Dreaming big is cool, but making your big dreams a reality is awesome! Over the years I’ve learned that life really is what you make it, and that anything is possible with the “Three P’s”. The three P’s are Persistence, Perseverance and Prayer. Big things can happen in your life when you pursue what you want and tirelessly chisel at it until you break it loose. One of my biggest fears is growing old and wishing I did more, I accomplished more, saw more places met more people and touched more lives. So, while I’m young, green and in some form of healthy state , I’m gonna live my life to it’s fullest potential and give ‘em hell while I’m here. Every human on this planet was created with a purpose, including YOU. To help me reach my full potential and serve a positive purpose in this world, I wrote a dream sheet when I was about 23. A dream sheet is like a bucket list, but a little less morbid, lol. I listed stuff that I wanted to do with my life and what I needed to do to accomplish them! Seeing my goals on paper make them more “real” to me. Do any of you have dream sheets? While you’re here, what do you hope to accomplish? What are your dreams and aspirations? When you’re old and gray, what sort of stories do you want to tell your grandkids? Below are a few from mine. Even though some of them are far fetched, they’re not completely out of reach. What are some things that you want to do with your life?

1. Take a picture with the naked cowboy in Times Square New York. Yes, I realize it’s silly, but I have been to New York TWICE with every intention of taking a picture with this man, and have yet to meet him! The first time I was in the big apple, homey was leaving his spot in a limo, waving at folks. I was pissed. The second time we went there, it was freezing (December). I don’t want to take a picture with the naked cowboy if he’s not naked anyway. I’m just saying.

2. Make the New York Bestseller list. If even for like 5 minutes. lol! Everyday when I sit in front of my computer and start jabbing away at the keys, I find myself daydreaming about seeing my name in the New York times on the bestseller list and having some swank party where I’m being honored for being a fantastic writer. I love writing. How cool would it be if I got recognized for doing something I LOVE?!?!?!?

3. See Mount Rushmore. I’ve always been curious to see if any of the presidents have “boogers” and if it’s as huge as it looks in all the pictures. Only way to find out is to visit it in person, right?

4. Have Lil’ Wayne put my name in a rap song. I really like Wayne. We’re alike in many ways. However, I couldn’t rhyme is you offered me a million bucks. I know Wayne can though. I think he’s brilliant and wonder how he would throw my name into a song. Obviously this is a bit out there, but one can dream, right?

5. Attend a fashion show at New York fashion week. I am going to make this one happen if I have to sneak in and sit in the back. I LOVE fashion shows. The energy is so thick with chaos, glamour and creativity. And then, there’s the clothes. Sigh. I want to go to a fashion show, desperately bad.

6. Own at least 10 pairs of Christian Louboutins. It’s no secret I love this designer. I own one pair and am working on pair number two. Not only do I intend to have an impressive shoe collection by the time I’m 40, but I intend to own as many pairs of Louboutins as our budget can manage.

7. Knit sweaters for orphans. I knit stuff all the time and love the satisfaction of admiring the finished product. I’d love to put my talent of kniting to use some day and with the help of about 30 knitters go to work on making sweaters for a good cause.

8. Join a flash mob. I’ve always wanted to streak, but can’t do it by myself. Being naked in front of strangers is nuts. Being naked in handcuffs, in front of strangers is mortifying (or kinky depending who you’re talking to). I’ve always wanted to sing in public too, but not by myself. I’d totally stand on a subway in my Spongebob drawls, with a bunch of other folks. Flash mobs seem like a good way to let your nutty side out and I’m aaaall for it.

9. Become a mother. I was a cute kid. Jeff was kinda cute too. I think we’d make a cute, big eyed, big haired baby. I think I’ll make a pretty good mom. I’m curious to see how my patience will kick in and if I’ll be able to raise a good kid with MANNERS. Seriously, I can’t stand little brats who throw tantrums in stores. So yea. I wonder what kind of mom I’ll be all the time.

10. Fulfill my purpose. God bless the child who has his own. I want to make a name for myself using the gifts that God has loaned me to edify and praise him with. He’s put something in me that I know I’m supposed to share with the world. I am going to spend everyday walking down the path that he’s chosen for me and do my best to make him proud.

11. Have a 10 year wedding anniversary renewal. I love Jeff. He’s so cool! I’m so excited about our life together and I can’t wait to hit this milestone and many more thereafter!

12. Call another state home. I’ve lived in Florida for a looong time. My entire life to be exact. I’ve always wanted to move somewhere new for a bit, but never got the chance. I plan on changing that though.

13. Drive the autobahn. I have a neeeed for speeeed. Strap me in and let me ride!

SO, those are a few of mine. Don’t be shy, share some of yours!