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Keeping a Natural Hair Journal

By January 27th, 202114 Comments
by Tasha Swearingen of NaturallyCurly

Keeping a Natural Hair JournalA natural hair journal is a log of the condition of your hair and scalp. You can log your entries daily or every other day, depending on your needs and the changes in your hair.

Why Keep a Hair Journal?

Curlies who are transitioning to natural hair often like to keep track of the changes in their hair during the transition. By doing so, they’re able to keep note of the way their hair has changed throughout the transition. In addition, keeping a natural hair journal can show you that you really are making progress in your journey, even when months later, it seems as though you aren’t.

Journals are also useful when you try something, LOVE the results — and then can’t remember what regimen you used a year later. If it’s in your journal, you’ll know exactly what you did and what you thought about it.

How Do I Keep One?

Start with either a basic journal (found in the office supplies section of stores such as Target and Wal-Mart), or something more fancy and pretty. You could also start out with one made with a plain white or foam cover and decorate it if you’re feeling craft.

Alternatively, you could start with a scrapbook album if you’re a scrapbooker. Just glue some photographs to your scrapbook paper, jot down some notes and glue them next to the photo, then slide the paper into the album sleeve. Photos are useful if you feel that you’re having a hard time describing the changes.

You could also keep a video journal or vlog. Just mount your camera on a tripod and record yourself daily or every couple of days, preferably sitting in the same location and with the same amount of lighting on your hair so you don’t mistake changes in lighting for changes in hair texture. A video diary will give you the most descriptive log of your journey.

What Information Should I Include?

You’ll want to include the condition of your hair and scalp in your natural hair journal, as well as any products you use through the process. Keep track of the dates you did things to your hair, as well as any individuals who helped you style your hair. Everything matters, down to the weather outside, so don’t forget to keep track of it all!

Not only is a video diary useful for you years down the road, but it can help other naturals on their hair journey as well! Upload your videos to YouTube and let us know they’re there. We can help you promote, and spread natural hair cheer!


  • Natural Hair Love Affair says:

    Women have been archiving their hairitage for decades and its about time that we continue to uphold these traditions. Love to see more 'Nistas embracing this!
    -Natural hair Love Affair, Home of the World's 1st Natural Hair Wall Planner/Journal!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have an online journal that I started when I began my healthy hair journey….before I committed to transitioning. I'm 14 months in, and although I write in it quite a bit less than when I started, I find it useful. I keep track of everything-products, ingredients, hairstyles I've tried or may want to try in the future, techniques, changes I've made to my routine and how I felt about them/if they worked well…ok not everything. I dont mention weather. But looking back, its helped me figure ot what ingredients to stay away from that might not have been so obvious

  • Anonymous says:

    I definately decided the journal would be a great project for me. I document what product, how my hair felt, skin felt (cause I break out easily), and what and how much time I put into it. It has helped me a lot!! And kept me from repeating mistakes. I also take pics weekly for growth and health reminders.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a desktop folder entitled "Natural Hair," that I've set up since August (2010). One of my files, "Hair Goals" documents anything that I do to my hair such as washing, conditioning, trimming, products used etc. I've found it to be a good resource because I periodically review my notes to see the results that I've experienced with certain products. While I did not do something as extensive with relaxed hair, I always noted when I had perms and treatments etc.

  • Shavon Renee says:

    I think it is a great idea. We keep journals of workouts, diets, and feelings in order to know how to respond in the future and to know what works for us and what does not. I've been natural since May 2011, BC in October 2011, but I've been in braids or kinky twists for most of the transitioning stage. I'm excited for saturday. I will see the natural state of my hair for the first time in 15 years. I will definitely be keeping a journal!

  • CurlyTonya says:

    I don't think we need journals, but I think it would be a good keepsake.

    It's 15 months since my BC and I wished I had kept a photo journal of my progress. I may try to put one together…I think it will take about 3 years to get my goal length and I like to see my progress.

    I have never been good at journaling my feelings (too lazy)….but going natural is stressful and some people probably could benefit from it (using my pysch 101).

    Also…I'm a PJ and I have tried almost everything. Now, I revisiting things and I forgot why I like or disliked some things …the journal can be used to track product experiences.

    My favorite thing about this blog is the hair journeys with pictures…they are so inspirational! Why not inspire yourself?

  • mangomadness says:

    After Bcing and gaining a bit of length (~6 inches), I kept a hair journal.

    I made a MS Word document about haircare techniques (washing, detangling ,etc.), products/mixtures and hairstyles to try. I also recorded my hair's response to the things I tried and tweaked my methods to best suit my hair.

    The journal made the trial-and-error process much easier. It led to the simple, effective regimen I have now.

  • Anonymous says:

    We didnt keep permed hair journals. We just went about our business and unwrapped our hair. We want our kinks to be accepted but we need journals. tracking a hair journey is fine at first but even then thats mostly photos.just hair

  • Anonymous says:


  • Nashira says:

    For some reason it never even crossed my mind to keep a hair journal, but I think I'll start one. This summer I was at a bookstore that had really cute journals and i bought one, but have yet to use it. Maybe that's what I'll use it for

  • Anonymous says:

    I keep a journal. I like to take notes so when I was introduced to journaling about my transition I was excited. We were just talking about this on Texture Me Natural. I think it has helped me a lot because I know which products I've had a good experience with and which ones do not work for me.

  • newnatural101 says:

    I don't keep up with journals in my general life, so I know I won't keep up with a hair journal. When I first decided to transition I tried to keep track of my products and different regimens I've tried, but I stopped after a week or two.

    I do take pictures on photobooth periodically though, but I've done that since I've had my computer. It'll at least give me something to look back on.

  • Hershe_82 says:

    I'm the avid journal keeper, lol, its sad that even after almost 8 months of being natural I still have yet to track any of my progress beside a few photos here and there. Guess I'm way behind the curve, time to make a wally world trip and start writing away.

  • Anonymous says:

    I never wanted to keep a journal about my hair *shrugs*

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