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Quick & Easy Curly Hair Tips for Windy Days

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Quick & Easy Curly Hair Tips for Windy Days

by Tara Lisciandro-Hornich of NaturallyCurly

You’re all set for a great day. Your hair has never looked better, your curls are shiny and beautiful. Then you walk out your door only to discover the TV weather forecaster was wrong again!

Windy weather and storms can ruin a perfectly good curl day. But if you’re prepared, you can still have a great day, hair and all.

Hydration is key on windy days, no matter your hair type. In fact, for those curlies with convertible cars, these curly hair tips are probably something you’ve already been using whenever it’s a “tops down” kind of day.

Prep & Styles for Windy Days

  1. Deep condition! Make a point of treating your curls to a deep conditioning treatment once a week, especially during the dryer, colder winter months.
  2. Keep hydrating! Hydrate your curls after each shower with a leave-in conditioner. Be sure to evenly spread your leave-in throughout your hair. For type 2 waves, try a leave-in spray that is lighter and won’t weigh down your waves. For type 3 and 4 curls, use a heavier leave-in that will lock in moisture and expand your curl pattern.
  3. Stay clear of heat tools. Wind is drying enough, don’t add more damage by using a blow dryer or flat iron on your hair. If you must, be sure to use a heat protectant like Mixed Chicks Straightening Serum.
  4. Once hair is dry and prepped, keep it in place with a strong hold pomade like Kinky-Curly Gloss Pomade. You may also opt to use a few small bobby pins to pin pieces down towards your neck or behind your ears. There is no need to pull your curls back too tightly as the bobby pin will hold the strand in place if you secure it properly. Try making an X with two pins to ensure a strong hold.

After you get the prep work out of the way, ensure that your curls stay in place with these curly hair tips for steering clear of wind-blown hair!

  1. Wrap them up! Find a fun headband and wrap your curls in it. There are lots of great headbands that can dress up your dull gym clothes or boring black suit.
  2. Braid it back and out! What’s great about braids is that you can take them out later and extend your hairstyle with a braid out! You can wear braids while getting to work, shopping or at the gym. Then you can take them out later for a different look while protecting your curls the whole time.
  3. Get the curls out of your face! Depending on your hair’s length, try pinning part of your hair back behind your head or neck and leaving the other part down. With the hair framing your face out of the way and tucked safely back, you can still enjoy a semi-down curly look even on the windiest of days!
  4. Accessorize and hold! Grab your favorite barrette or clip and create a unique updo style that will hold up in the wind. This is perfect for work styles as the accessories will allow you to dress up the ‘do as needed. Just be sure that you are using the accessories in a way that will ensure a strong hold. You wouldn’t want to lose on of these because of a strong gust!
Windy City, ladies: how do YOU deal with curly hair conundrums when the wind speed starts to pick up? Hats can’t be the only options!

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