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Curly Nikki

Win Mara Hruby Tickets- NYC, Philly, DC!

By January 27th, 202144 Comments
…and the winners are…

MissB (+1)
Erin (+1)

yeadongirl (+1)
Dada Chiku (+1)

SunyBlack (+1)
Wendy15 (+1)

email me ASAP at!


Win Mara Hruby Tickets- NYC, Philly, DC!So it seems that you dolls are gaga for Mara. Me too! She’s kindly gifted us some free tickets to her upcoming shows… 4 per city to be exact!

NYC – Nov 15

Philadelphia- Nov 16

Washington DC- Nov 17

If you’re in one of these cities and would like to go, in the comments below, tell me why you love your natural hair! Also, mention the city you’re in. I’m picking winners by midnight tonight as these dates are approaching fast… 2 curlies per city will be chosen to receive 2 tickets!

Good luck!



  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    @ Miss B, check your spam, you should've heard from my contact by now! email me and let me know, I'll give you my #

  • Anonymous says:

    Im a 215 Philly girl and I love my natural hair because it took me to know that this hair right here is the bee's knees. LOL. Versatility of making my big hair BIGGER is awesome.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Nikki. I'm a winner as well!!!! My concert is in a few hours (NYC). How do I proceed with getting the tickets? I sent an email earlier this morning. Thank you again! Miss B

  • Jami says:

    I live in DC proper and I love rocking my natural hair because it shows me that I love and accept myself as I am and am learning how to deal with myself as I am. Peace.

  • Anonymous says:

    I won! Thanks Nikki!

  • BabyCurl says:

    I am totally IN love with my natural hair because it is a solid reflection of me. Wound up, loose, soft, complicated and expressive. It changes with the weather and doesn't have to say much to be noticed. πŸ™‚ NYC!

  • luvnM3naturally says:

    I love every kink, coil & bend of my hair! I know its been said time again but I feel so free when my hair is at its natural state.
    I <3 big hair! I live in the DC area

  • Kel says:

    Philly πŸ˜€

  • Kel says:

    (Kelli… ) I love my natural hair because it was the last piece missing in my journey to really loving myself completely. I accepted my body issues, and my hair and from there everything else has began to click.

  • Erin says:

    I love my natural hair because it makes me stand out in a crowd. Also I have many more options for hairstyles than when I had straightened hair. I proudly rep the NYC!

  • Alanna says:

    I love my natural hair because it fits me so well. It's a perfect fit like it was by design πŸ™‚ I'm in Philly.

  • gemofacurlgirl says:

    I love my natural hair because it's jazzy,it's classically beautiful not everyone can appreciate it but it's not for them it's for me ! I'm in NYC !

  • Anonymous says:

    Philly! I love my natural hair because I feel more like myself! I no longer have the desire to spend ridiculous amounts of money to perm and maintain my hair.

  • Rocks says:

    I love my hair because it is my inheritance. I am blessed with hair that can kink, curl, lay flat, or go wild. Who WOULDN'T treasure hair with such versatility!?!
    It is my birthright to rock a fierce fro of cute coils ; ) (DC)

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my hair because it is the perfect extension of me. Sometimes we fight but what relationship is perfect?! Whether it's curly or straight, frizzy, or sleek, out and completely wild, or tied back and tamed, it is a visual representation of the various aspects of my personality! I have always struggled with finding acceptance within myself-physically, emotionally, and spiritually… embracing my natural hair was the first of many steps that i am continually taking in that journey. it's a beautiful mess just like me…perfectly imperfect πŸ™‚

  • AM in DC says:

    In DC!

    I love my hair because really, there is very little it can't do. I've been wearing it curly for the past year but if I wanted to wear it straight tomorrow, I could, if wanted a shrunken fro, I could do it. Bit beautiful twist out? Wearing one now. My hair is limitless and its reminding me that I am limitless as well.

    AM in DC

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my natural hair because it allows me to be free and versatile!! Each day I can decide what personality I want to take on based on how I wear my hair whether it be professional, funky, sophisticated, edgy, etc.

    Andrea H — Washington,DC

  • Anonymous says:

    Why I love my natural hair you ask. The answer is in the question. It's the hair I was born with. Okay okay okay, before I went natural I loved my hair, but I always felt like something wasn't right. Wasn't right with me, I went back and forth for years before I decided to go natural and when I did WOW my life changed completely. I am more confident, my style has changed, I am no longer the conservative sister. I'm the Brownbeauty with the Big Curly Fro. I'm enjoying life, I see the world differently and all of this had to do with the natural state of hair. That's why I love my NATURAL hair!! Chow ;-D Richard's Daughter~Philly

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I'm off to bed y'all. I'll announce in the A.M. I can't hang!

  • Rudine says:

    The freedom to walk leisurely in the rain. The ability to wake up in the morning, fluff and go AND still look FLY. The choice to wear my hair straight, wavy, curly, braided, twisted or in coils. Being able to scratch my head if it itches. Most importantly just having the freedom to wear my hair the way it grows out of my head…..This is why I LOVE my hair.
    Rudine from New York

  • babyu21 says:

    DC – I love my natural hair because of the versatility. One day I am curly and free, the next day I am silky straight. My friends with straight hair are so jealous because even if they want to they can't rock curly big hair like I can. I have always felt my natural hair was something to be proud of and allows me to express myself in a variety of ways depending on my mood.


  • Wendy15 says:

    I love my natural hair because it's one of the few things in this life that I can truly keep REAL and is totally 100% me. Being a mom, wife, sister, employee, cousin, friend, daughter etc I get pulled in so many directions, wearing so many different hats, adapting myself for each role. I struggle with body image, exhaustion, finding time to get me time….probably a good percentage of CN readers are in the same boat…the first time I felt my natural hair I said to myself "Wow", this is what my REAL hair feels like and I fell in love with it. My hair won't get angry with me, wear me out, wake me up in the middle of the night for milk or a feeding…….It keeps it REAL……………..DC Thanks Nik Nik…would love to go..

  • fournaturals says:

    Hello. I'm close to Philly. I love my natural hair because its mine. It's not altered to be something it was not meant to be. For years me and my hair had a love hate relationship. Now we totally respect and love one another. I'm finally free.

  • LFarro says:

    because it makes me feel for the first time that what's coming out of my head is beautiful and perfect for me just the way it is.

    in dc.

  • dvaaunaturel says:

    I love my natural hair because it expresses my individuality. My hair is like no other and therefore makes me unique. My hair is versatile and although I am a PJ, it is less expensive than many other hair styles I have sported. I love that I can care for tresses all by myself.

    I am in DC!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my hair because it has taught me so much about ME. I never ever saw myself mixing my own hair care products/potions, I didnt think I was capable. I never envisioned myself teaching others how to care for their hair. I never imagined how ppl would admire and respond to my journey. I never knew how beautiful my hair is kinky. I guess I feel like I never really knew ME.

  • Naturaljoi says:

    I love my natural hair because its mine and its me. There is no better to represent who I am than to represent myself naturally. DC

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my natural hair because it tested my self-confidence, and I won! I "big chopped" with just 7 weeks of new growth. The following morning, I saw myself for the first time with no make-up, no relaxer, nothing to hide behind. This is me… like it or love it!
    Toya, NYC

  • Maya Ange'le says:

    I love my natural hair because, as my dad put it when he first saw it, I look "more like myself" than I'd ever looked with relaxed/straightened hair. I feel like I had outgrown my conformist straight hair–going natural helped me come into my own.

    I'm loving it even more these days because I've finally gotten on the YouTube video bandwagon and am learning all sorts of new things to do with it–I never knew my hair could be so versatile!

    I'm in Jersey about equidistant from NYC and Philly, so I could attend the concert in either city!

  • Lakaiya says:

    I love my natural hair because it's shows my beauty and confidents. I love that I can be versatile in my styles. Everywhere I go , someone wants to touch my hair! I love it! Lakaiya , Washington dc

  • K. says:

    I love my natural hair because … wait for it … it's my natural hair! Both unique and recession proof, I've found investing in conditioning my curly coif to be a much smarter and more beautiful alternative than shelling out cash to have it damaged with harsh chemicals. Plus, I love curls. Got 'em and flaunting 'em in Washington, DC.

  • Sylvia Addye says:

    I'm just 3 months into my "Natural Hair Journey"….it is so liberating, prior I kept my hair closely cropped with a medium-tight fade and visited my barber bi-monthly. Prior to that I was a slave to "Creamy Crack". I don't miss the hair salon visits nor the visits to my barber….and my pockets are happier for it. And I am loving the healthier state of my hair, I just wish I'd done this years ago…..I'm a resident of the Philly Metro area

  • Nika B. says:

    I love my natural hair because it makes me feel whole as a woman!!! Straight permed hair never felt right to me, even as a child. I may not look the way most people say I should but damn it feels soo good to be a natural!!! BTW I'm repin' the DMV!!! Woodbridge, Virginia to be exact!!

  • Kellie says:

    I love my natural hair because it is the one true unique thing about me that
    i recently discovered and fell in love with. I'm in DC

  • Scotty Beams says:

    Hey Nikki, I'm a DC curly and I love my hair because it gives me sooo many options, not just for styles but for looks and lengths. If I want short hair, it's a wash n' go. For a medium sized curly fro, a braid out is my go to. And when I want to go big and/or long, a blow out is easily accessible. The thing that I love most about my natural hair is that I have the power to make it do what it do, its health & the way it looks is completely in my hands. And with the inspiration from sites like yours & youtube videos, it never gets old. Thanks Nikki!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my hair for so many reasons. I love it because I can be someone different everyday. I can be a curly girl, rock a fro, or where my hair straight.Being Natural has given me a whole new outlook on life, I always feel like I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD!!!! I can go on and on and on – Angie from New York, NY πŸ™‚

  • Jane says:

    Hi Nikki! I love my natural hair because of the profound freedom it has given me. Not only can I go workout at the gym without having to worry about sweat, but I can also play in the run and go for a swim at the beach! Caring for my hair has become a part of my lifestyle, where not only am I making sure my hair is healthy but I'm also making sure I'm healthy on the inside and it feels great! My big, voluminous curly hair has become a representation of myself; its bold, its loud, its crazy and sometimes unpredictable and I love it, and more importantly I love ME!! I'm in Philly!!! πŸ™‚

  • Bianca says:

    I'm in New York City and I need to get off Mommy duty for a minute! I love having total control over my hair. I love not paying hairdressers too much money to not listen to what i want and don't want. I love having growing healthy hair! I love my bantu knot-outs! I love learning that pre-pooing cuts down on hair shedding in the shower drastically. I love all of my style choices! I love that I am learning in minute detail how to take care of my hair and to appreciate its many facets!

  • Nettie says:

    I'm in NYC! And I love my natural hair because it looks like my little girls' hair again ;o)

  • sunyblack says:

    I love my natural hair because it gives me character and commands attention. I live in DC.

  • Anonymous says:

    NYC!!!!! I love my natural hair because it's so versatile and I no longer have to run in the rain! Miss B.

  • thedixonwithin says:

    Hi!!!! why do i LOVE my natural hair? there are too many reasons to list!!!! I have only been natural for 6 months now, but I cant resist running my fingers through the soft, curly fro–whether its twisted out, or diffused, I never knew my hair was this see, I was the girl whom you never saw her real hair, always a weave, braids, or wig going on but, once i decided enough is enough with the frying, dying and signifying, I fell in love with ME again. giving honorable mention of course to my man, who adores being able to rub, caress and even pull (heehee) my hair without running into tracks, braids, glue, thread, etc. I am beyond satisfied with the new view of me..I always thought it would take the creamy crack for me to love my hair, but once I got the monkey of my back, and saw "ME" it was love at first site–something I hadnt felt in 20 yrs of chemical dependence. Curly Nikki played a huge part in my transition, helping me to see that I dont have to have a "black panther afro" to love my natural–there's so many different styles, products, etc, I can always find a way to love my hair (and my self) OOPS! and I'm from PHILLY!!!

  • Tamara DesJardins says:

    I LOVE my natural hair because it has given me a whole new level of confidence. A victim of bullying as a child, my natural has changed my whole perspective on my life, taught me how to love myself for me and not for anyone else and also to enjoy my individuality. πŸ™‚
    Oh and Im from Newark, New Jersey.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I could win one of those tickets. But unfortunately I live in Holland. Well maybe better luck next time

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