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Curly Nikki

Look of the Week- Edun Trench + Denim Shirt

By January 27th, 202111 Comments

Look of the Week- Edun Trench + Denim Shirt
via StylePantry

Denim on denim has always been my “go to” uniform. Especially on days I don’t feel like struggling with what to wear. I have so many denim shirts – they are to me, what plain white tees are to most.

My trench is a gift from Edun available for purchase here. However as always, for a lesser price, try Dockers Cape Jacket or Antik Batik Lucia Cotton Trench Coat.

Wearing a Paul & Joe denim shirt. Found a similar piece on sale here.

Flares/bell bottoms can be purchased here, or this pair on sale here and a lighter wash here. Enjoy…xx

Look of the Week- Edun Trench + Denim ShirtLook of the Week- Edun Trench + Denim Shirt

about StylePantry–
Every Wednesday, I’m going to open my closets to Curly Nikki community and invite you all in. This is my story as a working mother of 3, fashionably chasing my kids around. It’s one thing for us to point at the runways, drool over the lookbooks, and pick off the shelves of our favorite boutiques, but more importantly, we as fashion-minded people need to share our styles more. So please, leave your comments and share your thoughts, and by all means submit your fashion/style questions or “where to shop” for certain pieces to @stylepantry on Twitter or on Facebook. You can also find me on Tumblr!


  • Anonymous says:

    oops! sorry, 'where can i buy that purse' love to have one! lol

  • Anonymous says:

    wow! how do you find out where to the that purse! love to have one!

  • Anonymous says:

    the outfit is cute! and i adore the jewelry and her hair is beautiful! the one and only issue im having is the half tucked shirt it just happens to be one of my pet peeves, either its in or its out..
    @hairscapades Ive been to Cow town, its real people! lol!

  • Anonymous says:

    ummmm forget the clothes…the jewelry is on point!

  • hairscapades says:

    Again, I'm on the, "Where can I get that necklace?!?!" tip!! LOVE that!! Gonna have to send my parents to Cow Town down in south Jersey where they sell a lot of Native American/Western type turquoise and silver jewelry to see if they can find along medallion necklace. Yes … Cow Town. It's a real place. In south Jersey. North and South Jersey. Two different states. LOL!!!


  • dajewel1982 says:

    am not too fond of most of her looks, but the last few have been on point!! and the hair is the cherry on top!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Could we get the details on your workout/ training schedule? Body on point!!

  • naturallyappealing says:

    Love the look!!!

  • cassburt88 says:

    You always have such nice looks! I don't know if this is your thing or not, but maybe you could do like a thrift store haul to show how to put together great outfits on a budget. It would be great for ladies who can't spend so much on clothing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice, casual look. I just may have to go in my closet and unearth my denim shirts. I got my London Fog trench from Macy*s for less than $100.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is my look! I hate looking thrown away just because I'm a stay-at home mom so I love this look when I go to my daughter's high school let the youngsters see, her mom's got style–hahahahaha!

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