Hola Chicas,

So Boogs is CurlyNikki 2.0. Our hair, despite the slight color difference, is so similar, it’s bananas. What I affectionately refer to as ‘Gia’s pretty hair’ (to which she softly tugs on it and grins) is so damn fine… it’s wavy up front, coily and frizzier in the back, dry as the Sahara and beyond tangly. Sound familiar? But despite it’s fine nature, it’s strong as mug… what my hair would be like without the years of prodding and torture. I love playing in it and I’m ashamed to admit that I often try new products on her… totally against animal testing, but baby testing *shrugs*.

Losing the war on single strand knots, I’ve been attempting to keep her TWA stretched… quite the feat when she’s constantly going gorillas. All the dancing, rolling on the floor, chasing Lady, being chased by Lady, hightailing it from me and running from daddy not only works up a sweat, but usually results in her twists unraveling before they dry. Plus, now that she’s familiar with the comb, I often catch her attempting to style her own hair… her favorite pastime when she’s watching me do mine. So yeah, my chances of getting Boog to avoid touching her curls is about as good as my chances of getting her to actually ‘go in the pot’. Yesterday, after running around the house with her pants and diaper around her ankles, I sat her on her new training potty. She kicked and screamed as though I told her she could never dance again, so I stood her up and she shat on the floor. But I digress…

The two-strand twists (done on dry hair w/ Qhemet’s Ghee)

The take down… not much stretch-age, but better than nothing.

CurlyZebra sent me the cutest satin lined hat for Gia which should help with hat hair and the knots. Pics to come. In the meantime, check out G’s favorite accessories. A hat and scarf set from Aunty Gaye (aka Sweetdrk1) that she never fails to find, put on by herself and prance around the house. This is all day.

…and when she’s grown bored of dress up, she places things in odd places… yes, that’s a goldfish cracker. I found her pacifier in
the sub-woofer and the remote in Lady’s food bowl.

Edited to Add:

20 minutes after this post, Boogie pooped in the pot… first time ever! We danced and sang while she clapped. Grab a drink, grab a glass… it’s a celebration!