by Sherica of

Growing up, I’ve never been a big fan on hair shrinkage. My hair appeared shorter, kinkier,and harder to manage. Then I got older and realized, “ain’t a damn thing wrong with that!” So what if your hair appears shorter. Whats wrong with short hair? So what if your curls become a little tighter, can you say fierce wash n’ go? And the truth is, your hair doesn’t really become un-manageable. You’ve just gotta detangle your hair with conditioner while its wet and maximize the moisture afterwards. The things you learn when you take the time out lol. I later found out that these were just some of the things said about our hair to make it seem..well inferior. But I’m a slave to that way of thinking no more *musketeer voice*! I’ve done my research and you know what? I love my hair even more than I did before!

How do you feel about your hair shrinkage?