Taylor writes:

I commit to hair that is natural and free.

Free of chemicals, glue and weaves.

Spreading the truth that natural is great.

And loving the hair I’ve been taught to hate

At nineteen, I’ve had E V E R Y hairstyle you have E V E R seen. I was weaved up, glued up, hair down to my crack… I was Beyonce in my head, lol. I was also delusional. I thought my weave looked great, I loved it and it loved me. Then I decided I was tired of long hair. I chopped it off, then I was Kelly Rowland. I went shorter and I was compared to Fantasia.

As I was going through my own phases, I saw my Aunt grow her hair out natural. She dyed it a beautiful copper color… it was thick and curly, and she did soooo much with it. As my hair grew out, I played with the option of giving up my creamy hair crack (thats what my mom and I call it) and growing my own little fro. I decided I was #teamNatural, only to cover it up with a quick weave… a shame, I know. My natural hair grew like that for a month, until last Saturday. I had had enough, I was tired of trapping my scalp in all that sticky stuff and paying for the hair of other people when I thought my own curls were just as beautiful. I walked out of the hair store with a new attitude & a container of Miss Jessie’s. I decided that the world would just have to deal with my kinks, and learn to love them, because thats what I came with. Insecurities are gone, and I’ve been surprised at the positive comments I’ve received. It’s amazing how far a little confidence can go! I L O V E my fro, and I K N O W my fro loves me. I don’t have to be Beyonce to be beautiful. I can just be me. I’m taking this thing one curl at a time and I’m loving every minute of it !