Most of you know me as CurlyNikki – natural hair advocate and Gia’s slave mom. But if you couldn’t tell from the ‘on the couch’ theme, I’m also The Licensed Psychotherapist Formerly known as Alicia (my gub’ment name). And as inspired by Prince, I’m working on a symbol… hmm, maybe a fro. But I digress.

I work primarily with women struggling with issues related to interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, body image disorders and PTSD. When the Hubs and I finally pick a city and stay put, I have plans to open my own practice. Psychology is my first love and no matter where this fantabulous CurlyNikki ride takes me, I will always be a therapist.

With that, I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from excited high school seniors and college students that are interested in becoming counselors. The email is usually very reminiscent of 21 questions and my response is always the same- ‘let’s jump on a call’. I love talking to and encouraging ‘the future’ and hope that sharing my experiences- the good and the bad- can help make their journey smoother.

So to continue in that vein, I thought it only necessary to create a scholarship for all the aspiring helpy helpertons out there… the soon to be therapists and social workers of the world. Curly Caregivers, if you will. And if you’re anything like I was, you’re an amazing, hardworking student… but only when it comes to paper deadlines and surprise reading quizzes… less so when it comes to the daunting challenge of identifying and applying for much needed college funds. With all the transcript gathering, recommendation requesting and essay composing, I thought it’d be fun to create a scholarship that I would’ve been willing to apply for!

My issue every semester was finding the cash to purchase the ridiculously overpriced textbooks, edition 1 for the first half of class, edition 2 for the latter, and the $100 flash cards all written by (surprise surprise) my professor. So to save you at least that headache, my friends at Qhemet Biologics and I present… CurlyNikki’s Curly Caregivers Book Scholarship!

Two, One-Thousand dollar scholarships donated by Qhemet Biologics will be awarded to students enrolled full-time in any year of their college career (undergraduate or graduate) in a field related to psychology.

Interested students will email video submissions to [email protected]

The video should include-

(1) the reason you chose psychology or a related field of study
(2) where you see yourself in 5 years, and
(3) why the CurlyNikki community should choose YOU!

In the email, include-

(1) your full name
(2) year in school
(3) institution
(4) GPA
(5) major Field of Study

You have to read the next part in that really fast, slightly hushed, ‘fine print’ announcer voice:

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, be currently enrolled in a degree seeking program and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Winners will be asked to verify all of the above. Curly men are invited to apply as well!

The application process is open from today, December 21, 2011 through December 30, 2011 at 5pm EST. At that time, a team of reviewers will select five curlies to advance to the final round. The five videos will be showcased on from January 2nd- January 6th for a democratic voting process by the community. The two curlies with the most votes, after a short verification process, will each receive a check for $1000 made out to their respective colleges.

Be creative, genuine… go H.A.M.!

God Speed!

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