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Curly Nikki

Race to the Red Bottoms

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

Race to the Red Bottoms

Hola chicas!

So last month marked my 3 year blogging anniversary and I celebrated by giving away a few of my favorite things!

Throughout the month of October, in the CurlyNikki forums, ladies submitted videos in hopes to reach the finals… as the winner will walk away with a brand spanking new pair of black, Pigalle Point Toe, Christian Louboutins. #Boom Wish I could’ve competed.

At any rate, here are the finalists! Watch, laugh, cry… choose your favorite and vote for her in the poll to your right >>>>>>>> It’s under the ‘sign up’ button. The poll closes on Nov 8 at 5pm EST.

God speed.

ShatterProof Glass Doll




Want more, check out the thread with the other videos. These ladies are talented and inspirational.

Later Gators,


  • Mslici says:

    I just placed my vote. Although there was a video I liked best, I wouldn't vote for it being although the rules ask for a short (3-5 minutes) video. Time constraints force us to become more creative. In any event, good luck to all the participants.

  • Miss Rizos says:

    It's late I know, but I just sat here and watched every single one of these videos. Loved the homemade creativity ladies!

    Nikki you are simply amazing and continue to inspire us each pushing us to go go go, but to be fabulous while we are at it, knitted hat and all!

    Thank you!

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