by Sherrell Dorsey of OragnicBeautyVixen

How many of you have been blessed with the experience of having an imperfect life? Whether your family life was a little less than normal, your personal decisions cost you in the end or you’re simply in transition and trying to live out your purpose, it can be easy to allow your past regrets, pains and shame to become lingering distractions in the way you are currently working to live your life.

I’ve certainly been guilty of not being able to focus on the blessings God has given me, crying about everything I don’t have, didn’t have, wanted and still desire. But this morning I woke up with a spirit of thanks. Thanks that, in the words of Kanye West, “Everything I’m not made me everything I am”.

Here’s my list of things that I can focus on right now to enjoy living in the present. What’s on your list?

  • My health! A few years ago I was battling PCOS and although it wasn’t a major condition it affected me so much with worry and anxiety that there were days I simply couldn’t function. Today I am blessed to continue to have good health, the ability to walk, breathe and excite in life.
  • My friends! My friends have really become a major support system in my life. This past year my friends kept me lifted by praying for me, helping me with a few projects and simply being there to make me laugh.
  • New opportunities! Everyday brings something new. Whether it’s taking a Samba class in Venice, California, working with beauty brands to develop effective marketing strategies or simply enjoying the opportunity to re-connect with long lost relatives, it is a true blessing to share the joy, skills, talents and zest of life with others.
How are you focusing on living in the present? Please share with me!

Sherrell Dorsey is a natural beauty expert, writer, speaker and advocate of health, wellness and sustainability in communities of color. In addition to creating, Sherrell writes beauty articles for Tyra Banks’s beauty and fashion site, Jones Magazine, and Posh Beauty. Follow Sherrell on twitter at and connect with her on facebook at