by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

Before I started this journey, I had what some might call a love hate relationship with my straighteners (flat iron). I loved them, they loved me – but my hair hated them. My demarcation line at the crown broke off, but regardless of the damage it was doing to my strands, I continued to straighten out the new hair growth as often as I could.

Being so in denial about the health of my hair from using heat based tools, resulted in my persistence in achieving the desired sleek look that straightening offers. The problem was, it wasn’t so straight anymore. When I made the commitment to start transitioning, I knew there were things I had to change. I armed myself with probably more research than I ever needed, and got down to business!

The first thing that had to go was my beloved hair straighteners. Let me share with you what I realized:

  • If I continue to straighten these beautiful new curls out of my head, how will I learn to love my hair if I’m constantly hiding it?
  • During the transition period, we should be using the time to learn what products are working best for our curls. By straightening, I was denying myself a great opportunity.
  • Using heat appliances often enough, could potentially kick the kinks for good. I have heard many stories where curls have not reverted after using heat tools.
  • The new growth that has been appearing over the last few months may become damaged. This may result in having to chop it off shorter than you planned. Wouldn’t it suck to have to get rid of all that hard work?

Now I don’t want to come across as the pushy parent, but rather the encouraging fellow transitioner who has made the mistake for you. I am proud to say that I ditched the heat tools after the first month and a half, and have been heat free ever since! I know it’s hard because I have been there, but the fact of the matter is, looking cute now may cost you later.

There are so many styles out there from braid outs to bantu knot outs that will make you forget straighteners even existed. I guess my point is, if I can do it (the straightening addict) then I just know you can do it too. One of the worst feelings in life is regret, so try ditching the heat appliances and start seeing how beautiful your curls really are!

Have you had any heat caused setbacks?
Are you currently trying to cut back on the straighteners/flat irons?