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Curly Nikki

5 Questions with Eric Roberson (& a Giveaway!)

By January 27th, 202143 Comments
Contest CLOSED

Lucky DC Curly- Jasmine

Lucky Detroit Curly- Heather Farrow

Congrats divas! Snap bunches of pics and send in for Fierce Friday!


5 Questions with Eric Roberson (& a Giveaway!)
Grammy award nominated singer-songwriter Eric Roberson, aka Erro, is On the Couch with his manly perspective. He’s also giving away concert tickets! Woot woot!

CN: Long or short? Natural or relaxed?
Erro: It matters not. I think hair should compliment or frame, which is why the only thing I’m not a fan of is hair that covers the face. Outside of that, I don’t care if it’s braided, cornrowed, twisted up, curly, straight or shaved off, whatever. I do really like short hair though. A woman who would wear her hair shorter than mine… I think it’s a beautiful look because it showcases her face.

Is there a natural hair revolution occurring?
Definitely. When I tour, I look out into the audience and a very large percentage of the women I see are natural and it’s a beautiful thing. I think it’s infiltrating corporate America as well.
Women are finding real creative things to do with their hair… instead of perming it or just pulling it back. I think it’s beautiful… woman connecting with their heritage but also looking at their hair as just a compliment to their overall fashion and beauty.
I also think that there’s a correlation between eating correctly and having natural hair. The two seem to coincide. I think just in wanting to be healthy- eating healthier, choosing healthier relationships, exercising- it would only follow that you’d become mindful of what you’re putting on your body and in your hair.

Why do you think women care about a man’s opinion?
I don’t know how much they do care! [Laughter] I know they care what other women think but do women care what men think? I would say… [Laughter]

I’ll say this, we want to look into our loved one’s eyes and feel needed, wanted and sexy so women probably do look for approval in the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

What I would caution everybody is to not assume that a man won’t like this, that or the other. For me, I’m very open with women having their own identity. No matter how you wear your hair, if that’s your identity, who you are, and how you represent yourself, I’m going to find that attractive.

Many of our significant others feel some kinda way about our nightly head gear. Does your wife don sleeping caps? How does it make you feel on the inside?
[Laughter] That is a good point. I probably don’t mind it as much as others though. Plus, for my wife, it doesn’t seem to rule her so that makes it less bad. She’ll leave her hair out for me then wrap it up a little later [Laughter]. It’s sad that something like hair can dictate a woman’s life… like when you get a hair ‘do, now you can’t be who you are because of the hair.

Tell us about this new album?
My new album, Mister Nice Guy, officially releases tomorrow, 11-8-2011. It’s a foundation of soul music but touches on different genres, including hip hop and house music.

Official site

**Attention Detroit and DC curlies! **

Wanna see Erro live in concert? How about meet him… even snap a pic?

I’ve got a set of tickets to give away for each city–

Detroit– Royal Oak Theater on Nov 18

– Marriott Wardman Park on Nov 23

In the comments below, tell me why you NEED these tickets and which city (Detroit or DC) you’re in.
I’ll pick winners tomorrow at noon!


  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki! Thank you SOOO MUCH for awarding me the tickets for the Detroit concert! I am so grateful! I will be standing on my feet, singing along to ErRo and Ledisi! Thank you so much!


  • VABK Natural says:

    Hope I'm not too late. I NEED these tix because me and boo are overdue for a night out on the town together…we just birthed our second little one. I would love to receive DC tix. Good luck to all!

  • MsDorsette says:

    Pause, I had no idea there were this many curlies at University of Michigan, I'm an undergrad alum/staff/grad student (GoBlue!). Where do you ladies hide? We need a Curly Wolverine meet up one day…unless Nikki wants to come to Detroit (hint, hint).

  • Lamorea Stanton says:

    As a huge Eric Roberson fan that has seen him perform live in concert for…(okay, I won't put it out there, but let's just say my fiance' sometimes questions my loyalty :-), if you've never seen him perform live or may not even be aware of his body of work, you must attend an "Erro" concert!! Trust…you will not be disappointed. I'm not throwing my name in the hat for tickets (just saw him two weeks ago on a cruise), but I wish you all luck (especially those that haven't seen him yet…new fans are always awesome)

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    this sucks! wish i could give tickets to everyone L(

  • Marcia says:

    I need these tickets because my husband and I desperately need a date night. After 15 years, we have gotten into a rut and need to dig our way out. A grown and sexy date night might be the spark we need to reignite things. We both love Eric Roberson's music. We live in VA, so the DC tickets would be great!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I need to see Eric Roberson in concert. I never seen him in concert before, only seen the youtube videos. From the videos, I see that Eric and his band are incredible. My twitter buddies MsPinkyBaby and msyass put me on to Eric Roberson in 2008 and I have been in love with his music before I even know who he was because of the album Erro Wrote It. I've been telling my coworkers you have to check out Eric Roberson I even let them listen to my Erro Wrote It album. This would be my first time seeing him in concert. Even if I don't win these tickets I'm still going because I've been waiting to see him for so long. I will be at the Detroit concert with my natural hair 🙂 Twitter name: real_marie

  • luvnM3naturally says:

    I would like to see Mr. Eric Roberson up front & close in DC! I will be celebrating XX years of fabulousness on Dec 5th! This would make a great birthday gift for ME!

  • Balls Of Beauty says:

    Im in DC too (as majority of the responses, lol) and i neeeeed these tkts becuz i've been a fan of eric for a VERY long time and since i'll be on a much needed vacay that week, that would be PERFECT for me to unwind n get some adult time becuz i've been engulfed in mommyhood while juggling college and work! **sigh** I honestly dont get out much so a reason to leave the house n get dolled up to show off some new shoes n makeup would be such a dreaaaam 🙂

  • sunyblack says:

    I NEED these tickets because I've been a fan of Eric Roberson since waaaaay back, I'm talking sincd his single "The Moon". I'd love to get a chance to see him perform here in DC!

  • Drea says:

    I saw Eric in concert last year at Jazz in the Garden festival…of course I was in the nose bleed lawn chair section…but he ended up being my absolute favorite of the weekend…I love the way he can make up a song with just words thrown at him from the audience…his music put me in a "good" place…I would love to see Eric in DC…I most recently connected with a classmate living in Maryland after not seeing him since we gradutated (26 years ago)…I feel that this is my year of new beginnings…I went natural…which I think helped me in open up to the possiblilty of being in that same good space that Eric's music put me in almost 2 years ago…

  • sabrina says:

    It would be a blessing to hear the art from his voice he is a true Master and has great control of his gift. It would be my pleasure to be within earshot of him and to experience the Euphonic joy he would bring me in Detroit MI~I would also ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO SUPPORT THIS ARTIST IN WHATEVER PROJECT HE WORKS ON -Each one reach one each one teach one~I love the poetry he writes and the rythm he puts to the words- PERFECT IAMBIC PENTAMETER. I would love to attend and have the opportunity to hear him.
    Sabrina Nelson

  • mothereartha says:


    I like Eric's music but I am entering solely for one of my besties. Shout out to…well I don't know if Dr. McCoy would appreciate being put on blast but she is his biggest fan and was the president of the DC club fan :p. She is a gorgeous natural who has gone through a lot lately and is always looking out for others and giving more than taking. Please let me surprise her with a great gift!

  • Natural Sunshine says:

    I would LOVE to see ERRO in concert. I am willing to drive to
    Detroit from Cleveland about 2 hours. I love his music and he is a TRUE artist.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE to meet ErRo in Detroit on November 18th! I have been a fan of his since his first cd, but have never seen him live in concert!I have sacrificed my social life for over a year to study for my EPPP licensing exam, which I passed, and I would LOVE to treat myself to an evening of sophistication, smoothness, and soulful romance that I have been without for over a year! Winning a ticket would be the cherry on top of my recent accomplishment! Thank you!

    Heather Farrow

  • Reka says:

    Tho I have never heard of Erro before I would love to go check him out here in Detroit. First I have never been to a real concert in my 25 years of life and it would be nice to take a break for a change and do something fun with my friends. Working fulltime, starting my own business and doing freelance design leaves me with little or no time to plan anything. So winning tickets would be awesome and an awesome excuse to put everything else on hold =)


  • IyanaLove says:

    I'm in Detroit and I need these tickets because I need a break! I'm a full time college student, graduating in May and while I'm unemployed, I spend my rare free time tutoring high school students. I've been ill lately, so it would be wonderful to finally get out!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm a native Detroiter now living in DC. My big sister is coming to DC for Thanksgiving and I would love to take her to see Eric.


  • Anonymous says:

    My husband and I really need a date night! This would be a WONDERFUL opportunity!! We love neosoul type music. 🙂 In D.C.


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow I just saw him in concert on the Jazz cruise! He is a great entertainer and I would love to get tickets to bad I'm in Cali. But too all you guys in DC in Detroit go see this brother perform it will be a great night.

  • SugaBush says:

    OMG Eric Roberson! I would love love love (LOVE I SAY!) to see him in concert becuase it would make a great Birthday Gift to myself (Nov 29th)!!! Great Music would definitely me start me off for a great birthday/holiday week!!

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG…I would like to win tickets because I thought this was my cousin, also named Eric Roberson, keeping the best kept secret EVER! Hahahaha…


  • livelaughlove2688 says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see ERRO in concert. His music simply speaks to every fiber of my being!!!! I've been down and in a huge rut these past couple of weeks(months) and I feel like this would be the prefect inspiration and "pick me up" so that I can keep pushing on. I NEED, NEED, NEED, this "picker upper" and to see THE Eric Roberson!!! In D.C.

  • livelaughlove2688 says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Shakira says:

    I need these tickets because to enjoy music live from someone who celebrates and embraces us in our natural state would be amazing. I would be honored to partake in this event! I live in DC. My email is

  • meeksj says:

    I am ERRO's biggest fan!! This man has some serious talent that you will not ever see anywhere else!! He can make up a song within in minutes by just giving him some names!! the first time I saw him in person I drove from VA to NY just to see him. I have all of his albums!! So Please Please I would luv to see him in DC!!

  • Angela says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • lawanda toney says:

    I would love to go to Eric Roberson concert in DC because I got married last month and this would be a great way to celebrate our 1 month anniversary. After a wedding, money is tight and this would be a great way to let our hair down and celebrate. We love Eric because he is a Howard University Alum like myself our favorite thing we like to do is go to concerts.

  • KeshaSharee says:

    I NEED to see Eric Roberson in Detroit! With the music scene being a bust and being a mommy of a growing 2 year old I need a really GOOD excuse to get out of the house. This would be a perfect day for the bf and I to make a date and rekindle some romance. It also allows me to hear real music again!

  • Vina says:

    My boyfriend and I are huge Eric Roberson fans, we love how he gets the crowd so involved in his performance! I would love these tickets because my boyfriend is an upcoming independent Hip Hop artist and producer from the DMV (DC metro area). He has been working hard for the last few months on recording, mixing and mastering his own album to be released in January of 2012. This would be a great and exciting gift for him to see Erro, spend time with his favorite lady (me) and enjoy what he loves doing best, MUSIC!

  • MsDorsette says:

    I NEEEEED these tickets because I NEVER miss Erro when he comes to Detroit! At the risk of sounding like a groupie, I plan on stopping by Target as soon they open to cop Mr. Nice Guy. I've been an ERRO fan since "Left" and one of my favorite things about him is the devotion he puts into his performances. After each show he shakes hands, signs autographs and takes photos with every fan- regardless of how tired he may be. In addition, my best friend's birthday is the following day and I'd love to take him out on a nice friend-date (brothas need love too!) and let him have the opportunity to meet ERRO.

  • MrsBester27 says:

    I'm in Detroit! I currently work and go to school full time. My best friend works 2 jobs to provide for her family. Due to our schedules/finances we never get time to hang out. We both love Eric Roberson and Ledsi and this would be a wonderful girls night out. This would be a wonderful surprise for her and we would appreciate it greatly! Thanks in advance

  • Lia says:

    This is soooo on time. My boyfriend and I were recently talking about him and his new album!!! He's loves his music and randomly sings "Softest Lips" (one of his fav's). This would be a nice surprise and will maybe even spice up our relationship. Lord knows we need it… lol!!!


  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Detroit and I need the tickets because law school is hard and I need something fun to do before finals 🙂 My name is Lauren A. and my email is

  • Anonymous says:

    I absolutely neeeeed these tickets for dc because my homegirls birthday is that day. She has been going through some things personally and i know this would lift her spirits and be a great birthday present. YAY for girls night out! My email is

  • Jasmine says:

    I would LOVE to have these tickets because I am a huge fan of Eric Roberson! His music is the definition of TRUE R&B and his voice is definitely one in a million. I discovered Eric Roberson several years ago when I heard his song, "Love of the Game" and was instantly hooked. His music is truly refreshing and is a reminder that Rhythm and Blues is not dead. My favorite song to date by him is, "Pretty Girl". This song is so deep and personal to me and like the rest of his music, is timeless.I LOVE ERIC ROBERSON and would LOVE to see him live. =)

    Jasmine (in DC)

    I am also following your facebook account under the name Jasmine Gilmore

  • Nikoi Roberts says:

    I NEED these tickets because I am a HUGE Erro fan!! I am a vocalist and writer myself and SINCERELY enjoy opportunities to hear talented musicianship like Mr Roberson… to boot, my big 30th birthday is on the 18th of this month (11/18/81 baby!!!) and this would be a BEAUTIFUL way to keep my celebration going 🙂 I live near the National Harbor – thus I am in the DC metro area!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok… I love his point of view. It takes real confidence to frame your "face" instead of hiding it under hair. Love him.

  • Jasmine says:

    I would LOVE to have these tickets because I am a huge fan of Eric Roberson!His music is the definition of TRUE R&B and his voice is definitelyone in a million. I discovered Eric Roberson several years ago when Iheard his song, "Love of the Game" and was instantly hooked. His musicis truly refreshing and is a reminder that Rhythm and Blues is notdead. My favorite song to date by him is, "Pretty Girl". This song isso deep and personal to me and like the rest of his music, istimeless.I LOVE ERIC ROBERSON and would LOVE to see him live. =) Jasmine (in DC)

    I am also following your facebook account under the name Jasmine Gilmore

  • A'Fenia Hubbard says:

    I need these tickets because it would be a great way to spend the holiday weekend with my husband. We dont go out much but to hear Eric do his thing with that voice would definitely be a nice treat. In DC listening to some adult music never hurt nobody.

  • Porche' says:

    The DC concert would make a great gift for my husband's birthday. I would love to surprise him with tickets!

  • Kinky Kinetik says:

    I have never heard of him until today. I would love (and feel the need) to hear him in person. Unfortunately, a lot of music today has no substance and he appears intriguing, with a possibility to open minds.

    I live in NJ; however, willing to travel to DC!!

  • Monika says:

    I would like to win the tickets for DC becuase my college buddy absolutely love Eric Roberson music. She too is from Jersey and she always talks about how she would like to meet him. I think it be a great surprise for her.

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