Ioannis says Greeks are too damn cool to ‘ring’ in the new year, they simply ‘change’ the year, and usually together as a family with good food and fellowship. Then, after midnight, they take to the streets to shut ish down with friends.

Hubby and I plan to ‘change the year’ in our condo and then head downtown to Athen’s annual Hilton Loft Party. This posh, MTV hosted soiree, brings out the best DJs to inspire what in my case will be terrible dancing and responsible alcohol consumption.

So if I’m limping tomorrow, it’s because I not only partied my face off, I danced my legs off.

Meanwhile in STL…

I’ve been gone for 5 days and she’s already got a new car and a new purse.
If this doesn’t stop soon, Boogie’s gonna be the star of ‘House Party 4: Shuttin Down St. Louis’.

**Edited To Add**
I couldn’t decide what to wear and somehow ended up looking like Carmen Sandiego-

The ‘City Center’ was off the chain.

A reader recognized me amidst the madness!

Waiting at the Hilton before the party… which was interesting. Put a pin in that.