Hola Chicas,

This is so my time of year. I love everything about it… the joy, the giving, the food, the music, the fellowship… and with all the company parties and family gatherings, I have a legitimate excuse to ‘get cute’. So, I’m on the lookout for a holiday hair style. And while I’ll more than likely fall back on my classic Twist n Curl or that new-new, ‘retro french twist w/scarf’, I’d love to try something different! So, whatcha got? Dish below… remember, I’m a bit challenged, so keep it simple!

In the meantime, peep this bantu knot-out I’m rocking today. After dry detangling, washing and conditioning my hair, I made 7 twists (middle part– 1 twist on each side to frame face, 1 twist above each ear, two in the back and 1 at the crown) using Lacio Lacio Leave-in to set. To keep the twists from shrinking, I pinned them… the twists on the right side, I wrapped over and pinned on the left side, and the twists on the left, I stretched over and pinned on the right side. I let that dry for several hours while cleaning and dancing to Ultimate Motown Christmas… get it Donny! Once my hair was about 80% dry, I took one twist down at a time, added a little Dax and tension blow-dried and twisted back up. On a whim, I rolled the twists into knots, passed out, and this is what I woke up to–

How are you wearing your hair this holiday season?

Share Youtube vids with your favorite styles!

**headband from H&M, comes in black too!-$5.99**