eating healthier, choosing healthier relationships, exercising- it would only follow that you’d become mindful of what you’re putting on your body and in your hair.

Why do you think women care about a man’s opinion?
I don’t know how much they do care! [Laughter] I know they care what other women think but do women care what men think? I would say… [Laughter]

I’ll say this, we want to look into our loved one’s eyes and feel needed, wanted and sexy so women probably do look for approval in the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

What I would caution everybody is to not assume that a man won’t like this, that or the other. For me, I’m very open with women having their own identity. No matter how you wear your hair, if that’s your identity, who you are, and how you represent yourself, I’m going to find that attractive.

Many of our significant others feel some kinda way about our nightly head gear. Does your wife don sleeping caps? How does it make you feel on the inside?
[Laughter] That is a good point. I probably don’t mind it as much as others though. Plus, for my wife, it doesn’t seem to rule her so that makes it less bad. She’ll leave her hair out for me then wrap it up a little later [Laughter]. It’s sad that something like hair can dictate a woman’s life… like when you get a hair ‘do, now you can’t be who you are because of the hair.

Tell us about this new album?
My new album, Mister Nice Guy, officially releases tomorrow, 11-8-2011. It’s a foundation of soul music but touches on different genres, including hip hop and house music.

Official site

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