by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

Sharing my story regularly has become somewhat of a reflective process, and I guess one could say therapeutic. It has allowed me teach but more importantly to learn. For some of us, the only time we may feel supported in our hair journey is when we visit natural hair sites. For others, it’s more than acquiring knowledge, but a sense of belonging amongst like-minded souls.

It amazes me sometimes just how little I knew about the care of natural hair prior to reaching this chapter in my life. Not to mention the myths…Oh my, the myths! I remember people would say (me included) that water would break my hair off and wash away the relaxer. Little did I know that water would turn out to be my best friend, and that these relaxed ends would stay with me for a LONG time to come. I can’t help but wonder that if I knew what I know now about the damage relaxers can cause, would I have been so eager in persuading Mama Jay to get that very first one all those years ago, or is the reality of it all that yes – I probably would have. You see, I believe that my mind-set at that time would have gladly ignored the cons of a relaxer, but focused on the ‘benefits’. I believe that everything happens in the right space and time that God intended, and that the wisdom and strength I have now was non-existent back then.
Along with allowing me to reflect, my hair journey so far has introduced me to a catalogue of products and a library of knowledge that have proven both beneficial to my hair, and also my life. The most invaluable hair tip I have received, is the importance of recognizing the beauty of uniqueness. When we realise that each curly headed girl is different, it encourages us to appreciate what we have and not waste time, products and tears trying to achieve someone else’s hair pattern/texture/thickness. I realise that before transitioning, I was reaching for something that wasn’t made for me, which resulted in my constant dissatisfaction with my hair. This advice in particular has set the tone for not just my hair but my perspective on life, and for that very reason; I am truly glad someone took the time to share it.
What natural hair advice/product are you grateful that someone shared with you?