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Just something to think about.

“I think that many men and women find mainstream eurocentric hairstyles more appealing in general as dictated by popular media. I believe many of the women themselves think they will be less attractive (after going natural) even though they desire a more holistic and natural life. I think this conflict requires them to continue to put a priority on being attractive to guys as a opposed to being attractive to themselves. Inevitably they notice the men who disapprove of the look far more times then the brothers who appreciate it. It’s a pity.

Women all over the world seem to benefit from a more carefree attitude about hair. When I was young I would always notice how a ponytail was simply the convenient way non-black women and girls arranged their hair when they were in a hurry or exercising, etc. But for the black girls, the ponytail was this long ridiculously dramatic extension that they paid lots of money for special occasions like the prom or weddings. The same with the little up-do joint with the hair clip in the back. We paid money to create a hairstyle that was the hairstyle that white women wore to the gym. That’s when I began loving natural hairstyles on women of color.”–

Something a good friend of mine said that was really dope and on point… and yes, he’s a he.

Had you ever thought about it this way?