by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

With only 2 shopping days left before Christmas day, undoubtedly there are those who have not completed their holiday shopping. Goodie packages filled with small but practical treats are great gift ideas. Here are a few that have minimal affect on your wallet, yet don’t seem last minute.
Natural Hair Goodie Package
Microfiber towel, plastic caps (deep conditioning), plastic mixing bowls (henna treatments/ DIY recipes), spray bottles, satin cap, laundry sheets (i.e. add fresh scent to hair after exposure to smoke), hair sectioning clips (how many of these have you lost?), bobby/hair pins, shower comb.

Quiet Time Goodie Package
A book written by their favorite author/magazine subscription, DVD of favorite movie/Netflix subscription, aromatherapy scented candles, cozy throw blanket.

Glamour Goodie Package
OPI/Urban decay nail color collection, manicure set, Coastal scents eye shadow pallet, make up brush set, eyelash curler, tweezers, make up sponges, makeup remover wipes.

Fashion Essentials Goodie Package
Scarf, belt, clutch purse, jewelry
These few fashionable accessories are the perfect way to add something to any wardrobe ensemble.

Wine Lover Goodie Package
Wine accessories such as wine bags, saver corks, wine glass charms, and decanters are all great for the wine enthusiast. *optional – include a bottle of their favorite wine.

Gift Cards
Gift cards can come off as impersonal, unless there is thought behind them. The person’s favorite vendor, a restaurant that holds some significance, or something you’ve witnessed them rave about will show that effort and care was put into the selection and make it more meaningful.

Interesting statistic from USA Today: “According to a recent poll by Western Union, 75 percent of Americans admitted to gushing over a present they actually hated.” Keeping in that in mind, whatever package you chose, be sure to tailor it suit the taste of your recipient. Happy Holiday shopping!

P.S. Remember – presentation is everything. Take the time to wrap your gifts with beautiful paper and gorgeous bows. I recommend wrapping all gifts for one person in the same wrapping paper. If wrapping is not your thing, chose decorative, festive gift bags and/or boxes.

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