Hola Chicas,

So this morning the lovely Shanti of A Curls BF submitted a guest spot called ‘Tutorial of the Retro French Twist With Headband’ (below). Per their style, the ‘do was incredibly chic and after taking a peak at the very succinct video (I thank you), I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. No french braiding, flat twisting, levitating or other magical maneuvers involved… I was game. I emailed Shanti and was like, ‘after your retro hair style post and Mara Hruby from yesterday, y’all have got me itching to try something new…’ and she was all, ‘DO IT!!! Readers would get such a kick out of seeing you try something out of the norm.’ So looky what I did! I can’t tell if I feel more like Lucille Ball or the Tropicana lady, but either way, I got the swag sauce I’m dripping swagu.

not bad for my first go… I had never attempted (nor wore)
a french roll in all my 28 years. When I think of french rolls I think of floor length furs and gold jewelry of church conventions past.

Obviously this is no headscarf. I had to make due with what I had on hand… a Tarjay neck scarf chopped in half!

Got an easy tutorial for the ‘styling challenged’?

Send me the link so I can try them and share them!


Where are y’all buying cute scarves?