hat courtesy of CurlyZebra

So yesterday, I put GG on the pot and gave her a closed tube of lotion to keep her occupied and distracted from what I imagined would be one of them difficult poops. She smiled at me, took the tube in one hand, pounded what would be the opening into the palm of the other, rubbed her fingers together and ran them through her hair. I do believe lil mama was pretending to apply hair product! #spongeboog


I’m home for the holidays, shut yo mouth and keep on talking!

My mom is the center director of Girls Inc here in St. Louis. It’s an amazing non-profit organization that seeks to teach young girls to be ‘strong, smart and bold’. As a holiday treat, she surprised the kiddos with a visit from the Chick Fil-A Cow…dressed as Santa!

When Cow Santa popped around the corner, the range of emotions was overwhelming– there were screams of terror and squeals of excitement. All manners were lost. One girl, bless her little heart, was sobbing uncontrollably, ‘but santa’s not a cow!’.

For the record, my darling Boog… not scurred…

even played a game in the gym…

Momma cheesing… he brought chicken sandwiches too! Hot damn!

This morning I turned my tired, frizzy old twist-out…

…into Magic! *tips hat to Antoinette and Shanti*

and when I got to Girls Inc, found my style twin Brandi! Werk!