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Curly Nikki

Party w/ Derek J & the Soul Train Award’s ‘Afro Puffs’

By January 27th, 202132 Comments
As always, I wish I could give everybody tickets, but alas…

The winners are-

Nicol C. +1

CurleeShin + 1

Congrats divas! Get me your real names and contact info ASAP (


Party w/ Derek J & the Soul Train Award's 'Afro Puffs'
To celebrate the third year of the Soul Train Awards in Atlanta, scene setters, personalities and paparazzi are preparing to toast to all that is beautiful, burgeoning and bumping, and here’s your invitation!

Welcome to “The Kinky Cabaret!”

The evening, dedicated to Soul, Savoir-Faire and Social Exchange, has been designed to offer select guests the opportunity to experience a first glimpse of “The Afro Puffs”… and guess who scored 4 tickets?!

Two lucky ATL based CurlyNikki readers will win 2 tickets to this partay on Tuesday, Nov 15… you’ll even get to party with host, Derek J-

Party w/ Derek J & the Soul Train Award's 'Afro Puffs'Wanna go?

In the comments below tell me why! Tomorrow at noon, I’ll pick 2 winners!


  • CurleeShin says:

    I won too! Congrats Nicol!! I am so excited, take that nursing school exams !! lol

  • Anonymous says:



  • Anonymous says:

    Umm, Nikki, you're just gonna leave us in suspense like this?! You should know I'm giving you the "stinky face" right now, lol

  • BnNappy- Chocolate Hair Affair says:

    I'm stalking this post so seriously lol!!! I WANNA GO TO SOULLLLL TRAIN!!!!!!

  • Courtney says:

    By the way, I do live in Atlanta

  • Christina Clark says:

    OMG I would LOVE to go!!! Soul Train was a staple in my house so attending ANYTHING dealing with Soul Train or the Awards is an honor!!

    You should pick me because I am:

    – Fun
    -Full of life and in NEED of a vacay!!!

    Even if you do not select me, I am sure the lucky lady will have a ball!! Nothing but positive energy and blessings sent their way!!

  • Ashley B says:

    5 is my Favorite # so I'll give you 5 reasons:
    – I live in ATL
    – Derek J is so fab I need to meet this personality in person.
    – I read every day.
    – I love listening to new music that few people know about.
    – I just want to lol

  • LovelyLauz says:

    I live in Atlanta and would LOVE to go. I haven't been exposed to much of the natural world since I moved here 2 years ago (I have been mostly stalking from your site and a few YouTubers). It would be so awesome to see other natural lovelies celebrated and partying to one of the BEST TV shows of all time.
    I would have never known about this event if you hadn't posted about it on your blog. Thanks a million Nikki!! I hope I get choosen!!!!

  • Chantae' *.* says:

    I am an avid reader and big fan of the site ! I have been natural for over 3 years and this would be a great date night for my fiancé and I's 4th year anniversary! Plus, I remember dancing in front of the television as a little girl practicing my dance moves for Soul Train in the 90s! lol ( i know …lame). Also, my fiance' and I rarely go out due to the fact that I work full time as a toddler teacher and I am a full time college student at Kennesaw State University and Chattahoochee Tech. (dual enrollment). And my fiancé(who is natural himself going on 10 years) works full time plus overtime at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport…its worth a shot at this >.<

  • The stager says:

    I'm leaving for a deployment in less than a month with my Georgia National Guard unit and I'm trying to enjoy as much of the city as I can before I leave:)…I'm a curly girl and fan of the site…the friend I would bring is leaving the country too…just two ladies headed out to serve our country…not to guilt trip or anything:)

  • Alicia Renae says:

    I wanna go because I don't ever get to go anywhere. Every time something happens, I have to work and I'm finally off! I love music and I just want to go somewhere and shake a tail feather.

  • Kenisha says:

    I've been watching Soul Train as far back as I remember. I love music beyond my years and I am the Soul Train line queen! Soul Train hands down the most celebrated, talked about and memorable show that has ever been broadcast. I have been natural for 6 years and would love to rock my mane on the train. It would also be an amazing opportunity for anyone who is selected but I would celebrate that moment forever. -Kenisha

  • Courtney says:

    Hi Nikki! My best friend and I would LOVE to attend the Soul Train Awards! There aren't many events we get to attend because we're both full-time students, and I'm a mom to a wonderful son (who's as curly as can be, by the way). If I win the tickets, I'm bringing her along to one of the hottest events of the year, the same way I've brought her along on my natural journey. She's been transitioning for several months now, but she hasn't attended any natural hair events due to time constraints and lack of funds :(. This would be magnificent!

    Just the other day we were sharing our favorite Soul Train memories, including the In Living Color spoof of Don Cornelius with Keenen Ivory Wayans! She has no idea that I'm entering your contest, so this treat would literally be the surprise of a lifetime for us both!

    Please Nikki, send Courtney & Nikita (aka Starsky & Hutch) to the Soul Train Awards with Derek J!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Curly Nikki,

    OMG!!!! You are so fabulous. The thought of me going is mind blowing. I want to attend this event, because it is powerful to my culture. The Soul Train as a TV show was so powerful in defining who we are culturally as people and that we knew how to have a GREAT time. Being able to participate with Derek J and the Afro puff would be an honor, most of all I would love to meet you and get to know you. You have empowered so many and I am blessed that I can receive some of that power from you. Not only have you opened doors for your viewers but also you have allowed us to share those special moments and opportunities with you that many successfully people in our culture today do not.

    I am a natural and just reverted back ten months ago. I’ve been going back and forth from relaxed to natural the past 6 years and I am finally done. I know who I am and the person I want to display in front of others. A beautiful Queen that God created just for you to view. I do not live in Atlanta, but reside in Cary, NC. Not that it matters or will stop me from making a trip to such an extraordinary event. I need to be up lifted right now, and I know this would definitely help my sprit. If you would kindly invite me, I would be so ever grateful.


  • BnNappy - Chocolate Hair Affair says:

    I want to go because of the Long Legacy and history that the Soul Train award has made for African Americans. I think that this would be a wonderful opportunity to be a part of that legacy as it influences the younger African American community today.
    And Besides… Soul Train needs to see a Beautiful Natural Haired sista like myself shake my groove thang on the dance flo'… I need to swang my hair and sway my hips with the Afro Puffs!! Come onnnn ya know ya wanna!!!!!!

  • Candice says:

    Oooooh!! I want to go because I would love to see this group in person! I think it's so fab to see a group who has afros….too fly:-) Also, I love Derek J! LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    I would lOve to go because I don't get to do grown up things as often as I would like to. I became supermom once my son was born and it would awesome if my husband and I could put on are fly outfits, toast to the good life, and have a memorable evening. Oh yeah, my hair is fabulously natural and I would love to show if off at the awards show.

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Atlanta.
    I am working on not being so shy since I am almost 40 an it's enough already with the shyness.
    I would love an opportunity to attend something like this.
    Nicol C.

  • Brandee says:

    A celebration of #TeamNatural AND a chance to see power thigh havin, fab heels wearin Derek J work the room?! Be still my heart, it's all just too much…nearly overwhelming, but not so much that I wouldn't show up and show out if I got a pair of tickets : )

    Somehow I've lost my groove, but this is just what I need to get it back! Please oh pleassssse, pick me. Mama needs this!

  • Crystal says:

    OH WOW! (where do I begin?!)

    #1 Thursday is my ONLY day off this week & it'll be perfect to spend it w/ YOU Nikki, Derek J, & the Afro Puffs. (I'm getting excited just thinking about the possiblity!)
    #2 My 1yr Nappiversary is in a few wks; what an AWESOME way to celebrate?!
    #3 (& perhaps MOST importantly) I am a true lover of SOUL music, FUN people, & ALL things natural! & at this point in my life I sure could use a healthy dose of all three!!!

    So go head & pick MEEEEEEEE Nikki! We're gonna have so much fun! :D

    Crystal H.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wanna go because I have not done anything fabulous in a while! I wanna have fun again!

    Denita H. (I still can't figure our how to comment without using anonymous.)

  • shontay montgomery says:

    I am still a newbie natural with one year in and this is the only style I have perfected. I need to mingle with some naturals to learn what else in the world to do with my beautiful mane. :-)

  • Sydra Watson says:

    OMG!! I should win because…
    -I am from Atlanta and I live in Atlanta!
    -I have a birthday that will be here in less than two months and it would be a wonderful gift!
    -I am a natural diva to my heart!!
    – I will take loads of photos and post them for the people who did not get to attend so they can feel like they were there as well.
    – I deserve it! I work two jobs, go to school fulltime and am currently in my final year at GA State, I think I deserve a treat! :)
    – I would be so ecstatically happy if you chose me! Pick me!! Please! I'm ready for the party! :)



  • Anonymous says:

    I'm not in Atlanta but I had to stop in and say that you have the best giveaways.

  • Anonymous says:

    Paaaalease Nikki I would LOVE to go! I'm a devoted Curly Nikki reader, and loves me some Derek J:-)So Imma put it out there and will be expecting to hear from you:-). Thanks beauty
    -Sicely H.

  • The Flyy Chick says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, I would love to experience the first glimpse of a new girl group who all embrace their natural Afro puffs…I believe Soul Train is a catalyst for natural black beauty…

  • Debster says:

    Hey Nikki! The ORS creative and brand team want to come! We'll be in town on a top secret coming soon, and we'll let u have behindthescenes scoop.

  • CurleeShin says:

    I would love to score these tickets! Oh let me count the ways:
    -I am intrigued about what this "Afro Puffs" performance is all about. I want to swang my hips and curly locks too !
    -Derek J is TOO fabulous and so are you Miss Nikki! It's sad you can't be there :(
    -Perfect study break…and
    -It would be a lovely birthday gift :).

  • Anonymous says:

    1. I reside in Atlanta
    2. I'm a newly natural inspired by "CurlyNikki" and other noodle heads.
    3. I am an 80s Baby. We Rock!

    *raising hands* Let's Party Like Its 1999 with Derek J, CurlyNikki and SOUUUUULLLLLL TRAIIIIINNNNN"

    with curly love,


  • Allison says:

    Yes I would love to go! Who doesn't love glam rock soul?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I wish I could be there chica :( It's too short notice for me to hop a plane with the Boogster in tow. I can tell you that Derek J rocks… you'd have a blast!

  • Anonymous says:

    First, Soul Train and I go way back like babies and pacifier. Second, who would not grab the opportunity to party with you and Derek J? Finally, third….it is an awesome opportunity. Nuff said.

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