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When it comes to applying products to our natural hair most of us are heavy-handed. It seems that there’s an unspoken notion that you have to use a lot of product in order for it to “work” on natural hair. I’ve seen tutorial after tutorial of women globbing TONS of products on their hair. I have to admit that I, too, at one time was heavy-handed when came to product application. Grant it, with natural hair you are going to need a bit more product to ensure that each strand is coated. However, most of us are using way too much product. I don’t care how much product you apply, your hair strands can only absorb so much. So, that means the rest of that conditioner that you’ve applied will be washed down the drain without having a chance to do its work on your hair. Along with the conditioner, the money you’ve spent to purchase it will also be going down the drain.

Sometimes using too much product on our hair can be a detriment. Let’s take a moisturizer, for example. In your head, you think that you are making sure that your hair is properly moisturized so you add a ton of product to do so. In actuality applying too much of certain products can create a film that coats your hair. This film inhibits water and other vital nutrients from penetrating your hair’s cuticle layer. So, the good stuff your hair needs can’t get in and the bad stuff (dirt, debris, etc.) can’t get out.

I’ve found that the best way to apply product evenly and sufficiently is to apply it in sections. Start off with a small amount and add more as NECESSARY. Remember, the hair doesn’t have to be totally drenched in a product in order for it to work. 😉

CN Says-
Guilty as charged.

The girl who preaches less is more (’cause I promise it is), often goes through more than half a bottle of Aussie Moist to detangle on wash day.

I do, however, notice a substantial difference when I use less leave-in before styling… my hair is lighter, shinier and less stiff.

Are you heavy handed?