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Curly Nikki

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler is Natural!

By October 4th, 202164 Comments

**And the winner is… Mylah!!!
Congrats diva! Send me your contact info to!**

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler is Natural!

Tia before…

Tia writes:

As I prepared for a girls trip to HOT New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival, it was evident, that I needed a perm to maintain my straight situation. Little did I know, July 1st 2009, would be the last time I allow someone to perm my hair. My journey has been filled with lots of ups and downs because I’ve had to adjust to my straight hair going completely curly. It felt like a shocker to me because I’m used to sleek & perfectly straightened hair and then suddenly I had to learn how to maintain my “birth hair”. So many emotions have been stirred in the pot since I made my decision but I will not look back. Being a makeup artist has helped me create a look for myself that would help me be more comfortable with my look so I wanted to share some tips with you to help accentuate your features & to keep you encouraged along the way.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler is Natural!

Tia after!

Often times when you big chop your skin is so much more visible to the eye so I encourage you to maintain a daily skincare regimen to keep your skin fresh & flawless.

  • Keeping your eyebrows groomed is a great way to frame your face and give it balance. If you have thinner brows, try filling them in with some brow powder for a natural defined look.
  • Adding a couple of coats of mascara to your lashes can really open up your eyes and give definition. Play around with colored mascaras as it’s a great way to introduce color to your eyes.
  • If you face is a litter fuller, try contouring in the hollows of the cheeks with a slightly darker powder than your natural skin tone to help create dimension. After contouring follow up with a highlighting powder on top of your cheek bones for a soft, dewy glow.
  • Lastly, rock a BOLD lipstick. It’s just something about rocking a BOLD lip color that really screams confidence.

Nothing speaks louder than knowing and believing that you are beautiful just the way you are!

About Tia:
Tia Dantzler is a celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert and brand ambassador. She has worked with notable talents in both the entertainment and political worlds. Her brushes have touched the faces of everyone from President Barack Obama (on more than one occasion), Sen. Joe Lieberman, to Maxwell, Viola Davis, Common, Loretta Devine, Magic Johnson, Sherri Shepherd, Keke Palmer, Chandra Wilson and Kanye West. Tia’s work is most recognizable on Academy & Grammy Award-winner, Jennifer Hudson. She also works with top Fashion Photographers such as Annie Liebovitz Peggy Sirota and Matthew Rolston when called upon. Her work has been seen on most red carpet events, such as the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, BET Awards, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, NAACP Awards and many more. Tia has worked on TV/Film sets, Fashion Week, National Ad Campaigns, Commercials, Print & Music Videos. For more of Tia’s tips please visit at and for updates on her work visit her at




Tia says play up your eyes, and what better way than with Smoke & Mirrors Beauty lashes?! The likes of Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson and Kim Kardashian rock them regularly, and here’s your chance to win a full set (8 pairs $108 value)! In the comments, tell me your New Years Eve plans! That’s it! And tonight, at 10pm, I’ll choose a winner!

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Pics of S&M lashes in action!
Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler is Natural!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler is Natural!


  • FindingMe says:

    For New Years, I will be in Jacksonville, FL. We are having a night out and then some fun at a private party.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oops I just realized how many grammatical errors I had in my post.. I promise its because of this dern touch screen!! Lol my bad yall. ;)

    Oh yea, I'm hoping this was 10pm pacific.. If not, I guess I failed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I will spend New Year's Eve on a plane attempting to get home in time to see my wonderful husband before midnight! ( btw….is that 10pm eastern? It's not quite 10pm where I'm located ;) ) Monica S.

  • Slinkyhead says:

    Well Im working firstly…sigh then Im going to try to make it to my bf's job so I can get that midnight kiss….just on time :)

  • Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately my husband is deploying on Dec 27th for 120 days so that kind of put a hold on our usual new years eve in Boston. This year I will be cuddled up on couch with my handsome 2yr old son and my beautiful 3 month old daughter and thanking the Lord for taking us to the next year. Nothing too wild exciting use those lashes as a welcome home surprise for my hunbuns! ;) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!
    Morgan G.

  • kena says:

    for new years eve, i will be in church for the 10pm service. new years day my boyfriend and i will be celebrating our 2 year annivesary.

  • DanielleG says:

    I plan on spending my New Years with my grandmother who has come to the States for the holidays and my aunt who will be coming home from the hospital. Holidays are family time for me and after the holidays is when I plan to look super cute and hit the parties!

  • Anonymous says:

    New Years Eve I will be ringing in 2012 at my job. I'm a waitress and I'll be working night shift that day. But I hope to make the best our of that night because ill just be thankful to see a new year.

  • Stacy says:

    I will be out and about with my fam! Dinner and then heading to a shuffle party (the dj brings the music and hits shuffle)
    With the year that we've had, definitely going to start 2012 joyously!

  • LaVonne says:

    I'm a doctor and work literally ALL the time for long hours. This Christmas will be the first time I'm away from my family because, yup…you guessed it! I have to work. I will be off for NYE, though, and I plan to spend it in church thanking God for the opportunity to be a public servant. Though it's hard at times…and full of sacrifices, I'm incredibly grateful to have been placed in this position. Many blessings to everyone in the new year!

  • luvnM3naturally says:

    I'll will be working New Year's Eve, family out of town for the holidays, hoping to get off early to attend church. Peace & Blessing for a merry 2012

  • beautyluvrespct says:

    Two Plans. Plan A: Going to Atlanta (from Nashville, TN) & lIving it up with one of my best friends who just relocated there & is very new to the city. We plan on hitting the city up and truly experiencing Atlanta night light & whatever it has to offer. Im super excited because I dont get out often but when I DO! OH BOY. Plan B if my son is with me is to make dinner & count it down at home! WHOOP WHOOP! LOL

  • Tahlove says:

    The Hubs and I are going to a Tapas restaurant to ring in the new year. I'm so excited to rock sequins and a BIG blown out twist out!

  • ...Shalaya... says:

    For NYE I will be with my fiance and his friends…one of them is having a house party/small get together. My fiance gets off work at 11pm so we'll be going when he gets off.

  • Kaitlin says:

    I plan to spend New Year's Eve with my boyfriend. Hopefully we'll have some cool fireworks since we're out in the boondocks lol. Sporting these lashes in 2012 would start my year off the right way!

  • Anonymous says:

    New Years Eve I will spend with all of my relatives in the Cleveland area we decided to have a family reunion and bring in I cannot wait :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I will be in church as usual with my entire family. We usually wear church attire but this year we are all dressing ultra glam. Still church appropriate but as fabulous as possible. I'm breaking out my highest heels and prettiest dress. I will be celebrating the New Year and having my back pre-pregnancy body back! My daughter was born 7/22/11:)

  • Kitten Mimieux (Jennifer) says:

    For New Years Eve I will be in a heart-shaped hot tub with my special guy drinking wine and eating strawberries! It's going to be romantic and relaxing. And if I can find one, I'm going to have a little tophat on with matching bowtie! Owww!

  • Nitia715 says:

    Having a shindig for my daughters (ages 20 months and 9 yrs old). A menu full of fancy homemade finger foods-bacon wrapped shrimp, asian wings, swedish meatballs, cream puffs, fried dough bites, etc. We will watch the ball drop and fireworks show by the fireplace. I'm making everyone get dressed up so we can take pics!

  • CurlyChellez says:

    Im going to Vegas!!!

  • JeriGrl says:

    I'm spending NYE with the girls. NYE is always a blast with friends and family. We're having a game night and a new signature cocktail…can't wait to see what this year's drink is!

  • Maureen Myrtil says:

    My new years plan is to just get some me time. I have devoted so much time to catering to others that I haven't had time to make myself happy or to devote some M-E time. So, New Year's eve is a bottle of wine, a lifetime movie and a happier me.

  • JeriGrl says:

    I'm spending NYE with the girls. NYE is always a blast with friends and family. We're having a game night and a new signature cocktail…can't wait to see what this year's drink is!

  • Lana says:

    A friend of mine is throwing a 90s house partaaaayyy!! Should be fun…or in the very least, interesting!

  • Anonymous says:

    I plan on going to Atlanta and hanging out with my wonderful cousins. Pre game a little and then see where the night takes us.

  • nola707 says:

    I'll be spending NYE with my family. My sisters and I try to have kid friendly celebrations so that everyone can be together to ring in the new year. There'll be food, fireworks and probably a dance or singing contest (no one in my family can hold a note). We always have a good time when we're together.

  • labratc says:

    I will be working.

  • Maya says:

    For New Years Eve I will be going out to dinner with my family and then going home and celebrating with a glass or two of Champagne.

  • Mylah says:

    For New Year's Eve I'll be standing in the DJ booth with my boyfriend as he rocks the party in NYC. We're going to fly there for the evening and I'll be back in Atlanta to love on my 13 month old the next day.

    Sexy Mama at night, Super Mama by day!

  • lovelyash87 says:

    I am going to dance the night away with my girls. I recently lost 45lbs and I just celebrated 2 years of being natural so I'm feeling sexy confident and ready for the new year!

  • Marquita says:

    I will be bringing the New Year's in at home with my immediate family! Nothing exciting-but all I need.

  • Afrikan Latina says:

    My new years eve will be spent with friends here in Atlanta. We'll all be meeting up at a friends house for dinner, laughs, and of course a few cocktails(for them, not me as I'm still breastfeeding exclusively…TMI? lol)

  • Kenya V says:

    My husband and I will probably be at home watching movies and watching Carson Daly & Dick Clark bring in the new year.

  • DreamchaZer says:

    I'll be bringing in the New Year with my parents in Miami!! No better way to start 2012!

  • Anonymous says:

    in the bed watching the ball drop and typing a paper! phds are no joke :-(

  • Anonymous says:

    For NYE going to the slpoes with the family then going home to catch the fireworks.


  • Anonymous says:

    I will be spending my NYE praising the Lord @ watch night service with my family. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

  • Anonymous says:

    I will be at home creating a vision board for 2012!!!

    Ms. Coffee

  • BacktoSchoolMom says:

    I plan to spend New Year's eve with my 16 & 18 yo sons at the Brooklyn Tabernacle watchnight service. Will go to the 10:00P service so we can ring in the New Year with those we love. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

  • Diona says:

    I'm home with the family, so we'll be watching "It's a Wonderful life" while I twist my hair. Nothing like fresh locks for the New Year!

  • Porshia says:

    My husband and I are going to a New Years eve party in downtown Atlanta! I'm so excited to be able to spend New Years with him, close relatives and our friends! Then, on New Years will on our way to the cabins in Blue Ridge! This will be my 1st time going! I'M SUPER EXCITED! I feel like 16 again!

  • AcecentriclyNatural says:

    The Bestie, a few friends and I are kidnapping the third in the group and going to New Orleans!! Woooo.. Lol sorry, new years eve will be my best friends 24th birthday. I'm not a make-up, lash kind of chick but my bestie is. So I would want those for her. I know she'd love them.

  • Mishi B says:

    I will be taking a road trip to ATL for NYE to spend with my bf's family!! They throw a annual party each year!!! CANT WAIT!!!1

  • Nikita says:

    For NYE, I'll be hitting the town in DC with my best friend of 10 years :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I will be spending it with the people who I will spend the next and new years; that is, my family, at home.

  • Tashana says:

    I will be spending time with my four younger siblings until 10ish then hopefully I will go out with my best friend to her church until about 1am. I am a freshman in college but have been gone since 11th grade since I went to a residential high school. She went there too but we struggled with the rigorous academics. It has brought us far and now we will be kicking off the new year in hope that we will each be just as successful and make deans list again for 2nd semester. :)

  • Miss Rachel M. says:

    @cassburt88: I'm sure you're very excited! Congratulations and best wishes to you and your new family!

  • ACNimmons says:

    I'm either having a nice dinner at home with my boyfriend or we're going out…either way we're going to make the night memorable!

  • Tai says:

    I'll be home snuggled up with a good movie and a great bottle of wine

  • Keena Monae says:

    I'll be at home in NY with my son and my hubby dancing to our ipod :)

  • Ms Hood says:

    I'll be in Vegas with friends this year for NYE! Woohoo! :-p

  • LifenotesEncouragement says:

    i'll either be at church, if i can find one or home with the family.

  • Davina916 says:

    I'll be spending a quiet night at home with my Hubby. Thanks!

  • Danielle Regis says:

    For new years i plan on celebrating it with my girlfriends from highschool. I am in my first year of college, and this has been the longest that i have been away from some of my best friends. I went to the same school for 13 years (from K-12)and i have been friends with some people since before i knew how to properly write my name. It will also be the first time that some of them will see me with my short [freshly chopped hair]. College is a time for changes, but as New Years will tell it does not mean that i have to forget about the old :)

  • Nichelle says:

    I will be celebrating with my amazing boyfriend who is coming to visit me and some of my best friends in the entire world. We'll be having a wild and sober New Year's Eve w/ BS, Apples to Apples, Spades, and lots of Cider!!!! Can't wait!!!

  • Carmesha says:

    My fiance & I are going to dinner and a NYE party.

  • Tanisha says:

    I'm going to have dinner with some of my close friends and then we're going to a local lounge for the countdown. We've all booked hotel rooms, so we can party responsibly and won't have to worry about grabbing taxis or anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    I will be celebrating with my SO, 18 month-old son (who will more than likely watch the ball drop with us, night hawk that he is!), family and friends. P.S. I will still wear something sparkly even though we will just be at my parents house!

  • MJ says:

    My husband and I bought our first home this year so we are going to have our friends over to kick back (and enjoy our new pool table!) for New Year's Eve this year!

  • cassburt88 says:

    I'm getting married to the love of my life (after 5 years)on New Years Eve! Only 8 days away, I'm sooooo excited!

  • Alicia B. says:

    I will be bringing in the New Year with my husband and four children (15, 7, 3, and 9 months)… That is, if I can stay awake! LOL Happy Holidays to you and yours, Nikki!

  • Miss Rachel M. says:

    My wonderful boyfriend of a year and a half is driving up from South Florida to usher in the new year with my family and I. My loving family+ wonderful boyfriend+ your lovely lashes= a spectacular end to a great year!!! ::keeping my fingers crossed::

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, and if I win, you can refer to me as BunnyM (from anon 1:17)

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm going to Chicago to hang out with my husband and my AWESOME friends. Dress–Check. Shoes–Check. Beautiful Curly Twist Out–Check…Nik, now all I need are the lashes!Please, please, please give them to me. Adoring fans will want to see them on me :-)

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