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Black Friday Shopping Tips

By September 22nd, 20216 Comments
Black Friday Shopping Tipsby Tammy Goodson of Curlychics

Hitting the stores for those holiday blow out sales can be overwhelming to say the least. However, sometimes a deal is simply too awesome to pass up and you have to put your big girl panties on and brave the crowds. Here are a few strategic tips to get you through without catching a migraine!

• Wear comfortable foot wear
Forget what you seen on the latest episode of Basketball Wives where they hit the stores in 5 inch heels. I know it looks fly on television and its very “fashionista”, however, the goal is to conquer as many sales as possible with minimal distress. The bigger your heel, the shorter your shopping experience will be. You can be comfortable without sacrificing style with a pair of Uggs or a low heeled leather boot that are easy to take on and off. Remember you will be standing in long lines and covering lots of ground. Trust me, your toes will thank you later.

• Wear an across the shoulder bag
A small, hands-free bag just big enough for your wallet, cell phone and Carmex is sufficient (and shopping list if you have one). I love a big bag just like the next chica, however, you will already have enough packages to carry without having to worry about toting around your favorite Michael Korrs bag.

• Minimize the accessories
No fuss, no muss. You do not want to risk your bangles snagging on clothing while browsing or necklaces getting caught while trying items on. The only accessories you will need are a stylish scarf, gloves and a pair of chic sunglasses.

• Wear comfortable clothing
The key to a successful shopping endeavor is preparation. Wearing layers will ensure that you are temperature ready without the bulk of a huge winter coat. A multi layered outfit such as leggings or skinny jeans with a fitted t-shirt, accompanied by a long sleeved shirt and warm jacket is perfect. Your comfortable ensemble should be easy to take on and off in case you need to try something on.

• Hair out of the way
The last thing you want to worry about when dealing with those door buster sales is your hair. An effortless yet chic bun is a great way to accomplish this. For shorter lengths, wearing your hair off of your face will prove to be less bothersome, thus keeping the attention on the task at hand. Steer clear of beanies and tams because they will make things difficult when slipping clothing over your head.

• Exercise patience
Recognize the fact that this is the biggest shopping day of the holiday season which means you should expect long lines and massive crowds. This should help you keep an even temperament and lessen the intensity.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Lol, I sure wish there were as many sites helping the guys with the shopping season!! You ladies have this down to an art!! We, as a family, are not entirely comfortable with buying too many things online, so we inevitably end up at the mall during the busiest times. My wife is a shopping genius, so I usually end up entertaining the kids while she works her magic. One thing I WILL point out is, for the guys, the new TV Everywhere app is amazing for handling stressful times with the kids in the malls. I got it through work at DISH Network, and I can now take all of my home channels, as well as DVR access and control, with me to the mall. Now the kids can watch "Wizards of Waverly Place", "Ben Ten" or "Spongebob" while Mom shops. Or, if I forgot to set the DVR, I can schedule a recording of that Hallmark Movie or Football game to be ready when we get home!! It's both functional and fun, and definitely makes the holiday shopping a bit less stressful!! Take a look at the DISH homepage for the details, and ladies, just a suggestion, this would make an amazing gift for xmas!!!

  • Monique Koch says:

    I hope everyone had a good time yesterday. They couldn't pay me to deal with all those people. lol

  • Editor says:

    I'm done with Black Friday. The older I get, the less patience I have for the madness!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow Black Friday — Only in America.

  • Jay-Jay says:

    I go by these rules all the time and for some people that may not want to take a small purse then wear a jacket that has alot of pockets. One pocket for car keys, one for money and credit cards, etc. I did this yesterday while I was in Walmart. I had everything in certain pockets and it was on.

    I am happy to say ladies that I got everything that I wanted from Walmart without the fuss. I was in a 24 hour store that you just shop for the things but couldn't check out until 12am. WOOOO HOOOO I'm winning……lol

  • Unknown says:

    Lol. Good tips for a day of maniac-ism (if that is a word). I find it hard to understand going to the mall with heels, esp on a Black Friday. To each her own, but a bag across the shoulder is somethg I have never thought of before. I would keep that in mind.

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