by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

As many fellow students know, although this time of year means that Christmas is just around the corner, the run up to the holidays also means the end of term/semester is slowly approaching. This means that all those assignments you have been putting off are bleeping hard on your radar. Sound familiar?

For me, knowing that the increased pressure to meet deadlines could all be avoided if I had simply thrown myself into the task weeks earlier seems to have had no effect whatsoever. I must seem to enjoy waking up or only just hitting the sheets at 4am, or panicking because I thought I took more notes than I did, then realising the books you need have already been taken out of the library by those ANNOYING early birds!

During these testing times, my hair is the last thing on my mind. Honestly? I can’t remember the last time I moisturised and my head top has not seen a scarf for nights. I can’t help but laugh when I catch a glimpse in the mirror at the dragged-through-a-bush look I am currently sporting. However, it is not a look I plan on getting use to in the future so….

How do you make time for your hair when your schedule is somewhat chaotic?