circa spring 2002… don’t. even.

Hola Chicas,

So hubby cautiously pointed out I realize that lately my hair has been twisted up and hidden away… nose in the corner… on a timeout… allowed to see the light of day only for special occasions. But before you pat me on the back for my length protecting ways, know that this has much more to do with my time management skills, or lack thereof. Between the Man, the Boog, the clients, black bean salsa prep and y’all… I barely have time to shave my legs… or lotion them for that matter… hey, it’s winter and lotion only hits the places folks can see *shrugs*.

Yes, I’m still cute with my hipster, vagabond chic slouchy beanies, but I certainly don’t feel very much like a sexy beast… especially knowing that what lies beneath is a frickin’ bonnet. And while I’m more than aware that sexy is a state of mind, right now I’m feeling about as sexy as a pair of tube socks… after you’ve walked through something wet.

I suppose I’ve had an epiphany of sorts… especially after revisiting some of our other TMI moments. Like many of you, I’ve decided that this ish ends here. I’m bringing sexy back… throwing caution to the wind and letting my hair down… at least more often that I have been. Not just for getting down with the get down, but even when hanging around the house. Per usual, grandma was right… no matter what, even with all the love in the world, at some point, without realizing it, you WILL take eachother for granted. Ten years later, and I’m walking around the house, head tied up, legs all ashy and prickily. Really booboo? The only time I get dolled up is for other people and that ain’t right.

So, new rule…

No, I won’t be ‘all up in the kitchen in my heels’, but I will let my hair out more often… even lotion the places the sun don’t shine! Toot it it up, poke it out, and suck it in, honey!

I’m excercising my right to remain sexy.*shimmy and pose*

So… who’s with me?!

Later Gators,