Newcomer singer-songwriter Elle Varner in On the Couch, dishing about that gorgeous mane and why we’ll be hearing that unique and beautiful voice of hers for years to come.

CN: With all ‘dem curls, one can only assume you’re Team Natural…
EV: My whole life I’ve never had a perm. Every once in a while, I’ll do a blow out. In the winter, I mainly wash and set because it’s easier to not wet your hair that often. I’ve always been curly. I love my curls.

CN: Your curls were GORGE in the ‘Only Want to Give it To You’ video. Was that a set?
EV: We took tiny pieces of hair and pulled it around a 1/8 inch barrel curling iron to get a bunch of tight curls. Then we took the bottom of a rattail comb, the fine pick, and gently pulled them apart so that it didn’t look like noodles. So it looked more natural.

CN: Did they have to blow it out first?
EV: It was done with my hair washed and dried. We dried it naturally and brushed each piece prior to curling. No need for a blow dryer.

CN: Where on Earth did you find those super cute nerdy glasses?
EV: The wooden ones? I’ve had them for a couple of years. They came from NYC.

CN: Which products are you crushing on?
EV: I actually make a homemade mixture of shea butter, mango oil and vitamin e oil. It’s thick and good for nighttime. I use it to nourish my roots and protect my ends. Other than that, I use Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls, because it’s lighter than the Pudding and you can use it everyday. TIGI’s BedHead Afterparty is my main product. I love it!

CN:You wash and set during the winter. What’s your favorite set?
My favorite? Roller sets with those little foam noodle rollers. I don’t have to worry about re-wetting for days.

CN: What about summer curls?
I just wash my hair, comb it while it’s wet, style it and then lean my head over and wrap it up in the Curly Hair Towel for like 2 minutes. That’s it. I found the towel at TJ Maxx. It’s a little thinner than a regular towel and less harsh.

CN: Tell me about your music? How is it different that what’s out?
My music is yesterday and tomorrow’s today. It’s like giving you some nostalgia, something you haven’t heard yet and it’s all relevant to right now. I write all my all songs so you’re getting my story. My own personal experiences, the way I feel about different issues and you can just expect really big things. I write pretty universal songs and I’m planning on a big, long lasting career.

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