Finding Green in Random Places

Finding Green in Random Places

by Sherrell Dorsey of OrganicBeautyVixen

Are any of you familiar with grocery outlet? It’s a discount grocery store that no one dare go in to for fear of being sold old expired food. For years I stayed out so when my aunt lured me in to the store yesterday I couldn’t help but cringe and be prepared for the worst. But what I found was an unexpected surprise.

In addition to carrying some of my favorite brands there was an organic section of packaged foods with actual relevant brands. Not this knock off versions of our favorites. Luna Bars, Tazo Tea and more. I stood there in disbelief. My only thought: Why was I sleeping on Grocery Outlet?

This just goes to show you that and no one has an excuse not to eat healthier when discount chain stores like this even carry organic.

Don’t be fooled. There are plenty of places that carry green and organic foods and products but you have to be open and nonjudgmental. Here are a few surprisingly great places to get your organic grub on:

Urban Farms – These community farms are homegrown gold mines. Neighbors get together and turn empty lots into gardens full of fresh veggies. You can even volunteer to assist and grow food for the community. Google “Urban Farms” in your city to find a resource near you.

Walmart – Even the big discount retailer is getting in on the organic action and bringing lots of healthy options to their super centers. – You can have all of your organic personal care products delivered to your door! They’ve done a lot of heavy advertising but don’t miss out on the “natural and organic” section for everything from laundry to shampoo and body wash from top natural personal care products.

Where else can you find great organic and natural options in your neighborhood?

Sherrell Dorsey is a natural beauty expert, writer, speaker and advocate of health, wellness and sustainability in communities of color. In addition to creating, Sherrell writes beauty articles for Tyra Banks’s beauty and fashion site, Jones Magazine, and Posh Beauty. Follow Sherrell on twitter at and connect with her on facebook at