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Curly Nikki

Coil Out Tutorial for Medium to Long Natural Hair!

By January 27th, 20217 Comments
Gisele writes:

Kay of has an amazing head of hair and has shared a number of super cute tutorials. Here is a style idea which curly divas with medium/long hair could try. I think it is super cute:

Here is the follow up video for refreshing/maintaining it, especially for us with multiple hair textures:


  • Kel says:

    Too much work and lots of shrinkage. Didn't like.

  • jungfrau1010 says:

    Gorgeous, I am going to try this one. I really love seeing these women from outside of the U.S. represented here from time to time, especially since we often have access to less of the more sought after hair care products.

  • Trice (BreatheFashion3c) says:

    I see the light! Because I am SO very style-challenged, I adore posts like this. Hmmmm…can't wait till wash day! lol

  • shanthia says:

    Yaaaay Kay! LOoooooove the style. It is super cute!

  • Dana says:

    Very pretty! I just wish I had that kind of patience and skill……

  • Kay says:

    hi! its Kay! I'm not much of a product junkie and i wish i could tell u i used some fancy smancy moisturizer, but really all i used was water, a little eco gel for hold and some , get this – DAX CURLING WAX! my hair can handle the heavy stuff

  • Anonymous says:

    I adore this style! Please tell us what type of moisturizer did you use.

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