by Bennii Blast of the Culture Pine

For as long as I can remember, I have constantly been on a mission to reach that day when I am truly happy with the hair on my head. No matter what, I was never completely satisfied with the style I was wearing, whether it was straight, curly, red or anything else you can think of. Just what does hair satisfaction mean to me you ask?

  • A consistent amount of days where I do not refer to my hair as a ‘problem’
  • A period of time where I am not thinking about the next hair style when the current one hasn’t even been in 24 hours.
  • A time where my hair is healthy, healthy, healthy!
  • Most importantly, a time when I am genuinely in love with my hair
Guess what? This week I realised that this is the longest period of time that I have not stressed over my hair and just gone with the flow. You know what else? I have finally found my happy hair space and it feels damn good! When you have constantly been in a battle with your hair such as I have, it is hard not to cling on to these isolated moments where I am hair happy. If you, like me, don’t experience this often, I have some tips in mind that may help in making it a regular thing:
  • Note down the regimen you have been using at the time it is experienced. This way you will know what is working for you e.g: products, styling methods etc.
  • Acknowledge your surroundings – are you experiencing new places or maybe hanging out with certain people? Your surroundings could possibly be influencing the positive way you are feeling about your hair
  • Strike a pose! Take pictures of these happy moments so that when you have your down days, you have photographic proof that it CAN be achieved!
  • Enjoy it! Make the most of this time and share your hotness on every occasion you can. After all, why let a good thing go to waste?!

Transitioning can be hard and requires a lot of patience, so being able to enjoy these occasions can definitely make all the difference and has definitely given me the boost I needed =)

Have you found your Happy Hair Space yet? What is hair satisfaction to you?