by NaturallyChelsea via NaturallyCurly

As a college student, you will quickly realize that 24 hours simply isn’t enough time to get everything done. Between classes, assignments and extracurricular activities, sleep will become a luxury, and curly hair care a distant memory. But, as curlies, we know that ignoring our tresses can mean disaster in the long run. So here are some curly hair tips to help you seamlessly fit hair care into your everyday routine.

Study Hard, Curl Hard!

  1. Cleansing. I know the feeling of always wanting to have gorgeous curls, but school should always come first. So back away from the shower, put the conditioner down and just let your hair be. Grab your hairband and put your hair up in a bun, add a cute accessory and go to class. A few extra days without washing will not kill you. Having said this you will need to wash eventually. Try washing your hair early in the morning, so you can use the entire day to let it dry.
  2. Deep Conditioning. Deep conditioning can be a long, drawn out affair, but it’s vital to your curly hair care. Try to get at least one session in a week by applying your DC, putting a shower cap over it and wearing either a silk scarf or a hat. Then feel free to leave the dorms and go about your scholarly activities. No one has to know your little secret.
  3. Styling. If you need your twists or braid outs to set, leave them hanging down and grab your favorite beanie or hat. Make sure that it is lined with satin to prevent frizz, or put on a bonnet or silk scarf before putting on your hat. This will allow you to look cute and be able to leave your dorm room while letting your hair dry. You can also try styles that last longer and require spending less time on your hair. Buns, braids, twists and updos will help you keep your styles in for at least a week, so you will have time for other fun things.
  4. Hot Oil Treatments. Instead of just a study day, why not make it a study/spa day? Use this day to do your ayurvedic treatments, deep conditioning, face treatments and more. Apply your muds, pastes treatments, etc and let them work their magic while you study. Then use your break times to rinse, apply another treatment, snack, etc. Two birds with one stone!
  5. Maximize your sleep time! Out of a 24-hour day, approximately 8 hours are spent merely sleeping, when it could have been spent on hair care. Use your sleep time wisely to get in extra deep treatments, ayurveda treatments, set braid or twist outs, and anything else! Use a shower cap, then scarf to prevent dirtying your sheets, and tuck cotton pleats under your shower cap around your head to catch any drips.
  6. Extras. To do lists are not just for your parents. Getting everything done can be a problem when you can’t remember what needs to be done! Write down what needs to be accomplished and set due dates and time limits, and watch your life become organized and stress free. Once organized, pencil in time for hair care.

Final Thoughts

What time saving curly hair tips do you use? Let us know and help out other college curlies!