Hola Chicas!

Today, after yet another jet-lag induced sleepless night, we involuntarily lounged in bed until 4pm. I wanted to get up, honest I did… but I was paralyzed. Paralyzed from all the walking, up hill both ways. Paralyzed from the cheap but quality wines and spirits. Paralyzed by all the rich, amazingly fresh and decadent foods, also known as the ‘itis… which on occasion, unfortunately, has resulted in the bubble guts.

So we finally got up and hit the town, but this time, without our dear Ioannis. With no one to translate or ask questions for us, things got very interesting, very quickly. While I relied on charades, Hubby, for reasons still unknown, turned to his terribly rusty and disjointed French and Spanish skills to communicate… this ish ain’t Latin based boo boo! At one point, he asked a cashier a question in English in what sounded like his best Greek accent, to which she responded, in a very American accent, ‘huh?’ Nice. We have a few survival phrases memorized, that I’m sure we botch to high hell, but things get a bit murky when we’re attempting to navigate the grocery store or a restaurant menu…

We’re brand new, but it’s good. It’s an amazing adventure and we’re enjoying every gyro filled second of it!

Luckily, we managed to take in a few of the sites (still not jaded yet) before the sun went down and then headed STRAIGHT for the bar.

The “Running Man” in the city center. It’s made of panes of glass stacked one on top of each other.

Chicken Souvlaki and potatoes!

hit up our lemon tree once more… just cause… I don’t even like
lemons like that!