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Curly Nikki

Curly Ghost Stories (Giveaway!)

By January 27th, 202174 Comments
These stories were scary as hell! This was fun, we should do this camp fire thing more often. Although all the Jamaican and Caribbean stories scared the crap outta me, I think the award goes to…


Congrats diva!

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Curly Ghost Stories (Giveaway!)
Hola Chicas,

I’d like to apologize in advance for being captain random, but…

I’m a HUGE horror movie buff. Not the blood and gore kind like ‘Saw’, more like the ghost and psychological thriller kind like ‘Sixth Sense‘… or ‘The Others‘.

I’ve spent much of the weekend and plan to spend the rest of the night watching ish that’ll have me too scared to get up and use the bathroom. In between films, I’ve been reduced to watching ‘Goosebumps‘ and ‘R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour‘. Which reminds me… remember the book series ‘Fear Street‘? How ’bout, Nickelodeon’s ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark‘? Highly entertaining programming.

Anywhosers, I guess I just really like the genre. I prefer horror flicks over all others… even the romcoms. And yes, I’ve heard the arguments about ‘being scared of things that can actually harm you’ like serial killers and the like, but ghosts creep me the hell out. They do, what do you want from me? And so I choose to watch programs like ‘American Horror Story‘ (new FX series, LOVE) and ‘A Haunting in Connecticut‘ often followed by nightmares, bouts of paranoia and relapses into my childhood fear of the dark.

Let me get a babysitter… I’d be front row center at ‘Paranormal Activity 3’.

My questions…

Do you believe in ghosts?
Why or why not?
Got any ghost stories? Dish!

For those wondering, yes, I believe in ghosts… and aliens for that matter… hell, I believed in Santa Claus ’til I was 10!

**The teller of the best *true* story (or scariest one) will win 200g of Rajasthani Twilight henna from my personal stash!**

contest will close Halloween night at 8pm EST!


  • Anonymous says:

    I'm kinda sad there are no more stories. Growing up, I had a fascination of all things supernatural. I have since stopped watching horror movies and reading scary books, because I frequently had nightmares as a child, despite my prayers for a good night's sleep LOL.

    Anyway, my mom had premonitions up until she "got saved." She still sees things, like shadowy figures, but she doesn't talk about the stuff from her earlier life. She once told me she used to get premonitions before someone close to her died.

    My husband is sensitive too. Some of his family members practiced witchcraft, and he believes that there were spirits in his parents' home. They had a regular piano in the basement that occasionally played by itself. He also saw other things.

    I have one weird story. When my daughter was around 2 years old, she woke up one night, crying inconsolably. We knew there was nothing in our apartment–my husband would have sensed it. She cried and screamed for about 2-3 hours. We prayed and tried everything we could think of to settle her down. Nothing helped, until my husband finally drove her (in the middle of the night) to his younger sister's apartment. She gave my daughter some tea, and she calmed right down.

    I later found out that my then 3 year old niece(my husband's older sister's daughter) was also awake during the same time, crying inconsolably.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to say that Maya's story was indeed the scariest. I really enjoyed reading all of the posts. I wish we could tell ghost stories more often!!!!

  • Gez says:

    See, up until these last few years I've been fairly cynical about the supernatural. But I have no way of explaining away what has happened to me at work.

    I work at a hospital, on the office part with 4 other people. We all work on different sections when all the doctors and admin staff have left.
    Anyways, I was mopping the floor one night when out of the corner of my eye I see a man, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. But when I looked up properly he vanished.
    The only way it could have been an actual person, was if they had a swipecard to leave through the door at the end of the corridor….and I looked up far too quickly for him to have time to leave.

    But the weird thing is that when I mentioned this to one of the other people that worked with me, he gave me a strange look and said
    "Well that's strange, because I saw someone on your bit earlier…I thought it was you" (His area has windows that overlooks mine)

    But I was actually busy cleaning in one of the other rooms when he "saw" me.

    I've actually seen this man in a suit recently. Last week I had to go and clean a lab, and the lights switch on automatically when you walk in.
    I was changing the bag in the bin, when I saw him in the middle of the room. And I kept saying to myself "It's in your head…you're seeing things".
    And then I looked up again and he was stood about an arm's length from me.
    I dropped everything and ran. I have no doubt I'll see him again soon.


  • Anonymous says:

    My nephews are sensitive, so they tend to see spirits sometimes. One night at 3am, i was driving with my two nephews (15 and 10) in my car, my two brothers (30 and 21) were in the car behind mine. We stopped at a light and the streets were empty. I'm talking EMPTY; no cars, no people, stores closed, no lights, NOBODY. I happened to look over and saw a man walking under the light post. He was stumbling really slowly! At first, I assumed he was drunk! But I thought it was odd that a drunk man would be walking alone at that hour with noone else in sight. So I told my nephews "What is that guy doing?!" then drove off. They looked at me and told me "Aunty, we don't want you to freak out, but he wasn't human. How did you see him?!" I, of course, started to freak out at the possibility of having seen a spirit! So when we got home, I asked my brothers if they saw the man, and they had NO idea what I was talking about. They had seen no one!! So somehow, my nephews' seeing-spirit energy transferred to me that night. I know! It sounds really crazy! But I know what I saw!!


  • Anonymous says:

    I do believe in spirits (Angels, demons, evil spirits, Jesus, Satan etc)and yes I'm a christian.

    Lets start with a story that my mother told my siblings and I when we were young. My mother is from Barbados, her grandmother basically raised her. One day My mothers grandmother had got some items from a shop keeper. She didn't have all the money so she told him I will pay you back on such and such day. Well that day came and went.So one night as my mother laid in bed she heard loud scratching and digging on the tin roof.Both her brothers also heard it and ran into her room, So grandmother comes in and tells them don't worry everything is going to be okay he can't get in. Long story short, the shop keeper sent a demon to my mothers grandmothers house because she didn't keep up her end of the bargain. The demon could not get in through the front door, as my mother recalls her grandmother taking her by the hand out to the front door, and standing blocking the entrance was two Angels shoulder to shoulder with swords. I still get chills from that story.

    Last but not least was when A friend of ours came to our house. This guy was known to have spiritual problems. He basically was possessed with demons. One night my mother prayed for him, and he starts manifesting in our house. (demonic voices, writhing on the floor, evil laughter) the works. Sooner or later he was back to normal and he and my mother talked for a while then she escorted him out. When I came down the hall from the bedroom the lights in the hallway was on but there was literally a thick dense fog or smoke hovering in the hall. As I walked down the hall it felt like eyes were on me following me. I knew it was demonic spirits. I ran to the kitchen grab what I had to get and bolted back down the hall, slammed the door and locked it.

  • Pamela says:

    @Gary, Dear LAWD, really? LOL, Sorry y'all. I'm not responsible for that post!

  • Gary says:

    I woke up in a cold sweat. I had a horrible dream. I dreamed that my wife Pamela had desides to perm her hair again after two years of dealing with bags on her head and mystery stuff in the fridge that I was told not to eat. Thank god it was just a dream.

  • AishaSaidIt says:

    I don't have a story but I had a great time seeing Paranormal Activity 3 midnight showing. It started to rain while we were watching the movie. And during a build up of one really suspenseful part. (clue: the thing under the covers) an actual light bulb blew and everything went off including the movie. The theater was completely dark and everyone screamed. The lady behind me cried. For a moment none of us knew if it was part of the movie are not. HAD A GREAT TIME!

  • TheRYL1 says:

    I have no ghost story, but I have to say that the new show American Horror Story is the BIZ-NESS! LOL Keeps me creeped out & confused…gotta love it! ;-)

  • Nikia says:

    So when I was pregnant I saw a lot of strange things, but this one takes the cake.
    I was driving about 2 blocks from my house when I saw a man wearing a dark hoodie riding a bike in a slow, ambling manner. Lots of those in my neighborhood, so I paid him no mind. I got to the next block, and he was RIGHT BESIDE ME again. There was no way he could have gotten there at the pace he was riding that bike, but there he was, riding slowly. So finally, I pulled up into my driveway and he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. No idea how he got there that fast. I was pretty creeped out at this point, but I got my big self out of the car and walked up to my walkway, and SOMEHOW he was right next to me, riding in the middle of the street. I looked over, ready to curse him out for seemingly stalking me, and I looked over as he passed under the streetlight, and this dude HAD NO FACE under that hood. Yea…I ran my big prego self in the house so fast, and he just kept riding slowly down the street. When I got in the house and looked out the window he was completely gone.

  • Pamela says:

    My hubby and I were in our bedroom watching the movie "The Ring" (I had refused to go to theater to see it but when it came out on DVD I thought, "what the heck?". So, in the movie when you watch this particular video at the end the t.v. goes all "snowy" and then the phone rings and when you answer, someone on the other end whispers "7 days". Then, 7 days later you die. o.k. So, we're sitting there watching this and hubby pauses the movie to go to the bathroom. He comes back sits on the bed and accidentally sits on the remote. OUR tv goes all "snowy" and then…OUR phone rings!! OMG! We looked at each other kinda like WTH? And I reached over and answered the phone, I was scared to death. But, alas, it was just my sister calling to see what we were up to – LOL!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    my mother used to say we all have a sixth sense in our family and i believe we all do! from seeing my dad walk through walls as a kid( sared the crap out of me)!! to having a conversation with my grandfather like he was still whole bodyand not spirit. but i think the one that kinda terrified me the most was when i had my 2nd daughter (now 2yrs old). we were home from the hospital and we laid on the couch and out of nowhere this extreme gust of coldness( not the its cold type the someones here type) shot over me and every bit of hair stood up on my neck and arms!! I stared at my daughter and she just started smiling really hard in her sleep. so I asked who's here ? til this day it scares me cause this has been the only spirit that i can't tell who it was, so I believe it has to belong to my husband side.
    gwen jonassaint

  • Monique Dorroh says:

    My aunt once told me that she, my mom, my other aunt and their friends used to play with weegie boards (thank God they stopped). And my grandmother was renting this one house at the time. And, one night they were playing with it and asking about their landlord. And, it told them that he had killed his wife and then buried her in the basement and cemented the basement (and it really was blocked off) so they stopped playing with it o.O And, that night my mom wasn't playing with them and they heard something upstairs. So, they thought it was my mom and yelled her name and told her to stop playing trying to make them afraid. And, they went to check it out but didn't see anything. Then they heard a knock at the door and it was my mom coming in the house because of the thunderstorm. I was soooo creeped out. And, they had more creepy stories from before that had happened. Thank God they never played with it again.

  • efacookie says:

    Btw im nigerian but ive never visited and i have another story having to do with aliens but im a save tht for another random post

  • cassburt88 says:

    I believe in the Holy Ghost!

  • Annabel says:

    Officially creeped out! I am such a coward, I shouldn't even have opened this post!! Had to stop reading this, otherwise I wouldn't be able to fall asleep! Ya'll got me spooked!

  • efacookie says:

    I live in a really old house and my house has seen everything…. Also my family is an …odd family my mother brother and i are all sensitives, we pick up on emotions of others can pick up on thoughts etc…. Ive lived in my house since i was in the third grade and i had no really bad experiences just the usual creek and bump in the night. But one night in the 8th grade it was the dead of night and i woke up and i felt i was being watched… I have to sleep with both my closet and bedroom doors closed cause i dont appreciate the neverending darkness they produce. But i wake up and i feel like im being watched and i look over at my door and its wide open!!! And i always close it then from my bed i can see my staircase and i felt like i was about to explode and my bro happened to be awake and we called out to eachother… Next thing we know we hear a deafening crash and boom from the stairs like someone jumped on them and ran down the stairs… All i know is tht i have never hauled ass faster to my parents room in my life…. Im 17 now and weird shit still happens in my house and in my life but yea… I deff believe in ghosts… Aliens too but im deadly afraid of them

  • Anonymous says:

    Oooh- I have another story related to the occult/spirits etc. So I recently went home to Nigeria to vist my family. I traveled to the capital city, which is Abuja. On our way back to my uncle's house, there was a huge road block on the main airport expressway and I asked my uncle what was going on. There were a lot of big burly men standing around in camouflage and staring intently into cars as they drove by. My uncle informed me that there was heightened security because of Boko Haram- an islamic extremist group that had threatened to derail the Nigerian independence festivities on October 1st. So the road block was to check for bombs, weapons etc coming into the city.

    I was a bit puzzled though, because these men were not carrying machine guns- and if you know Nigerians- you know that we can be a bit on the flashy side- extra with everything, LOL. It's not uncommon for a common traffic guard to pull you out of your car and give you or attempt to give you a sound slap for a moving traffic violation, LOL (this really happened).

    Anyhoo, so I asked him what kind yeye guards these men were since they didn't have any bomb detecting devices; I didn't see any bomb sniffing dogs, no detectors to check under cars, nothing except for an armored vehicle. And the men were big, burly and ashy- I mean it looked as if vaseline, palm oil, shea butter etc hadn't had close encounters with their faces in ages! That's how pale and ashy they were. And their eyes were very pale. My uncle calmly informed me that the guards were specially trained in the occult to detect bombs and that the government was resorting to traditional and non-traditional means to combat terrorism! I kid you not!!! And my uncle is a top ranking official in medicine and public health in Nigeria, so he knows what's going on. Needless to say, I nearly jumped out of that car! Those men were just really, really creepy; it sounds weird but I felt as if they were looking into my soul.

    by Bellanaija aka Naijaprincess

  • Anonymous says:

    It was spring break my junior year of college and I went to Ohio with my best friend to visit her boyfriends family. We were staying in his bed room which at one point was the home's sunporch but had been converted into a spare bedroom. One night we watched the movie The Mothman Prophecies. This movie isn't particularly scary but it frightened the hell out of me because we weren't that far from the town where the story took place (the movie is based on a true story). Anyhoo, the three of us watched the move, then went to bed. My friend and I shared her boyfriends room while he camped out on the couch. The next morning, she woke up early for breakfast but since I'm a late sleeper, I rolled over and went back to bed. A few minutes later I heard this gravelly gurgling voice that sounded like it a coming from the radiator behind the bed, say my name. It sounded like the voice that was in the movie. Now I was sure at this point I was alone in the room, so I poked my head out from under the covers and looked around. No one was there, so I rolled over and closed my eyes again, trying to go back to sleep. Just as I was dozing off, I heard the voice again, this time it was much more clear and urgent. I shot straight up out of the bed and bolted for the door. I ran screaming into the living room saying "the radiator said my name!!" My friend and her boyfriend looked at my like I was nuts, and started laughing. They said I was only dreaming. I definitely wasn't and that friggin' radiator or whatever it was said my name. That night I made everyone check every door and under the bed and behind the radiator for anything that might have made that sound. There was nothing, so we went to bed. The next morning I made sure I was up early and out of that room, it was now officially creeping me out. I was just settling down in the living room with a bowl of cereal when my best friend came flying out of the bedroom damn near in tears. I asked her what the hell happened, and she said the radiator said her name too. I booked myself any early flight home that afternoon.

    Another story that is a bit creepy happens in my parents apartment. They have these bedside lamps that turn on when you touch them. When you touch them once it's a dull light, twice the light gets brighter, and the third time you touch it, the light is full strength. In order to turn the lamps on at full brightness, they have to be touched three times, there's no way around it. On many occasions, they have left the room in total darkness only to come back a few seconds later to find both lamps on at full strength. And once while I was dog sitting for them, I was sitting in their bedroom at their desk using the computer and suddenly both lamps turned on at the same time at full strength. I didn't bother turning them off or investigating how it could have happened. I didn't even turn around to look at the lamps. I stood up, grabbed the dog and my crap and booked it out of there.

  • Tiffany Payne says:

    I was in middle school at the time but my parents briefly split up so my Mom, Brother, and I moved into a apartment complex where my grandparents lived. They were actually on the same floor as us down a different hallway. Anywho my mom worked into the evening and I would watch my brother and do homework until she got home. Well I always felt very uneasy being in that apartment by myself. I always felt someone near me and almost like gusts of wind as if someone ran right in front of you. For some reason in the morning when I would get ready for school near my closet, I felt a presence. It got to a point where I didn't want to stay there alone. I would tell my mom over and over and over something was off. Of course being a adult with sound logic, she never believed me and blamed my wild imagination. Well one morning she came into my room to wake me for school. I tried to get up but I was completely paralyzed. It was if someone was sitting on my chest and I could not move. My mom yelled again. I could not respond. So finally she comes in my room and sees me still in bed. My eyes are WIDE open and she grabs me by the shoulders and lifts me up and instantly I gasped and she is like "What is wrong is with you." Needless to say I was terrified. So one day after that her and I were getting ready in the morning she was doing her makeup and I felt it. So I paused to see if she did. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me. Once again it felt like someone ran right behind us and I felt like a wind. The bathroom door was closed. Fast forward to us finally moving out. My grandmother had a interesting story. She was like remember when TC always complained about the apartment, well a elderly man actually died in the apartment. He was not found til a couple days later apparently till a family member visited. She ran into the neighbor who lived a few doors down in the elevator.

  • Cheekie says:

    Girl, I knew exactly which one to tell as soon as I read the title.

    So, one of my best friends in high school (allegedly) committed suicide when we were 15. It was terribly tragic. Anyway, a couple days afterwards I think she contacted me. See, I collected Barbie dolls and kept them in this large chest. I remember going to sleep and seeing a human-shaped form up under the curtains, lifting. But, I was near dreamland at that point and just went to sleep. I was like, half-aware of everything. Next morning, I went to open my drawers and EACH drawer had a pile of dolls inside. I just KNEW it was a joke… like I thought my Grandma had pranked me. But nope… after a while I thought about the previous night… and it was her. Chills!

    I told the entire story at my eCrib last year if ya'll wanna check it out! –>

  • Unknown says:

    Are we allowed to vote because Maya's (October 30, 2011 8:54 PM) freaked me out the most!!!

    My little encounter was at my ex-boyfriend's house. I was staying with him for a week and he was off at work and I got back to his place to take a nap. My nap extended well into the night and he ended up working late. The only reason I woke up from this nap was because I thought he was home. I felt a heavy pressure on my chest like he was leaning over me but when I opened my eyes, I saw a tall dark figure next to the bed, staring at me. My grandmother always says to "plead the Blood of Jesus" so I said in my head "The Blood of Jesus" and the figure vanished. Needless to say, I called my boyfriend and told him to get home ASAP and turned on all the lights in his place.

  • anayasmom says:

    Wow! well I have many, but here is a couple….my dad has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and to this day he will tell you when he was little,a demon came into this room and poked him.(wonders if that have anything to do with his condition now) why within the same week I took my nephew to childrens church and a mother stood up(as a warning) and said her daughter was screaming, saying and described the same situation as my father…I was told and believe that it's easier for spirits to attach themselves to kids because if you get in body young, then it's much easier to control their thoughts and actions as they mature than adults. That's why many times when you hear a spirit story it's from children(imaginary friend anyone?)PRAY OVER YOUR KIDS EVERYONE

    and recently I was facing my fear about demons by reading this book I found at our garage sale..the character in the book performed exorcisms and mentioned the women who was possed said she feels the evil people trying to rip her apart…when I dosed off that night…NO LIE…I felt something scraching vigorously on my left shoulder! I got up and turned on the light and tossed that book back into the garage and started praying..that ish is real yall!

    SIDE NOTE!10 ten years ago, my dad told me to don't talk about government over the phone because they are listening(crazy is what I thought!)Know, we all know that they do!..keep in mind my dad don't watch tv or use the computer soooo how he knew this 10 years ago?…who he talking to?

  • Anonymous says:

    OK everyone..i have a story not a scary story but a story involving the spirit of my younger sister. When I was nine my five year old sister died in a car accident. Fast forward to when I was fifteen. I was at my cousin's apartment, I was sitting in the bedroom down the hall far in the back of the apartment. I heard a knock on the front door and two little girls came in. I looked out into the hallway saw them at the door, then out of no where a presence came over me and one of the little girls was in the room with me and something turned me towards the little girl and as I turned and looked at her I reached out because it was my sister, every fiber in my body told me it was but before I could touch the little girl I came back to myself. All of this happened within a matter of seconds. I don't care what anyone says I know that was my sister. It was like the child appeared in the room out of no where. I think she was telling me that she was ok. I was in 10th grade when that happened and I couldn't not talk about my sister without crying until the 9th grade.

    Another quick thing…my oldest son has told me that he would see a figure in his mirror when he was 12 and 13 years old and he would the covers over his head everynight to go to sleep (the housing development was build over mines, needless to say he is afraid of the dark..ummm he is almost 19….he also told me that at his brother's house everyone can hear footsteps when they are in bed going to sleep at night. SPOOKY. He still insists on going to spend the night at his brother's house.

    When I watch scary movies…I hear things…one scary movie I hated was the grudge I heard that sound from the movie for a long time when trying to go to bed at night. I believe in spirits.


  • ATribitt says:

    My sis and I used to spend the night over my cousin's RAGGEDY house. When I say raggedy, I mean the house looked abandoned, darn near marked for demolition – like, WHY did my parents let us spend the night over there?!?! Anywho, my Aunt would tell us that there were ghosts in the house and we were too young to care, I guess because i don't remember actually being too scared to spend the night. But seriously, EVERY NIGHT, the dishes would rattle and doors would creak open and a few times the lights would flicker. My cousins would be freaked out, but I guess my sis and I always assumed it was my uncle playing games. But to this day, my cousins and fam do NOT play when it comes to ghosts! So, NO i do not believe in ghosts, but i do believe in raggedy houses!!

  • Sue says:

    Wow! These are some scary stories.

    I have a few but I'll only share one. This happened when I was in college. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in my boyfriend's room. He had to go to the library I stayed behind in his room. I fell asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep, but I heard someone entered the hall; I heard keys and footsteps. I hear the keys turning in door to the room. I felt the presence of someone entered the room. I thought it was my boyfriend as I felt the person approaching the bed. ( I was actually thinking, "how sweet, he's going to come and snuggle with me." Then the nightmare began. This very powerful force was pinning me down on the bed. I couldn't move! Tried to scream but couldn't. I fought this ghost with everything I had. I remember being very angry. I started to pray and It stopped. I jump up and got out of that room so fast. My boyfriend couldn't get me to visit him there again.

    A few days later, we found out that a student who was living in that room had died over the summer when he fell asleep while driving. He was driving to go see his parents. I guess he was mad as hell that I was sleeping in his bed. lol!

  • ArtsyDiva says:

    Hello Curyly Nikki,
    I am from the LowCountry in South Carolina, this area of SC is really historical because of its roots to slavery and the slave trade. Superstitions and Ghost Stories are a way of life for residents there. Well anyhow, older people there always say if you purchase a house in this area that you would always need to renavate because spirits reside in the walls of old houses. Well my mom purchased her home and renavated it all but a few closets. One of those closets happened to be in my room. One night I was sleepin and as I was sleepin I could see this lighted shadowy figure standing over me. It actually was reaching toward my face. Needless to say all kinds of stuff started happening after that. We found out the there had been multiple deaths in the house and that the house was a break house in 1910 for black cotton pickers. I have seen rocking chairs rock without anyone being in them, pots and pans just fall from shelves, and I have heard dragging foot steps. My mom placed a spam key (yes the key that opens a can of spam) over the threshholds of doors in her house. It is said that spirits hate closed doors and the key gives them the ability to move freely.

  • KB says:

    I am super glad that I am reading this as the sun shines over me and I am surrounded by other people. I was tempted to read last night before bed…that would have been a mistake.

    I definitely believe in ghosts. Mostly because I believe that our bodies are temporary, that we are spirits who come here for a purpose, then return to God upon our death. This probably makes me sound kinda kooky, I realize. But I think that sometimes, for whatever reason, people die and feel like they haven't fulfilled their purposes, so they stick around.

    My ghost story? One night during a very sticky, humid NYC summer, I was tossing and turning fitfully. I was about 8 and a half. I finally fell asleep, but woke up an hour later because I heard something in my room moving. There was a woman staring out the window at the foot of my bed. She was very small, olive skinned, with her hair in a long braid down her back. She was surrounded by glowing light and was just staring out the window, shaking her head sadly. It took me a moment to wake up completely, and I gasped when I realized what I was seeing. She then looked at me and smiled. I screamed, and she disappeared. My dad came to my room, and when I told him what I'd seen, he assured me that I was only having a nightmare and I would be okay. I wouldn't sleep in my room that night.

    After that, I saw the lady a few more times, but I never told my parents because I knew they wouldn't believe me. A few years ago, I mentioned it to my mother. She told me that she had come to my room to check on me a few times after that night and had found me staring toward the window where I told them I'd seen the lady. She said that one day while we were at school and my dad was at work, she had our priest come and bless the house. This was a few months after the first time I saw the lady, and I remember that I didn't see her again after that summer. My mother told me she believed the lady was the wife of the man who sold my parents the house– she died in the house and a year later, the man's son moved him into a nursing home.

    Very unsettling stuff.

  • Naijaprincess says:

    Well… not a human being. He was definitely not of this world. But he was the most beautiful being that I had ever seen.

  • Naijaprincess says:

    LOL. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and couldn't go back to sleep- so I stayed awake reading these stories and seriously had a hard time going back to sleep— had my duvet over my head, sweating bullets but too scared to take my blanket off. LOL!!!!

    I've had several encounters with the other side. No ghosts that I know of per se, but I've always felt "energies" around me. I get scared sometimes, so I make myself stop feeling them. I've been visited by deceased relatives and what I'm pretty sure was my guardian angel.

    Regarding my guardian angel, there was a lot of upheaval in my home when I was a teenager and I remember going to sleep one night and just crying my eyes out after a huge family argument. I was very distraught. It took me a while to fall asleep, but I eventually did, only to be awakened by a voice/instinct telling me to wake up and turn to my left. I heard that voice three times and it was insistent that I wake up and turn to my left. I started telling the voice to leave me alone because I was tired and had just fallen asleep, but it was insistent, so I finally woke up….. My jaw dropped. Standing next to my bed was- I can't even describe him, but he had to be the most beautiful human being I had ever seen. He was iridescent- his skin just glowed from within and he had dark features- dark curly brown hair, beautiful kind brown eyes. He was dressed in white. I immediately felt a sense of peace and calm wash over me and knew that everything was going to be okay. He assured me that he would stay with me until I woke up and he kept his promise. I woke up periodically throughout the night to check and he was still there watching over me. I haven't seen him since then- it's been about 15 years, but I still feel him from time to time. I've been told that if I pray; he'll return- I've strayed a bit spiritually, grown distant from God in the past couple of years- disillusioned with the church, lost my way, but I'm finding my way back to Him.

    So that's my story ;o) I have other stories- I'm Nigerian and we definitely believe in spirits and juju etc. My brothers and I have seen people levitating off the ground etc. There are very powerful forces at work in this world. What I like to call, the old world- i.e. societies in Africa, Asia etc- acknowledge these spirits, others- like societies in the modern western world, choose to ignore them or don't believe in them. And I don't just mean ghosts/spirits of the dead, I'm talking about powerful forces, but that's a story for another day.

  • Jeannine says:

    In college, I went home with my friend Mike for Thanksgiving. One night something VERY ODD happened. I'm a city girl, used to nightly noise. Here, night was pitch blackness, NO ambient sounds. It was unnerving the first few nights, Mike had to play soft music just so I could fall asleep.
    Second night, my eyes SNAP open. It took me awhile to figure out what had woken me, then I noticed no music. I thought Mike must have gotten up to turn it off. I turn over and see/feel Mike next to me in bed. He's snoring softly, there’s no way he could have turned it off. Confusion. As I lay there thinking, my eyes adjust to the black. Looking at the ceiling, a shadow catches my attention, but something is off. I freeze. Nothing moves cept my eyes. I look at the foot of the bed and my eyes focus on a shadowy figure. Cold dread spreads through me. My first thought is Rob (Mike's brother) has come into the room. He turned off the music? Was it too loud? Was it disturbing his sleep? I felt bad, and was going to whisper an apology. But as I raised myself onto my elbows to say sorry, the shadow wasn't there. Trick of my eyes in the darkness? I rolled back over and went to sleep, thinking I'd apologize in the morning.
    Next morning at breakfast, whole fam is gathered and I apologize about the music at night. I explain that it's hard for me to sleep in such dark quiet. I turn to Rob and say a personal sorry that he had to come to turn off the stereo. He looks at me funny and says he didn't even know I had music on and that he hadn't come into Mike's room at all last night. Mike says he slept the night through. At this point I'm starting to slowly freak out. Rhonda (Mike's mother) notices my distress says, "You say you saw someone in Mike's room last night?" I say, "Yes, I did. A man. I thought it was Rob." Mike's mom says a lil cryptically, "What did he look like?" I explain I didn't get a good look at him and it was so dark and so quick I couldn't be sure. She asks, "Did he have a hat on?" I think back, and realize it did look like he was wearing a wide brimmed hat. Now I'm really puzzled. Rhonda looks around and then at me. Mike is looking worried. Now I’m scared. After a TOO long silence, Mike's mom says, "I think you saw Paw-paw last night!"! Without being rude (when I wanna say, Who the F@#$ is Paw-paw, and WTH is he doing in my BEDROOM??) I ask, "Who's Paw-Paw?" Rhonda says, "He's my granddad. He built this house. He passed away when I was 11, but keeps watch over the family."
    Later, Mike tells me he thought I was going to pass out. He said I paled and my eyes bugged outta my head. I asked, "He's dead?" Mike's mom answers, "Yes, he died over 50 years ago. But he's been here all this time. He was probably checking on you." So now, I giggle. I don't know if I giggled from nerves, disbelief, or both. Then I say, "I'm sorry, but are you telling me I saw a ghost last night? And that he turned off the stereo??" Rhonda’s answer, "Yes. He must like you, cuz if he didn't he would have told you. He probably turned off the stereo so you could sleep better. He's done stuff like that before. He'll turn off lights we’ve accidentally left on, or close doors to rooms we’re not in." She says this as if it were normal, I had to believe her. Then after the news was broken to me, the whole family starts to recant accounts of Paw-Paw's visits.
    Later that night, as Mike and I are in bed, I say to Mike, "Can Paw Paw hear us?" Mike answers, "Yes. He can. Why?" I say, aloud, "Paw Paw, it was nice to 'meet' you, but you freaked me out! If you don't mind, I'd prefer not to 'see' you again while I'm here! Thank you for welcoming me into your home!" I was completely serious, but Mike FELL OUT LAUGHING.

    I did not see Paw Paw again for the remainder of my week! =)

  • Erin says:

    Ever since I can remember I have been affected by the supernatural/paranormal. I currently attend a college with a haunted campus, too!
    When I was younger, I would always see my great grandfather (who died in our house) and another man who I didn't know. His name was Paul, or so he said anyway. Paranormal things have always happened to me, especially these past few years. I've seen my grandmother around. But I think the creepiest thing that happened was that I had a dream one night and in the middle of a dead sleep, I woke up, not being able to breathe or move. It lasted for about 20 minutes. Then every night after that for 2 weeks, weird things started happening around my dorm room: my lights would turn on and off, my locked door would fly open suddenly, my TV would turn on and off. I finally moved to a different location on campus but it started to get worse. One night, my roommate and I were playing wii and we heard some knocking and we thought someone was at the door but no one was there. It went away for a few minutes then came back and we followed the noise to the kitchen. We figured maybe it was just pipes or something until our cabinets opened quickly and plates. bowls, and cups flew onto the floor. So we closed her door and started freaking out but then all the sudden her shoes flew out of her closet, he bed began to shake and it lifted up off the ground. I wish I was kidding. I'm getting chills just typing this. After that, we left the house and came back the following morning to find our house destroyed. We cleaned up but that night as I was sleeping, I woke up again unable to move or talk. Everything on my desk, including my computer flew onto the floor like someone had just pushed everything off of it. I immediately cleansed the house and moved. As soon as I moved into the place I'm in now, I cleansed the house and nothing has happened since.

  • MartiniqueBrice says:

    Yes indeed i believe in ghosts aliens and bigfoot!!! Well not bigfoot but here is my story….not as spooky as the other ones ive read (which im kinda glad…sorry yall but whoo i dont know if i could take it) but about 7-8 years ago i was going to go pick my sister up from the Y….i was driving and into some Nsync or something…singing bye bye but i felt a tap on my shoulder and i turned around and said huh…..(u know when someone taps you u automatically turn around and say that) of course no one was there as i was in the car by myself!!!!! I was totally scared for a second because the tap wasnt some air tap what you would think a ghost would have)but a nice firm one…someone was trying to get my attention….so i just turned down the radio and made sure that I drove safely there and back home…I think whoever it was, was being my guardian angel telling me to pay attention…..

  • Skyye says:

    Yes I believe in spirits-both good and evil…angels and demons. I have have had the opportunity to first hand witness encounters with both but in keeping with the "scary" them I'll share this: I have seen someone levitate. Yup levitate. Entire body floating off the floor-no strings attached. It didn't scare me-I was more like WTH?! I was on a spiritual retreat and a weird chain of events took place and that one took the place. She was completely possessed and had no control of her body-she was on the floor and lo-and-behold her legs and upper body went up, and then I looked to see if her middle section was off the floor- and yes it was. She was maybe 5 inches off the ground. Then she dropped down and started rolling around frantically. Fast forward to end of story, the spirit was cast out of her and she is fine today.

  • Skyye says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    so after reading all these creepy stories, I go to the kitchen to heat up some food. I open a cabinet to reach for a plate, shut it and then the light, over the sink, which has NEVER worked before comes on. I'm done with y'all tonight. DONE!

  • femmedoll says:

    why the heck did I sit and read all of these stories?? LAWD!! All of the lights will be on and I will be watching some old Barney DVDs….dang it, y'all!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe in ghosts and spirits. My family built a house about 12 years ago in the country. A nice size two story house. Well upstairs is a ghost that likes to walk around and stand over you while you sleep. (I kid you not) I know this because I was sleep in my room one night and felt someone standing over me. So I woke up and saw a figure but it was no one I knew. I rubbed my eyes and the figure was gone. So from then one anytime I was sleep and someone would stand over me I would literally jump up in a frantic state. My father began to get offended and didn't understand why when he bent over me to kiss me while sleeping I wouls jump awake in a fright. So I shared my story and my brothers and mother have also seen the ghost/spirit. They all felt it stand over them in the middle of the night.
    My brother saw it enter my parent's room. He thought it was me and went in after the spirit calling my name but saw no one. He found me in my room and said he saw someone enter our parents room but no one was to be found. Me and my oldest brother saw it walk past my bedroom door and enter our middle brothers bedroom. We thinking it was our brother went in behind it but again saw no one.
    Now that my parents have an empty nest it goes downstairs and my mother speaks to it. She heard it walking in the kitchen and thought it was my father. When she saw no one she told the ghost go ahead and do what you need and don't bother me because I'm tired. We assume it is a spirit that watches over us! Because we remain healthy and together!



  • Terra D says:

    BTW, I have many more hospital ghost stories where that came from, LOL. But I've scared myself enough already!

  • Terra D says:

    I am a huge baby, but love watching scary movies. BTW, I definitely believe in spirits and/or ghosts. Ok I have two quick ones!

    When I was 7 my grandma died. She was a very prissy lady and every night she'd bathe, put on scented body powder and put on her long satin night gowns. About a month after she died, I was in bed, half asleep, staring down the hallway toward her room and I saw the very bottom of her nightgown flicker around the corner. In my sleepy stupor I jumped up and ran down the hall yelling "Grandma!". My mom grabbed me by the shoulders before I could make it around the corner. I tried to explain what I saw, but my mom was so upset at me. After she rushed, crying into her room, I realized that I could smell my grandmother's body powder in the hall.

    One more…
    My hospital just moved into a new facility next door to our old one. One of the equipment personnel members showed us a picture that him and a few other employees took. As a parting to the old hospital they assembled into a group to take a pic in the basement of the old building. Down the hall and to the left behind them was an empty crib (all extra's are kept down there). When they snapped the pic, they looked at it and noticed the figure of a little girl standing at the front of the crib looking at the camera, as if she were taking a picture too!! OMG, I nearly fainted when I saw the pic!

  • Vonnababy2 (Javonna) says:

    I have 2.

    1)When my now 12 year-old son was younger than Boogie, I lived on a military base in Hawaii. My husband had an overnight duty detail, so me and my son were home alone. He got up for a night time feeding, so I was rocking him on the couch. All of a sudden, his head snapped up and towards the corner of the room. Then I heard a popping sound near the ceiling as he turned his head again, still looking at the corners of the ceiling. Finally, my son stared intently at the wall above the tv. I heard a louder crackle and I followed his gaze and saw a milky, translucent form floating there. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It was there a few seconds, then vanished. Creeps me out to type that…
    2)My son was a toddler when he suddenly called my name from another part of the house. I ran at top speed, thinking he was hurt. He was fine, but he said he saw a "lady run into the wall". He described her as being "brown with clothes like Pocahontas". We were living in Texas at the time. I always wondered, did my child see a Native American ghost??

  • Fatou J. says:

    I don't believe in ghosts, but I'm Muslim so I believe in these other beings called jinn. In Islam, it is said that God made them from fire and humans can see them sometimes, but they can see us all the time and most of them are malicious towards humans. My mother grew up in rural West Africa, and she claims that they had this jinn that shape shifted that lurked near their house. One day my grandfather had to go out of town early in the morning and only my grandmother and their neighbors knew about it, none of his kids did. Later on that day, my uncle who was just a kid ran into my grandfather IN THEIR HOUSE, and my grandfather told him to come with him into the forest to get some firewood. While they were in the woods, they saw some people coming towards them, but before they got too close, my grandfather told my uncle to wait on the path because he had to go use the bathroom among the trees. As the people got closer my uncle realized they were his neighbors and they asked him what he was doing there by himself. He told them he was with his dad, but they told him his dad wasn't back home yet. Needless to say, they took him back home, just to confirm that my grandfather had in fact not come home yet. My grandmother realized it was the jinn that took the form of my grandfather and in true African form, beat my uncle because she was scared lol.

    Just a fun fact for Michelle: my mom always tell me to never answer if I hear my name being called unless I can see the person calling me because there are some jinn that steal people's soul by people answering their calls.

    And to lighten the mood a little, I have an African friend who once said, "I wonder why we only hear these insane stories about ghosts and jinn in Africa, but not in America. I guess these juju creatures can't get visas. I guess it's hard out there for everyone."

  • R.D says:

    Ghosts as well as a million other scary things I wish didn't exist, do in fact, EXIST. There is this creepy woman staying with my family for awhile. She claims that she is possessed by two friendly spirits, and that they enlighten her. Her and I don't really get along and it makes me scared of what she might do to me. My mother knew her since they were children, but they haven't spoken in years. It was just that she needed a place to stay… May father told me to be careful of her because he told me when he knew her, she was evil and practiced black magic. All that aside, I decided to give the woman a fair start. I would constantly hear whispers and laughter and hissing(you know when you place your teeth together on 's' sounds?) and when I would go to look..It was her. She would always stand infront of the mirror and smile at herself and laugh. I would just pretend that this wasn't happening, and that this creepy woman WASN'T in my home,but there's only so much pretending one can do. Then one day, I confronted my mother about all of this, to let her know that I wanted this woman GONE! My mother said that so realized this too, but did not feel comfortable saying anything given her situation(don't want to say too much..jus tin case). She also said she said something horrible about me,but refused to say what because "that shouldn't be repeated or released into the universe again".. I let that go,but could not let the other thing go.. So I confronted her myself, and asked why she laughs to herself in front of the mirror.. "Ohh.*hehe* that's because the mother spirit tells me funny things, and I cannot help but to laugh. She enlightens me about all the world's problems, but puts it in a funny way to ease the pain" I just walked away. Then I told my sister all about it during our sleepover. She told me that her friend was over, and said,"What is wrong with that woman? When I look at her. I see nothing.Like she has no soul.When I look at you, and every other person on the street..I see people..But HER.. I see like nothing. Is she ok?" That came from my sister's friend within MINUTES of meeting this chick. Then I began to get soo scared, and thought about how easy it would be for her to get personal items of mine and do obeia on me! I began to cry a little. Then recently, while I was colouring with my younger sister, so came into the kitchen and said,"I am drawing you. There's this Oriental spirit that told me I should draw you and the things I think will come from your personality and actions. She really likes you a lot." NIKKI! This is all true! I swear. And my sister told me what it is she said that my mother would not repeat..She said that I was possessed, and that my sister was almost god-like and on a higher earthly plane. This chick is INSANE! And my mother is such a marshmallow! The scariest part? That woman is still living in my home! Is it a coincidence that her birthday is strangely close to Halloween. It was either today or yesterday. She's too scary for me to care which. My mum has THE BEST true paranormal stories. I just might make a yt video of it. Tell me if you'd like the link.

  • sweetheart6 says:

    In 1996 my 3 college roommates and I moved into our 1st house. The house was supposed to be condemned. It was a one hundred year old house made of double ply wood. We decided to take it anyway because it had four separate bedrooms. The summer before we moved in, it was my job since I was in town to take things from our old apartment and put them into the new house. On my first trip I noticed something eerie a strange feeling came over me instantly. I came in through the back door to the kitchen dropped the boxes off and ran out. The next time I bribed the neighborhood kids to come with me for candy. The last time a friend of mine filled up her car w/boxes before we went out one night. We hurried literally threw everything in front room except for my perfume box that i ran up the stairs to my room. We ran out, got back in the car out of breath and looked at each other I said to my friend Carrie did you feel that ? she said uhhuh what? I said you tell me first and she said on the stairs and i started to scream yes!!! As I went up the stairs I felt like I was walking through a spiderweb. But it turned out it was some kind of energy that brushed across my face. When I filled my roommates in on what was happening they were scared too. We talked about knocking the walls down in the bedrooms because we didn't want to sleep by ourselves. We said we could make one the bedroom and one a room for our vanities and dressers. The first night I slept on Jen's floor. That night my body changed forever. My legs and arms went completely numb as if someone or something was sitting on them. Janet said that she's heard us and saw us at her door telling her telling her to come to our room but that never happened. It wasn't us. One night we were all sitting in the living room and there was a shadow outside of our house and it was going round and round the house really fast. When we Looked out there, there was nobody there and we are going to call the police because we were so scared but there was no one there we packed up everything and went to our friend Courtney's house for the night. Over the next couple of months strange things begin to happen. The radio would turn on by itself. I went to turn the television from one channel to another. This is when there was no remote control and the channels turned itself back to the original channel. Jen, my roommate's huge heavy metal teddybear windchimes that hang in her room in the corner by her bed, began to ring, sway, and clash by themselves. But there was nowhere for the wind to come from. The windows were covered in plastic and stapled and they were no air vents in any of the rooms. There was only one in the hall and these were some heavy chimes. We decided to bring this to our landlords attention. SHE SAID SHE ALREADY KNEW!! She came over with the priest. He prayed and blessed each room with holy water. Then she came back alone with a bundle of sage that she burned and walked through the house with. I had never seen anybody do that I was not was just scared of my house now I was scared of my landlord as well. After living in the house I got sick with debilitating arthritis The numbness I experienced on the first day that I slept in Jens room is still with me til this very day!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki your randomness is refreshing!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @Jeannette WOW.

  • Taneica says:

    OMG! EMILY COTTON TOP! Good ole duppy stories!!! Love it! I was hoping someone would bust out a Jamaican tale…..

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG Jeanette, you just spooked the sh*t outta me! I'm officially done, signing off! **sleeping with the bible and some holy water next to me tonite**

  • Neesh says:

    I def believe in spirits. When I was 16, a close friend of mine was killed. The summer following, I was walking to McDonald's and passed the corner he used to be on. I looked up and swore I saw him. I was sooooo sure it was him, I called out "Hey Duke" before I realized he was dead. Also, no lie, every person I lose that I am close to returns to me in a dream to put me at ease about their deaths. My grandfather passed away in June and he came to me in a dream shortly after he passed because of how his death affected me.

    I also believe that people who are close to dying do talk to their dead loved ones. My mom was with my grandfather every day for a month before he passed, including when he actually took his last breath. She told me that throughout the course of his final week, he began to call out and talk to random people in his family. First it was his sister, who passed away in April, 2008. Then he began talking to his dad. Right before he passed away, he called out to my aunt and great-grandfather again but included his mom. Shortly thereafter, he took his last breath. My mom was a bit at ease after he called out to everyone because she believes they saw that she was there with him and were pleased with her.

    I ALSO (i know, long…sorry), had a similar experience that Carr had. I, too, am a Christian and during a backsliding period, I had a full out encounter with God telling me I needed to get it together. It wasn't a still, quiet voice but I full out God woke me up outta my sleep YELLING at me and showing me my future if I didn't get it together. I wasn't able to speak until HE was finished. By that time, all i could do was cry.

    There's my input. :-)

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you believe in ghosts? Why?

    -I believe that there are spirits out there that I can not explain. I say "spirits" instead of "ghosts" because a ghost is usually termed when speaking of scarier things whereas a spirit is more versatile and includes the bad ones, angels, and demons alike. If one believes in a realm beyond our own, guardian angels or even just the belief in the existence of Jesus and Satan, then one also believes in spirits.

    Ghost Story:

    I heard about this woman from Savannah, Ga (the most haunted city in the US and my home) who died a very mysterious death while visiting the Bonaventure Cemetery. She was found lying on top of the plot of an infamous serial killer with a butcher knife. Her name was Jenny Fulcher. Earlier that night, she was riding with a group of friends on Halloween night heading toward the cemetery and was told about one particular grave site that's known to still strike terror to unsuspecting female visitors from beyond the grave. Eric Lane was a notorious serial killer with a butcher knife as his weapon of choice; would be summoned from his grave if a female was to stab his grave with a butcher knife. When they arrived at the cemetery at 2:00am the females drew straws to see who would stab Eric Lane's grave. Jenny drew the shortest straw. She was handed a butcher knife and was guided to Eric Lane's grave by the others and was told to stab the grave as hard as she could and wait to see if he appears. With the full moon lighting her path, Jenny slowly approached the grave. When she looked down to find a place to stab she had noticed the many stab marks from those who went before her to commit the same dare. This only added more fear to her as she wondered what became of all of those women? Were they successful, or did they meet the same fate as his many victims before? Jenny paused, took a deep breath and found a spot that hadn't been marked. She got down on her knees and grabbed the butcher knife with both hands and slowing raised the knife in the air. As she got ready to stab the plot, she saw the large lettering of ERIC LANE staring her dead in the face and the wind started to pick up. Jenny hesitated. She could hear her friends yelling "Hurry up and do it, or we'll leave you here!" coming from the gloomy darkness behind her. With her heart racing and not wanting to be left behind, she plunged the blade into the ground and jumped up to her feet. Nothing happened. She looked around, but could only see the headlights from the car and the shadows of her friends from the distance telling her to come on. With a huge sigh of relief, Jenny turned around and started off quickly towards her friends until suddenly she realized that she was stuck. She tried harder to move but stayed in place. "Help, help I can't move!", cried Jenny to her friends as she tried frantically to get away to no avail. She could feel her heart beating feverishly against her chest as she could hear her friends coming for her. She tried to run, but felt something pull her dress. She fell down. "Help me, for God's sake help me, he's got me and he won't let go!", scream Jenny as struggles on the ground, dragging against the grass and soil to escape Eric's grasp. By the time her friends got to her they arrived at a grisly site. There lies Jenny, dirty and frozen in a state of fear with her hands stretched forward, clawing at the ground seeped in death. When the police arrived later that day they found a poor, cold dead Jenny, still reaching out for her final plea for help before her end; with the claws marks from her fingers were still visible on the ground. They found nothing but a butcher knife that had pierced through her garment and remained solid in the ground, where she laid her fatal mark. It turned out the Jenny had stabbed the bottom of her dress into the ground, pinning her there and that she had died of cardiac arrest. Jenny had scared herself to death.

    Xavia Taylor

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    LOL @ Monique and her momma!!!!! my fave Are You Afraid of the Dark episode was the one with the little girl that was stuck in the closet… writing (backwards) on the walls of that abandoned house. I could watch that right now!! OR the very first episode… the one with the haunted cab!

    @Michelle, if I heard some ghostly voice call my name… Lord. I can't…

    @KinkyKK, right! If you come in peace, make that ish known!

    @Wendy, your mom sounds like a lot of the folks in my family on my mom's side. Your story makes me wanna check out for the night, lol.

    @marinusc8, I would've packed my baby up and went to the Holiday Inn. I feel you though. Boogie used to stare off and coo and babble at things that weren't there… my mom and grandma would say, 'she's talking to the angels'

    @Kesha, shut yo mouf. Y'all both saw him?!

    @anon 8:56- I just… I can't.

    @Maya THIS! I'm reading these backwards if y'all can't tell. I should've stopped before yours.

    @Emily, that must have been terrifying for your fam with your grandpa. Crazy that he doesn't remember a thing. Sorry about your uncle.

    @carr, we must be twins because I used to have those half awake, half asleep… can't move a limb but my mind is functional episodes. I didn't hear storms, but I always felt like something was in the room with me. I saw an episode on Discovery Channel about them. Some jacked up sleep stage that you can fall into if you're prone to it.

    @garnett, girl. your boys have officially creeped me out. How long has your boyfriend dealt with that??

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure how I feel about ghosts; I watch 'Ghost Adventures' all the time but have no desire to go ghost hunting and get any personal confirmation that they exist. The only questionable personal experiences I've had would be in my college dorm. It was an old pre-WWI building that had been previously used to house women and children. I had a roommate and every night we would close the door to our closet only to find it open the next morning. We would test it, pulling and tugging to make sure it was closed all the way and it would never open unless you turned the handle. However, without fail, everyday it would be completely open. Eventually we prayed over the room and it stopped, but to this day I can't sleep with open doors around me without getting paranoid.

  • Jeannette says:

    I have two personal stories…#1 When I was a child, my family tells me that I came running to my Aunt telling her that Uncle Jonny is calling her, Uncle Johnny is calling her. Apparently, Uncle Johnny died years before I was born and I've never met or seen him before. I described him to my Mother and Aunt and told her that he was calling for her. From what I'm told I scared the crap out of my Mother and Aunt.

    #2 When I was about 10 years old this particular day it was a very dark and gloomy. My Grandmother was in a cheery mood and as she opened the side door she looked up in the sky and said, "Jeanette (her sister) I'm coming, Jeanette I'm coming." I kid you not, out of nowhere, the clouds parted and a beam of light shined ONLY ON MY GRANDMOTHER, while the rest of the sky remained cloudy. My Grandmother started going around hugging and kissing everyone. Told my Uncle and Father it was nice meeting them and to take care of my Mother and Aunt Ronnie. She packed her bags (and by this time my Family thought my grandmother lost her mind). The following day, my Grandmother passed in her sleep.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have given my story, in here watching Halloween, and now reading everyone's stories during the commercial break. My scary behind is about to be up all night!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    *singing* 'I always feel like, somebody's watching me!'

    I used to play the piano (from like age 4 through highschool) and occasionally, during my many practice sessions, I'd get that super creepy feeling like someone was standing directly behind me. WTH?! I hate that! I'd always call it quits shortly thereafter.


  • Michelle Lawson says:

    I have seen ghosts. Mostly heard them, but felt their presence nonetheless. When I was younger, about 8 or 9, was the time I began hearing them say my name. "Michelle!" said with such an authority and so certainly, it sent chills down my spine. Why were they calling me? Were they warning me…?

    Fastforward three years. I'm sitting in the living room with my grandmother and mother, reading a book and relaxing, when I heard my grandfather, who has sick at the time, shout my name. "Michelle!" I got up from my chair promptly, and asked him if I can help him with anything. Puzzled, he looked up t me from his bed and told me, no, he didn't call me. I went back to the living room and started to read my book when I heard him call my name again. I went back to him and insisted he called my name, but he told me he didn't. It happened a third time. My mother became very upset with me at this point and told me to stop bothering him and I didn't hear anything.

    A week later, we were all in the family room in the basement, playing the pinball machine and entertaining our grandfather. Things were going about normally when suddenly we heard footsteps in the house, in the room above us. Slow, deliberate footsteps that stopped above my grandfather's area. My mother became hysterical by this time, not being able to deny what she heard. My grandmother went up there to confirm there was no one else in the house and she came back downstairs with us. Footsteps again…

    The next day, my grandfather died. I haven't heard voices call for me or anyone else in my house since.

  • Emily CottonTop says:

    aight I cant take it.. I cant read no more.. (peaking over the blanket)

  • KinkyKK says:

    Oh jeez, it was a BIG mistake for my fraidy-cat arse to read these comments! Enjoy these, Nikki, cuz I sure won't! LOL!!! Now I gotta figure out how I'm gonna go to sleep tonight…

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @ PerKi$$ what do you think the difference is?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Okay, I have one.

    My grandmother was visiting her mother (my great grandma Irma) in the nursing home. Great Gma Irma was suffering from a brain aneurysm and dementia pretty bad so whenever she claimed to see her deceased husband 'papa' or whoever else, we took it with a grain of salt.

    One day, my grandma went for a visit, was buzzed into the front door of the facility as usual, and as she rounded the first corner to make her way to Irma's room, she noticed an older man walking toward her. He was moving effortlessly, and as he got closer, made eye contact. She said her heart skipped a beat. She knew it was her father… the 'papa' Irma was always referring to, claiming that he had come to take her home. He moved past my grandmother and when she finally got up the nerve to look over her shoulder, he was gone. She never heard the buzzer that was necessary to enter or exit the facility… he had just vanished. She took it as his way of saying 'it's time. I'm taking momma and she'll be fine'.

    Later that day, Great Grandma Irma was gone.

    As an aside, I'd like to add that for 3 summers in highschool I volunteered at that nursing home. My great grandma had long since passed away, but I worked in the ward that was locked up… the one where everyone had some form of dementia or Alzheimer and were considered a danger to themselves or others. I swear, they were always talking to people that weren't there… got me to thinking…

  • Anonymous says:

    Like you I love watching scary/horror flicks and I too get scared of the ghost ones rather then the one's with people actually killing people. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in spirits. I don't think they are the same. But anyways, I recall a time when I was younger and my older sister (who can vouch for this) were sitting in the kitchen eating and my parents were in the living room. The back door was completely locked, I mean padlock,chain on and all! flew open! yes it flew open. To this day we don't know how or why but it was said that the neighbors was doing voodoo*shrug*

  • KinkyKK says:

    I might not necessarily believe in ghosts in the traditional horror/spooky story sense, but I DO believe in spirits. My brother is a bishop in a very non-traditional church. It's hard to describe, but they believe in Jesus, but they also blend other religions and focus on tapping the Holy Ghost. His congregation meets in his converted garage – so the house is filled with this spirtual energy. Anyhow, my mother and I decided to spend a few days with him, and I've fallen asleep in one of the guest rooms. I wake up in the middle of the night (or, at least, it FEELS as though I'm awake) and there's a man in the door frame of the closet. He has an extremely dark skin tone and he's wearing a large oblong mask with straw coming out of it. He's muscular as hell, and he's just staring at me. I'm sitting up in my bed and I see the room exactly the way it looked when I fell asleep. I'm looking at this guy like what the heck?! In my mind I tell him he needs to leave. Somehow I knew he would understand. He continues to stand there stoically. Again, I say with respect that I need him to leave. After awhile, I come to my body again, I sit up and look around, and the closet is empty.

    I immediately ran into my brother's room and said, "There's a jumbee in my room!" ("Jumbee" is Guyanese patois for ghost.) I told him what happened and what I saw. After hearing me describe the spirit, he escorted me into his prayer room/garage. He knelt by a bowl of candy he kept by the door and reached into it. He fished out a rock that had a carving of a face on it. "Is this who you saw?" Well I'll be damned, it was shaped and carved EXACTLY like the jumbee's mask! I said yes, that was the mask of the man in my room, and he told me I shouldn't fear because he was there to protect me. He could have said that instead of scaring the crap out of me!

  • Monique says:

    I used to love watching 'Are You Afraid of the Dark'!!! When it's chilly out I always say "I'm cold" like the ghost from The Tale of the Frozen Ghost. And another one that had an old school swimming pool and some monster used to come up out of the drain at the bottom… I used to avoid things at the bottom of the pool like the plague, and to this day I still get nervous if I'm swimming somewhere at night, haha!

    I think I believe in ghosts… and I think a lot of it has to do with my mom… she believes in them and says she senses presences sometimes and such… (She creeps me out a little).

    This isn't a really scary story, it's just kind of funny. My mom always says that spirits congregate at the playground down the road at night (starting from just as the sun is going down) and because of this she refuses to walk through there at those times. She has said that in the past she has felt a few of them following her out of the park. Tonight while she was walking the dog it was getting dark, and she decided that she was just going to go for it, she was going to walk through. As she was making her way through she was telling the spirits that she's not afraid of them, and to leave her alone. Well, while she was doing this, I called her phone because she had called me a few minutes before, but I missed it. Her ringtone is Thriller (and it is very loud), and when she answered I was greeted with a panicked mother telling me that I had scared the crap out of her, lol! She said she full out screamed, and it sounded like she had started to run =P. Gave me a good chuckle.

  • Wendy says:

    Ok, me me me……I am orignally from the Caribbean. That's where this event took place. When I was about 6 years old we lived in a house that was on top of a hill. There were glass doors with wood trim in the living room entrance. You could see through the glass. My mom placed shear curtains in front of the inside part of the doors. One night I heard the doors shaking. Everything scared the crap out of me, but I wanted to know why the doors were shaking. I left my bedroom and walked out to the living room, the doors stopped. I could see through the shear curtains, but there was no one there. Then the doors started shaking while I stood right in front of them. NO ONE WAS THERE!!! Needless to say I ran right back to my room and hid under my covers. The next morning I told my mom the story. She rubbed my head and told me not to worry, it was nothing. As I prepared to walk to school with my older sister I noticed a white substance spilled across the threshold of the stairs as we headed out. When I got older I realized what my mom did. There's an old wives tale that if you suspected spirits around you took salt and spilled it across the threshold of the doorway you think they might enter. Before they could enter a location where salt was spilled they would need to count every single grain of salt. This would take them forever so this discouraged them from entering a place where salt was placed. This event has been with me my whole life….pretty scary stuff….

  • zarwaylay says:

    Yikes!!!! Well I know I won't be reading these posts! Ghost stories still scare the hell outta me at 26 years old :-/ Good luck everyone!

  • Marinusc8 says:

    When I lived down south in South Carolina with my husband whom is a marine. Well lived on the military base which is one of the oldest bases in the US. Also where we lived that part of the south where the Civil War happened. They have graves there That are so old they dated back to the 1700's. And alot of unmarked graves as well. Well, when we moved into the house I didnt like it. There was something about it.. also it smelled moldy. I am a Los Angeles girl so the house was horrid to me. I was very much pregnant at the time. With my first child. I was left alone often due to his work schedule. And I started to notice weird things. The dog and cat would bark and hiss at random corners of the house… with nothing being there. I would but things and place and it wouldnt be there the next time I looked. And I always heard like some one was walking in our hall on the wooden floor. I met a couple of people made some friends and start to babysit a little girl. She would stay very late sometimes cause of her parents work. So one day my friend asked me a question about the house.. hearing weird things and such.. I said yeah but I just blamed it on the house being old. So she told her daughter to come to tell me what she told her mother… That there was a shadow man in the house and a little girl. I told my husband what she had told me. And he said well if it isnt doing anything bad dont worry about it. so months past my daughter was born. and well it got a more active.( sorry this is running long) I heard some little shoes running up the halls and giggles.. I woke up my husband and he said let it be.. he got up to check the house for me… Then I heard a loud slam….he came into the room with a bottle of water. And he said that all the cabinets were open the slammed all at the same time by themselves. I told him "I Told You!" he said ok…. well we told the base housing and the told us all they could do is move us… Bu they just shook it off. My daughter started to stand and become a little verbal. Not quite verbal but baby talk. We would hear her laughing and giggling in the room like she was talking to someone. My mom came to stay with us.. and she slept in the room with daughter. And in the middle of night my mom said that she was standing in bed talking to something that wasnt there. It freaked my mom totally out. I told to a couple of people that new stuff about this… and said as long as it doesnt seem evil or trying to hurt you baby its fine. Well needless to say we moved out of the south and are located back in California. But those 2 years I lived in that house was something else. We were worried that something may have gotten attached to my kid but it didnt. But come to find out. We werent the first nor the last that complained about that housing at that base. And there were graves all over that place…

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Damn y'all. Officially spooked.

    I got one too but Boog needs tending too. I'll BRB!

  • KeshaSharee says:

    Here's mine: My dad had the tendency to walk through the front door and either turn the thermostat up or down or head to the thinking can (bathroom) which are both straight shots. On the day of his funeral, my brother left the camera at home and my mom wanted to take pics of the relatives that traveled from across the country. I drove him home and proceeded to the kitchen and my brother to the bedroom. As I stood in the kitchen I saw my dad, a pillowy ghostlike image, walk past the doorway to the all familiar thermostat. Not even a second later my brother runs around the corner and bolts out the door. Well, he had to since I beat him to the punch. When we both got outside I asked him what his problem was. "I just saw dad." "Good", I said "cause I did to". Luckily I had my keys in my hands and had enough money for a disposable because we refused to go back in the house.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've got one for you…didn't happen directly to me but occurs often where I live. My name is Melanie T. and I live at a military base here in Montana. Legend has it that most or all of the base was built on Indian burial ground. For some reason, everyone I've talked to who lives on a particular street of the base reports hearing footsteps in their houses, even though they come from parts of the house where there are no stairs. One neighbor recently reported not only footsteps but being visited by a little girl who at one point tried to climb into bed with him and his wife; he mistakenly invited her to sleep with them thinking it was one of their children and both husband and wife reported feeling the pressure of someone climbing on the bed yet when they looked up to see there was no one there. Things got bad enough with the 'visits' that they hired a psychic who informed them not only is the little girl there, but her father and mother as well, all 3 who died at a former hospital on the base about 300 ft from their street after being in a car accident. They eventually had the house blessed by a priest but many people on the street still report hearing the footsteps when they are the only ones in their houses…

  • Anonymous says:

    Before moving up to Louisville, KY I moved in with my parents because my lease was up on my apartment. It wasn't my childhood home so I just crashed on the futon in my brother's old room. Every night I was afraid to cut off the TV, why I wasn't sure. I just had this VERY uneasy feeling about that room. Well one night I fell asleep early and my mom apparently cut the TV off. About 3am I was awakened by a bright glow and weight on the futon. In my sleepy haze I told what I thought was my mom to leave me alone. I then felt something playing in my hair and that's when my eyes popped open. It was an apparition of a lady sitting on the bed staring at me. Before I could even scream out, she got right in my face and smiled this evil smile and vanished. Needless to say I woke up the ENTIRE house and then put my daddy on night watch. The next day I decided to do some research on the house. My research revealed that a woman was killed in the very room I was sleeping in by her boyfriend. As I looked at the picture of the now deceased woman, it was the woman sitting on the edge of the futon. My mom has since had the home prayed over, but when I go home for Christmas I will be at my sister's!!!!

  • Emily CottonTop says:

    I kind of beleive in ghosts,the most recent story I have took place in Jamaica where my parents and grandparents still live. My Grandfather had a stroke a few months ago which kind of left him bedridden and he has a brother who also had a stroke about a year ago(they are about 2 years apart and super close). Well a couple days ago my grandfathers brother, my granduncle… died. He died at his home at around 8.30PM. My family did not know about the death at the time because that night around 8:30pm my grandmother noticed that my Grandpa was not moving. He was so still it was like he.. died :(, he like zoned out, he wouldnt wake up, but his eyes were open. My grandmother was frantic and called my mom who lives like 10 minutes away and she rushed over there to see her dad. They tried everything, nudged him … shook him.. nothing. But he was breathing. My uncle (moms brother) did some compression things on my grandpa's chest and after awhile he just.. started moving. My mom asked him, what happened, and he told her .. nothing ..he just felt tired. And through her tears she said.. 'but papa we couldnt wake you up.. you werent moving..' He had no clue what she was talking about. Anyway .. about 5 minutes after that… my Grandmother got the call that my grandpa's brother died at precisly 8:30pm the very same time my grandpa was out. My family thinks his brother visited him… we will never truly know..

  • CURLYNIKKI says:


  • Carr says:

    Ok Nikki, you must be my "twin" when it comes to this stuff! I LOVE Scary movies, haunted houses fav tv show right now is Ghost Hunters on A&E. Anywho….my story is not so much a GHOST story as it is eerie. I'm a Christian so I totally believe in ghosts, spirits and manifestations.
    When I was around 11 till bout 13 or 14 I'd have a recurring dream (or was it? bomp, bomp, booommp, lol) around Easter. I'd wake up in the middle of the night, unable to move arms, legs, hands or head. I'd hear it storming something awful outside..lightning, thundering, the works! Something heavy was on my chest, hard to breathe and I could feel what I thought was the spirit of God standing over my bed as if to say, "this is what I went thru to save you". In the morning, I'd ask my parents about the storm….no such thing…..

  • Anonymous says:

    You remember the shadowy figures the girls in paranormal activity described? When I was pregnant, id wake up half sleep and see them. One day I go to tell my boyfriend about them and he describes them before I can finish. He said he saw them since he was little and our son was obviously his because I was seeing them too. (i know who's kid im having, thanx guy) I havent seen them since my son was born, but they always have night terrors on the same, random nights. They run around in their sleep and everything.

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